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Everything to Know about New MacBook 2019

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2024-04-30 10:47:36 • Filed to: Tips&Tricks of macOS • Proven solutions

Since the last 12 inch MacBook update in June 2017, Apple seems to have neglected the product. Other Apple products like MacBook Air have been updated and so MacBook users seem to be looking forward to a new MacBook 2019.

The Apple Macintosh laptop computer brand, MacBook, seems to have loyal users that are looking forward to the arrival of the new MacBook 2019. The last update of this petite extremely-slim laptop took place in June 2017 and so there have been rumors and leaks about a better version. Will Apple release new MacBook 2019 version soon or will the users have to wait longer?

This article focuses on enlightening you on what to expect in terms of price, features, compatibility and release date. The anticipation is substantial such that the users expect nothing but the best new MacBook 2019.

MacBook 2019: Release Date, Features, Price and Compatibility

Release Date

An update of the MacBook is long overdue considering that it has been two years now since its last upgrade. Users are looking forward to June’s WWDC with the hope that there will be some news about the new MacBook 2019 release.

News about a new MacBook 2019 began after DigiTimes claimed that Pegatron will be assembling new MacBooks this June. It is unclear whether it is the assembling of the existing MacBooks or new models. So, there is no release date for the new MacBook 2019.


  • Design- the current MacBook is 13.1mm thin. Perhaps the new MacBook 2019 will have slimmer bezels, enabling Apple to increase the display size by an inch diagonally without significant size increase.
  • Colour- while taking long to update the MacBook, Apple removed the Rose Gold version. The versions left in the lineup include silver, Space Grey and gold. However, the company is known to offer colorful computers and so the best new MacBook 2019 may come in other colors like blue, red or yellow.
  • Processor- the new MacBook 2019 is likely to have the Intel Amber Lake Chips, which is an extremely low-power line of processors. It is also the successor to Kaby Lake Y processors, currently used by the 2017 MacBook update. Therefore, users should expect one or more of these 3 processors; i5-8500Y with 1.5 GHz, i5-8200Y with 1.3GHz or m3-8100Y with 1.1GHz.
  • These three are ideal candidates for 12-inch new MacBook2019 because they are dual-core, have a low 5W thermal design point and use Intel’s UHD 625 graphics. They will run at low temperatures.
  • Graphics- the new MacBook 2019 is expected to use Intel UHD 630 graphics. It is also possible to have new Gen 11 integrated graphics from Intel to support 8K content creation and 4K video streams.
  • RAM- unlike the 2017 MacBook update, the new MacBook 2019 could have a point-of sale upgrade to 16GB RAM but still maintain 8BG option as standard.
  • Ports- the best new MacBook 2019 might have USB Type-C/Thunderbolt 3 port. This will enable 40Gbps connections speeds, double the speed of the Thunderbolt 2.


Apple changes product prices depending on the upgrade; if hefty, the prices go higher. In the last MacBook update in 2017, the price did not change and stuck to $1,299 for the 8GB RAM, 256GB, 1.2GHz dual-core Intel Core m3 Kaby Lake, Intel HD Graphics 615. On the other hand, the 8GB RAM, 512GB, Intel HD Graphics 615, 1.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 Kaby Lake cost $1,599.

The newer MacBook Air 2018 brings some competition since it is more powerful and lighter and costs $1,570. Therefore, it is likely that the price of the 12- inch new MacBook 2019 will not either come down or rise very slightly.


The 2017 update of the MacBook runs the macOS Mojave and so the new MacBook 2019 will be compatible with it. Since macOS Catalina will be launched in the fall, it is reasonable that new MacBook 2019 will be compatible with it as well.

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