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20 Wonderful Christmas Card Ideas For Easy DIY

On Christmas Day, a card is an excellent gift for your loved ones.

Christmas is an annual celebration that falls on the 25th of December when Christians celebrate their savior's birth. Even for non-Christians, Christmas is the time to get away from work and spend time with family and friends. It is also a great time to wine, dine and basically have fun!

Well, one excellent way to celebrate the festive season would be to give out custom Christmas cards to your loved ones. If you are searching for tailored Christmas card ideas, you have come to the right place! We will look to explore some of the best Christmas card ideas you can use this festive season.

christmas card ideas

Part 1. Free Printable Christmas Card Template

You are likely looking for Christmas cards with a personal touch. Fortunately, you can rest easy knowing that you can use templates to create DIY Christmas cards for your loved ones. You can download a template directly from the Wondershare PDFelement platform and use its top-tier features to edit your card till you are happy with the design.

christmas pdf printable

You can also peruse other wonderful templates available and settle on one that tickles your fancy. Once you are done editing the Christmas card, you can use the easy sharing feature to email it to your friends, loved ones, and family members.

The card below is reindeer-themed with a very simple but appealing design. It also has beautiful neutral colors suitable for a parent or guardian figure in your life. You could also present this Christmas card to your favorite teacher or grandparents and show them your love and appreciation.

christmas card idea design

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Part 2. Tips for Drawing DIY Christmas Cards

The first thing people notice when you gift them a card is the design at the top. Here are some practical tips to help you make the best and most unique DIY Christmas cards:

  • Ditch the paint brushes and use your fingers to paint.
  • Paint a portrait of your family at dinner time or in the living room.
  • Create fun stencils with potatoes or leaves.
  • Sketch your favorite Christmas character.
  • Use your footprint to create incredible designs with paint.
  • Draw a picture of your most cherished Christmas memory.
  • Make your Christmas card pop with stickers.

Part 3. 20 DIY Christmas Cards Ideas To Inspire You

Now that you know that you can customize templates to your liking, you are perhaps looking for some inspiring Christmas card ideas. Here are some nice cards you could make for your loved ones:

1. Funny Christmas Cards

Christmas is a time to be jolly and cheery. You can extend your love to your friends and family by sending them Christmas cards with funny or witty messages to make them grin with pleasure. Your friends will love the funny Christmas cards even more if they allude to an inside joke you share.

funny christmas card

2. Homemade Christmas Cards

Christmas cards don't cost that much money. However, homemade Christmas cards are more special because you took the time to plan the design, source the material, and make the card. Even though it won't come out perfect, it is the thought that counts.

homemade christmas card

3. Online Christmas Cards

Even though hard-copy Christmas cards haven't gone out of style, we can't ignore the shift to more digital means of sharing the Christmas cheer. Online Christmas cards are an excellent option if you have relatives and loved ones living miles away.

online christmas card

4. Water Color Christmas Cards

Unlike acrylics or oil paints, watercolors are very runny and soak into the paper, leaving behind a stunning design. Watercolor paints are also extremely forgiving. Even though it was one massive happy accident, you can get away with saying your water color Christmas cards turned out exactly the way you wanted.

water color christmas card

5. Religious and Christian Christmas Cards

Christmas is deeply rooted in the Christian belief that God sent his son to be born and raised on earth. Therefore, this festive season is an excellent time for Christians to reflect on their faith and celebrate the birth of the Messiah. Here are some excellent religious Christmas cards to share with your fellow believers.

religious christian christmas card

6. Cute Christmas Cards

Apart from stuffing your face with thousands of calories, you could engage the kids and get them to make cute Christmas cards with you. We guarantee that they will enjoy the crafting process and understand that the holidays are about giving and showing love to others around them. These cute Christmas card designs will surely make your heart swell with joy.

cute christmas card

7. Cat Christmas Cards

Cat lovers can't seem to get enough of these fluffy creatures. They wouldn't turn down the offer if you allowed them to fill every nook and cranny of their home with cats. An excellent greeting card for a cat fanatic would be Christmas card greetings with cats all over them, preferably with a customized photo of their fur baby.


