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8 Great Christmas Card Makers To Create Your Own Christmas Cards

A British civil servant and scholar named Sir Henry Cole gave rise to the first-ever Christmas card in history about 175 years ago. Sir Cole wasn’t necessarily trying to spread Christmas cheer but advocating for the authorities to reduce the cost of postage so that commoners could take advantage of the postage system. Today, Christmas cards have become part and parcel of the holiday season. This article will discuss eight (8) great Christmas card makers to help you create digital cards.

christmas card maker

Part 1. Benefits of Sending Online Christmas Cards

First and foremost, online cards are cost-effective. To send a hard-copy card to your loved one overseas, you must buy the card or have Christmas card ideas to create your own ones, send them, and pay for stamps. Online cards eliminate all the extra costs of sharing your love with someone who can’t celebrate Christmas with you.

Secondly, online cards are interactive because the recipient can quickly reply to you via text or social media platforms. Environmental conservation has become an ever-growing concern over the years. With time, old Christmas cards get discarded in the trash or tucked away in drawers. By sending an online card, you go paperless and reduce your carbon footprint on the environment.

Lastly, you can use online cards for many purposes, not just to send Christmas cards.

Part 2. 8 Best Christmas Card Makers

After learning all the benefits of online cards, you might wonder how to make your own and what tools you need. Stay tuned to discover some of the best Christmas card makers to help you make your own online cards.

1. Use eCard Shack To Make a Digital Christmas Card

Christmas is an extremely busy time of the year, and you need a platform with easy Christmas cards to make within minutes. It would also help to find a user-friendly card maker so that you don’t go through a learning curve when you could use those precious minutes to make a stunning Christmas card. eCard Shack fulfills all these requirements, and you will impress anyone who receives a card you made with this platform. Key features include personalization and an easy share feature that allows you to send a digital copy.

ecard shack

2. VistaCreate – Online Christmas Card Maker

The second online Christmas card maker we will discuss is VistaCreate. Some key features of this online Christmas card maker include uploading images, creating multiple Brand Kits, background removal, unlimited storage space, access to history at any time, and inviting up to ten team members.

VistaCreate also converts images into stickers to add to your cards. This platform is very nifty and gives you all the power to design a beautiful Christmas card.


3. Try Canva To Make Your Own Christmas Cards

If you have never used Canva to make free Christmas cards, you are missing out. With Canva, you can personalize the existing templates to make a digital Christmas card by uploading a photo from your gallery to give it a warm touch.

You can also explore the templates within the platform and choose one that fits your desired theme and style. We guarantee that the digital cards look just as good on screen as on paper. Did you know you can request them to send a hard-copy card to your loved ones miles away? Canva uses only the best and highest quality premium paper that will give you maximum customer satisfaction.

canva christmas card

4. PDFelement – More Than a Christmas Card Maker

The next Christmas card maker on our list is Wondershare PDFelement, which has numerous features to cater to all your editing needs. Examples of features that could come in handy when editing a digital Christmas card include adding signatures, and images, changing the font, and converting cards to various formats.

In addition to the top-tier features, this platform comes with a Template Mall that allows you to browse various Christmas card designs, such as the one below, till you find one that tickles your fancy. Once you are happy with the design and editing, Wondershare PDFelement has an easy share feature that allows you to share the Christmas card with clients via email or other social media platforms. We will show you how to make your own Christmas cards with this platform shortly.

pdfelement christmas card template 2

Get Christmas Card Templates from PDFelement >>

How To Make Beautiful Christmas Cards

Stick around to learn how to make beautiful Christmas cards with Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor.

1. Download a Christmas card template from PDFelement’s Template Mall

Step 1 Launch the Wondershare PDFelement platform and click on "Create PDF" at the bottom of the page.

pdfelement homepage

Step 2 Select PDF Template to access the Template Mall.

pdfelement christmas card template

Step 3 On the drop-down menu, click on "Card".

pdfelement template christmas card

Step 4 Browse the platform’s various templates by scrolling until you find something you like.

pdfelement christmas card template mall

Get Christmas Card Templates from PDFelement >>

Step 5 Click on the card of your choice to preview it and download it.

choose a christmas card template from pdfelement

Get Christmas Card Templates from PDFelement >>

2. Edit cards with various fonts

Here is how to edit the card with various fonts using Wondershare PDFelement.

