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10 Best Free Text Editors for macOS 10.14

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2024-04-07 11:22:53 • Filed to: Solutions of macOS 10.14 • Proven solutions

From a general perspective, while looking at text editors for macOS 10.14, we are not specifically referring to the text as we have it in the document text. A large chunk of text editors on the market, particularly those that offer greater capabilities, will turn out to also come with extremely robust features for code compiling. This is where their true potential lies. Today, we will look at the 10 best free text editors on macOS 10.14.

Top 10 Free Text Editors for macOS 10.14

1. Brackets

This is a free text editor macOS 10.14 that is open source and maintained by Adobe Systems — one of the major companies in the industry. One of the outstanding features of Brackets is its beautiful interface. Its unique Extract offering lets you grab font, gradients measurements, and so on from a PSD file into a CSS that is clean and ready for use on the web.

text editor macos 10.14


  • It comes with extension support which contains a huge and growing library.
  • Brackets have inline editors and previews.


  • It is slow
  • Brackets still do not have certain elementary text editor commands
  • Its updater is problematic

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2. TextWrangler

Developed by Bare Bones, TextWrangler is another best text editor on macOS 10.14. This tool can be regarded as a lightweight version of BBEdit, also designed by Bare Bones. It has all the features needed by hardcore developers to carry out operations in specific columns in a CSV, or in a server admin for scriptwriting.

best text editor for macos 10.14


  • It offers basic text editing as well as manipulations.
  • TextWrangler is a free yet ideal alternative to BBEdit.
  • It has an inbuilt FTP or STFP browser.
  • It is robust and fast to start up.


  • It isn’t maintained any longer.

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3. Vim

This software is a command line-based text editor for macOS 10.14. One of the most renowned text editors on the market, Vim does not have a steep learning curve. It features a stack of documentation that assists a user in learning how to use the app conveniently. Vim is designed with a quick reference, help documents, along a tutorial that runs for 30 minutes to get you acquainted with it.

free text editor macos 10.14


  • It has capabilities and features for command-based text editing.
  • It is easy to use


  • Vim requires great effort to customize.
  • It offers poor support for external tooling.

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4. Komodo Edit

It is an open-source text editor on macOS 10.14 that is free and offers a powerful user interface. Komodo Edit is a fantastic tool for writing code and carrying out other operations. The software provides many useful tools, which help you edit, like the capacity of tracking changes, multiple sections, autocomplete, and skin and icon sets.

plain text editor macos 10.14


  • It is an extremely professional and comprehensive tool.
  • It has inbuilt FTP.
  • Free and open-source, Komodo Edit supports a limited Vim mode.


  • It isn’t very lightweight.
  • It includes project files to project code.

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5. Sublime Text

Though this app is a commercial text editor to create text file macOS 10.14, it has an evaluation version that can be used for an unlimited period; this makes it free in reality. Sublime Text features a Python Application Programming Interface and allows multiple languages. Furthermore, the software’s capabilities can be enhanced with the aid of plugins, which are often developed by communities and offered via free software licenses.

text editor macos 10.14


  • Sublime Text comes with an easy-to-use interface.
  • There are 22 different themes you can select from.
  • It has a distraction-free mode, consisting of placing only the text on your screen.


  • It does not allow the printing of files.
  • Sublime Text 10.14 has inadequate language support.
  • It takes time to load large files on Windows.

Free Download Sublime Text

6. Atom

This is another free text editor macOS 10.14 that is written in Node.js as well as embedded in GitControl. Atom can be employed either as a plain text editor or as a source code editor. By using plug-ins, the software works well in several languages, including HTML, Objective-C, C/C++, CSS, Java, Go, JavaScript, C#, PHP, Python, and many others. This makes it a versatile tool for a lot of developers.

text macos 10.14


  • It allows multi-tabbed editing, multiple panes, and auto-completion.
  • The software offers a user interface that is friendly.


  • It does not have text UI.
  • It is extremely slow to start up.

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7. TextMate

TextMate basically employs the extremely robust capabilities of the UNIX command console in a user-friendly and neat GUI. This provides you with the best of the two worlds — as a committed programmer or a beginner code user. TextMate integrates features such as auto-indentation, search and replace within the project, dynamic outlines, column selection, among others.

macos 10.14 txt


  • The program features an extensive library of plugins.
  • It is free and open-source.

Free Download TextMate

8. GNU Emacs

Emacs, first launched in 1976, is popular for its unique techniques for getting the job done. It employs a programming language called Emacs-Lisp, which has the most fundamental functions of editing for expanding the capabilities of the program beyond its humble text-based origin. Some of these expansions are an email client, file manager, newsreader as well as games such as Tetris and Snake.

create text file macos 10.14


  • It can be entirely controlled using the keyboard.
  • It lets you debug, manage files, and compile.


  • It has a long learning curve.
  • Its extensibility can, occasionally, be a source of distraction to your work.

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9. Visual Studio Code

Compared to other text editing apps, this software is a newcomer. It is a lightweight text and script editor that, along with many other spectacular features, comes with a dark theme. If you do not like text editors like Vim and Emacs, Visual Studio Code is a perfect alternative.

text file macos 10.14


  • Visual Studio Code offers JavaScript IntelliSense support.
  • It has a lot of plugins for enhancing its functionality.
  • The software features integrated Git control, data integrity, and support for distributed and non-linear workflows.


  • Its autocomplete, as well as code check offerings, aren’t as robust as those of WebStorm.
  • Visual Studio Code has a terrible auto import.

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10. UltraEdit

Developed by IDM Computer Solutions, UltraEdit is a great program that works with remote files perfectly. It isn’t only fast but also stable and easy to use. It handles big files efficiently of sizes over 1GB. UltraEdit comes with an array of features that help you in carrying out operations such as highlighting of syntax, sorting of file or data, editing of column or block, and so on. The software also supports SSH/telnet.

txt file macos 10.14


  • UltraEdit works very well with large files.
  • It is easy to use and fast.


  • The themes that were released in version 20 had an adverse effect on specific aspects of syntax coloring.

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Best Free All-in-One PDF Editor for macOS 10.14

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Other features:

  • PDFelement for Mac lets you insert, remove and update custom watermarks as well as backgrounds.
  • You can use the app for inserting, updating, or removing headers as well as footers.
  • This software is an excellent annotator and document converter.
  • It helps you insert as well as edit hyperlinks.
  • The program allows you to generate and manage a library containing pre-built and custom stamps.
  • You can use PDFelement for Mac to create and edit fillable PDF forms.
  • It lets you fill in PDF forms.
  • The software offers support to create, edit, and include digital signatures on documents in PDF.
  • It supports processing PDF documents in dark mode.
text editor macos 10.14

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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