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Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kindergarteners/Preschoolers

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Download the most trendy thanksgiving crafts and edit them in your style with PDFelement. Play these crafts with your kids on thanksgiving day!

One of the best ways to help kindergarteners and preschoolers learn is through crafting and play. Making crafts is also an excellent way to nurture artistic talents in young ones. It is not enough for them to celebrate Thanksgiving because that is what they found you doing.

Why not teach them the history of Thanksgiving Day and use some art to show them why they should be thankful as they celebrate? Talking of art, here are some easy thanksgiving crafts you can make with kindergarteners and preschoolers.

thanksgiving crafts

Part 1: How to Arrange a Meaningful Thanksgiving for Kids

There are numerous hurdles and hardships in life. However, when you have thankfulness and a grateful attitude, you learn to look at the positives in life and not dwell on the negatives. As a parent, aunty, uncle, or grandparent, it is your responsibility to nurture gratitude in young children who are still learning how the world works.

In addition to guiding the children, you should also be a good role model and instruct them to practice thankfulness at all times. Examples of things that children can be grateful for during Thanksgiving include good health, a loving family, a roof over their heads, and food to eat.

Part 2: Printable Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

An excellent way to celebrate Thanksgiving would be to spend the day making memorable crafts. Fortunately, making a cute thanksgiving craft is not as complex as it may seem. There are plenty of resources, tutorials, and step-by-step guides online on achieving any craft you want.

However, it would help to choose easy crafts that your kindergarteners and preschoolers can easily follow. Since the holiday revolves around pumpkins, turkeys, and pie, you are spoilt for choice for the kinds of crafts you can make to bring the joyous day to life.

As long as you follow the steps and download any printable templates that need a little glue and some color, later on, you are good to go.

Tools and stationaries you may need to create printable thanksgiving crafts include the following.

  • Printing paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Crayons or paint

You can simply find printable crafts from the Internet and then customize them using a PDF editing tool like Wondershare PDFelement.

pdfelement printable craft

Get a Printable Craft With PDFelement >>

You can edit the PDF crafts to tweak the color, edit the text on the crafts, add some nice images and pretty much tailor it to your liking using the PDFelement tool. Once you edit, you can then print them, and you are good to get to the fun part with your kids.

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Creating Thanksgiving crafts with your little ones is a breeze, thanks to Wondershare PDFelement's AI feature. Let your creativity shine with a variety of printable crafts that are unique and easy for little hands. With PDFelement AI, generating craft ideas is simple.

From cute Thanksgiving turkeys to printable Native American figures, finger puppets, party hats, and fun scarecrow puzzles, you have plenty of options. The AI feature tailors suggestions based on your preferences, making crafting a delightful and stress-free experience.

Step 1 Launch PDFelement. Look for the AI icon within the interface and click on it to access the AI tools.

Step 2 In the AI sidebar, type a specific request related to Thanksgiving crafts. For instance, you can say, "Generate Thanksgiving craft ideas for preschoolers and give me instructions about how to make one" or "Suggest printable Thanksgiving crafts for kids."

Step 3 Let PDFelement AI process your request. It will provide you with tailored suggestions for printable Thanksgiving crafts based on your input. Choose the ones that resonate with your preferences and the age group you are crafting for.

pdfelement ai thanksgiving craft idea

With these steps, PDFelement AI becomes your creative companion, helping you generate Thanksgiving craft ideas effortlessly.

Part 3: Easy Turkey Thanksgiving Crafts

By now, you know there are numerous thanksgiving crafts for adults and kids you can make to spice up your day and make it more memorable. This section will explore some nice and easy turkey-themes Thanksgiving crafts ideas:

1. Sponged Painted Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

For starters, you can try the Thanksgiving turkey craft that simply entails sponge paint onto paper plates.

thanksgiving sponged painted turkey

Not only does this craft help you engage and bond with your young ones, but you also get to use paper plates you would have otherwise thrown away. Paper plates are also super cheap, meaning you can make as many as you want without placing a dent in your pockets. Painting using the sponging technique is pretty simple and doesn’t require artistic expertise.

2. DIY Leaf Turkey Craft for Kindergarteners

The next bespoke craft you can make with your kindergarteners is a DIY leaf turkey craft.

thanksgiving diy leaf turkey craft

While it is best to use a turkey craft printable template, it is not compulsory. If you are good at drawing, you could trace out a turkey and have the children glue leaves to the paper until they resemble the feathers and call it a day! You'd better use different colors of fall leaves for a better result.

3. Easy Preschool Pop-Up Turkey Card

If you are looking for that unique craft that will wow anyone that looks at it, then you can go for the pop-up turkey card.

thanksgiving pop up turkey card

It would be best to use fall-colored paper to make this craft, such as green, yellow, red, and orange. Since this craft uses precise measurements, you can help the children make the cuts so you end up with a pleasing result.