Once you have opened the Christmas Card with PDFelement, you can modify it to look more beautiful. You can do this by changing the font of the card. Go to the "Edit" Menu and click "Edit Texts." From there, Click on the texts, and a formatting bar will appear, which allows you to customize font style and size, and add Christmas card sayings as you like.

pdfelement edit font on christmas card

3. Add images to decorate cards

You can go further to modify your card by adding some image decorations like Santa, Snowman, and Christmas tree among others. Go to the "Edit" menu and click on "Add Image" to upload the preferred image as shown below.

pdfelement add image on christmas card

4. Send cards via email

Once you are done editing your online Christmas cards, click on the Share icon at the top of the page to send it to your loved ones. You can also save it to your Drive so that you can share it from there.

pdfelement send christmas cards

Other Features of PDFelement

Below are some other useful features you get to enjoy while using Wondershare PDFelement.

  • Conversion of a PDF from one format to another
  • Addition of links and watermarks
  • PDF Protection
  • Cloud management
  • Organizing of PDFs
  • Addition of comments/ annotation
  • PDF reading

You can watch the video below to get more detailed information about PDFelement.

5. Blue Mountain - Christmas Card Maker Online Free

If you are looking for an online card maker that lets you work from the convenience of your home, look no further than Blue Mountain. The first step when using this card maker to make your own Christmas cards is to browse the various template designs till you find one that you love.

You can then personalize the card by adding a few photos and greetings so your card won’t feel like it came from a robot. Once you are happy with the card, you can choose to print it or use the easy share feature to send a digital copy to your friends.

blue mountain for making christmas card

6. Make Free Christmas Cards With Fotor

If you are wondering how do I make my own Christmas card with Fotor, you are in the right place. Features within the Fotor platform that can help you make your card more visually appealing include photo editing, portrait retouching, design, photo collage, and design tools, depending on the platform you intend to post the card.

Examples of photo editing tools include blur, background remover, AI Photo effect, HDR, crop, color splash, and mosaic. In the portrait retouching feature, the platform provides tools that help you remove red eyes, wrinkles, and blemishes and reshape the photo to fit the frame. The photo collage feature entails photo stitching, artistic collage, collage making, and funky collage.

use fotor to make christmas card

7. Make Your Own Christmas Card With Ojolie Cards

Ojolie cards is an online platform for easy Christmas cards to make. However, paid members have extra privileges that allow them to send cards to the platform and personalize them however they see fit.

Ojolie has all kinds of cards, including birthday, friendship, thank you, congratulations, and of course, Christmas cards. If you are a paying member and stick around for more than two years, you are eligible for a special discount. Ojolie also guarantees your money back after the first 30 days.

Ojolie is popularly known for its card personalization feature, which allows you to add images or annotations that will help you tell your story and spread your love through your card.

ojolie christmas card

8. Greenvelope Christmas Card Maker Online Free

The last card maker on our list is Greenvelope Christmas card maker online free, which is an excellent choice for illustrators, painters, calligraphers, stationers, and graphic artists. Numerous professionals worldwide have confirmed that the selection on this platform has helped them express their unique style and tell their story to whoever will receive their cards.

Some key features that come with this card maker include personalization, messaging, and address validation. You can also import your guest list or a list of potential recipients from your contacts or email using Greenvelope’s address book. You can also make your own Christmas cards with photos free from your gallery to add some extra oomph.



Christmas cards are a tradition that will never grow old. The only thing that has changed is the shift from hard-copy to digital cards due to the advancement of technology. Everyone can admit to having a warm and fuzzy feeling whenever they receive a Christmas card from someone close to them. Therefore, making as many people as you can feel loved and appreciated would only be fitting.

As you have seen, online cards are budget-friendly, meaning you can send as many cards as possible for a fraction of the cost of sending hard-copy cards via mail. We hope you will aspire to try out a new tool you have discovered today and wear your creative hat to make gorgeous Christmas cards.