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Everything You Should Know about New Mac Pro 2019

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2024-04-12 10:55:47 • Filed to: Tips&Tricks of macOS • Proven solutions

Six years after the introduction of Mac Pro’s previous version, Apple is ready to bring a new Mac Pro 2019. The corporation claimed that it would make this move about two years ago and kept its customers eager for the product.

Mac Pro 2019 is the most powerful computer that Apple offers since it has outstanding configurations and unsurpassed performance and speed. It is a series of server computer cases and workstation that is used across the world and is competitive. Currently, there are a lot of new Mac Pro 2019 rumors concerning its features and compatibility since its users have been anticipating its arrival.

This article contains facts about Apple’s new Mac Pro in terms of its price, release date, compatibility, and features. It informs you of the advanced version of the product so that you can be prepared.

Mac Pro 2019: Release Date, Features, Price, and Compatibility

Release Date

The new Mac Pro 2019 is ready for use, as Apple announced. However, the specific new Mac Pro 2019 release date is yet to be disclosed. The only disclosed information is that in the Autumn, the product will be available to order.


Apple’s new Mac Pro comes with a great and different look as well as advanced features. The Mac Pro 2019 first look entails a tower with an aluminum housing and stainless steel frame. It can use wheels and has handles for easy movement. The following are the features;

  • Processor- The new Mac Pro 2019 contains an Intel Xeon W processor, which is very powerful.
  • RAM- the product contains six very fast ECC memory channels and 12 physical DIMM slots. Additionally, memory bandwidth is believed to be 140GB/s. Apple’s new Mac Pro also uses a two-sided logic board, making it possible to access memory for upgrades.
  • Storage- this Apple product uses flash storage, whereby the entry-level model provides users with 256GB SSD. Users can configure this storage to a 1, 2, or 4 TB SSD. Therefore, users can store a lot of data.
  • Security- Mac Pro 2019 has great and reliable protection, which is provided by the Apple T2 Security Chip that is accompanied by a secure Enclave coprocessor. This type of protection ensures that the storage is encrypted and offers capabilities for secure booting. One is assured that data security will not be a problem with Apple’s new Mac Pro.
  • Graphics- The new Mac Pro 2019 has numerous graphics options, especially for users that would like extreme graphics capabilities. The two options that are likely to be used include the AMD Radeon Pro Vega II and the entry level’s Radeon Pro 580X. According to Apple, the former option surpasses any other GPU since it has a memory of 32 GB accompanied by a memory bandwidth of 1TB/s and 14 teraflops of computing performance.
  • Afterburner- Mac Pro 2019 will perform better due to the Afterburner, which is an accelerator card. This will enable the product to handle up to 4K ProRes 422 in 16 streams, all at 30 fps.


Apple’s new Mac Pro will come at a high price, which will appeal to very few individuals. The price begins at $5,999 and applies to the 3.5 GHz 8-core Intel Xeon model, which also has a Radeon Pro 580X graphics card, 256 GB SSD, and 32 GB RAM. Luckily, the company will offer various build-to-order options and configurations. These will be available with up to 28-core, Radeon Pro Vega II Duo graphics and 1.5TB of RAM Xeon.

Additionally, users will have the opportunity to purchase the expansion modules and additional units separately. These include the wheels, Afterburner, and Mac Pro Expansion Module.


The Mac Pro 2019 compatibility is yet to be discussed. However, it is likely to be compatible with the recent of the MacOS and MacOS Catalina. The latter will be available to the public beta testers and July. Later in Fall, Apple will launch the software.

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