4. Turkey Pompom Thanksgiving Craft

The other nice turkey thanksgiving craft on our list is the turkey pompom craft. This one will need yarn, felt, and feathers.

thanksgiving pompom turkey craft

Since this craft is a bit complicated, you could guide your kindergarteners through each step till you achieve the final result. It’s no fun making it in advance when you could spend time bonding and creating something to cherish for years.

Part 4: Pumpkin Thanksgiving Crafts for Preschoolers

Now that you know a thing or two about turkey thanksgiving paper crafts you could make, let’s delve into some excellent pumpkin crafts to keep your young ones intrigued and busy. Just like the crafts we have looked at, they are easy to achieve, even for kindergartners or preschoolers:

1. Paper Pumpkin Craft

Again, if you are looking for easy Thanksgiving Day crafts to create within minutes, look no further than the paper pumpkin craft!

thanksgiving paper pumpkin craft

All you need is a pair of scissors, strips of craft paper, and glue. Within twenty minutes or less, you will have a beautiful paper pumpkin to display. Once you make this craft, you can set it as a centerpiece for the dinner table or hang it in the living room.

2. Beaded Pumpkin Thanksgiving Craft

You will need a few beads and pipe cleaners in this second easy DIY thanksgiving craft. However, it would be wise to keep a close eye on the kids as they make this craft to prevent them from shoving beads in their mouths, ears, or noses.

thanksgiving beaded pumpkin craft

If you have plenty of beads, you can make many beaded pumpkins and place them around the house. The craft can also serve as a Halloween decoration once the Thanksgiving season is over.

3. Tissue Paper Pumpkin Craft

After a Thanksgiving dinner, it would be courteous to give party favors to the guests. You might also be wondering how to wrap candy in a creative way to present to the kids after a successful and joyous day.

thanksgiving tissue paper pumpkin craft

This tissue paper pumpkin craft can serve as a unique party favor and an exciting way to pack sweets for the kids to enjoy after they clear their plates. You could use an opaque piece of paper, so the receiver won’t guess what candy they will get till they rip open the paper.

4. Quirky Yarn Thanksgiving Craft

We could think of hundreds of ways to use yarn to make easy thanksgiving crafts. The beauty is that yarn is inexpensive, easy to use, and available in numerous vibrant colors that are visually appealing. This is why you should try making a yarn Thanksgiving craft!

thanksgiving yarn pumkin craft

All you need to do to make this craft is to fill a balloon with air, saturate the orange yarn with glue and wrap it around the balloon in a random, crisscrossing pattern. Once the glue dries and becomes hard, you can pop the balloon and enjoy your quirky yarn craft.

5. Pasta Pumpkins Craft for Thanksgiving

Pasta is delicious, especially with minced meat and a tasty sauce. It also comes in various exciting shapes that you can take advantage of during Thanksgiving to make unique pasta Thanksgiving crafts for kindergarteners.

thanksgiving pasta pumpkin craft

To make the pasta pumpkin crafts, you first need to purchase pasta that resembles a wheel. The next step would be to paint them with orange food coloring and glue them to cardstock. If you can’t find the color orange, you can always mix equal parts yellow and red food coloring.

Part 5: Other Cute Thanksgiving Crafts

This is just the tip of the iceberg! Yes, we haven’t exhausted all the crafts you could make during Thanksgiving. There are many other cute Thanksgiving crafts you could do with your kids to make the season more fun and memorable.

1. Printable Thanksgiving Hats Craft

For example, why buy a hat when you can make one at home with your kids for a fraction of the cost? The good thing about this printable Thanksgiving hat craft is that you don’t require artistic expertise to draw precise lines.

thanksgiving hats craft

In a few minutes, you can recreate this fun craft with a printer, some plain paper, and crayons. Again, there are numerous templates, and you can encourage each child to choose the hat that tickles their fancy.

2. Thanksgiving Food Crafts

So far, we have looked into crafts you can make with paper, yarn, felt, and glue. However, we couldn’t forget to mention that you could also create Thanksgiving crafts with food.

thanksgiving food craft

You can make a brownie look like a turkey or use candy corn to make some delicious Oreo turkey treats for everyone to enjoy. Fortunately, there are no rules to making Thanksgiving food crafts, and anything you say goes.

Here is a list of many other thanksgiving crafts you can attempt to make.

  • Balloon turkeys
  • Leaf painting
  • Paper bag turkeys
  • Pumpkin stress balls
  • Turkey windsocks
  • Turkey marshmallow lollipops

Remember, there are many Thanksgiving crafts perfect for kindergarteners and preschoolers you can find around the web.


In a nutshell, thanksgiving crafts are easy to make, especially for young kids. The tools and materials are also inexpensive and readily available, meaning you can make many crafts for a fraction of the cost. Besides, handmade crafts and gifts are a much better alternative to things you can get at the store.

There are so many ideas for crafts you can make you can barely exhaust all of them. You can even ask the kids to help you pick the crafts they want to make and have fun creating beautiful and memorable Thanksgiving cards.