8. Christmas Tree Card

A staple in most homes, malls, and restaurants during Christmas is a Christmas tree. In some homes, families make it a tradition to decorate the tree with mesmerizing lights and unique pendants that bring the otherwise dull tree to life. Therefore, it would only be fitting to get your loved ones personal Christmas cards featuring a large Christmas tree.

christmas tree card

9. Husband Christmas Cards

As the head of the home, your husband takes on numerous roles and responsibilities. He provides for the family, makes numerous sacrifices, and helps raise the kids you brought into the world together. You could get him merry Christmas cards to express how lucky you are to have him in your life.

husband christmas card

10. Animated Free Christmas Cards

Unlike a static Christmas card, an animated Christmas card behaves much like a video or a GIF. Animated cards are excellent if you are pressed for time or want to stray away from the dull, conventional Christmas cards people send during the holidays.

e christmas card

11. Easy Christmas Card Ideas

For some people, Christmas is a busy time. You might be in charge of organizing the next upcoming family gathering or finalizing any pending work before your break for the holidays. An easy Christmas card is ideal if you are swamped with work but still want to send your loved cute Christmas cards.

easy christmas card

12. Beautiful Christmas Card Ideas

If you must send a Christmas card, why not make it as beautiful as possible? However, we can argue that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. You could design the card to the best of your ability and ensure you are confident that the recipient will enjoy the Christmas card quotes as much as you do.

beautiful christmas card

13. Children Christmas Cards

Schools are usually closed over Christmas, but that doesn't mean you can't engage the kids in a fun activity that will rack their brains and expand their creativity. You could gather the kids for card-making crafts and help them utilize all their extra energy. Once you are done, ask them to sign the cards and present them to their parents or family members.

children christmas card

14. Daddy Christmas Card

You don't have to wait for Father's day to give your dad a card. Try surprising him this year with crafty handmade Christmas cards and watch his face light up with glee. Please don't be surprised if you find them standing proud on his office desk.

daddy christmas card

15. Christmas Cards With Snowman

Apart from reindeer and Christmas trees, a snowman is another common theme in Christmas cards. The best part about winter and thick snow blankets during Christmas is building a snowman and draping a knitted scarf over his neck. It would be an excellent idea to design a Christmas drawing card with a snowman for your loved ones.

snowman christmas card

16. Elegant Homemade Christmas Cards

The elegant homemade Christmas card is the ideal choice if you are going for a more sophisticated outcome as opposed to a cheery and upbeat feel. You could download a template of your choice or use watercolors and light brush strokes to paint an elegant design.

elegant christmas card

17. Christmas Card for Mom

Mothers are the most caring and selfless beings on earth. Frankly speaking, nobody ever stops needing their mom, no matter how grown they are. Please don't let this Christmas go by without getting your mother homemade Christmas cards.

mom christmas card

18. Santa Christmas Card

When you were a child, your parents probably tricked you into good behavior by fibbing that Santa never gave naughty children a gift on Christmas day. Even though he isn't real, Santa is a huge part of Christmas, and it wouldn't hurt to have him grace the top of your DIY Christmas cards to your friends and family.

santa christmas card

19. Black and White Christmas Cards

Christmas cards don't always have to be colorful. You can get away with a black-and-white Christmas card this year if you want to do something out of the ordinary.

blank white christmas card

20. Dog Christmas Card Ideas

A dog is man's best friend. Though they can be impossible to deal with, we will always have a place in our hearts for these lovable creatures. A dog Christmas card would be perfect for a dog owner.

dog christmas card

Part 4. What To Write in a Christmas Card

As you have seen, there are plenty of Christmas card ideas you could use to create a Christmas card for your mother, husband, or loved ones. However, the beauty of a Christmas card is not only in the design but in the lovely words within. After looking at the face of the card, people usually rush to open it and read the message. Therefore, it would be wise to make your message as pleasant as possible.

The Christmas greeting is the most important thing to include in a Christmas card. This greeting is determined by your relationship with the recipient. For a card to someone close, you could personalize your card with sentiments and warm comments. However, for a business Christmas card, keep it professional. When writing to religious folk, include an appropriate scripture or Bible verse. The final step would be to compose a warm, personalized closing statement.


A Christmas card is a simple and small gesture that can go a long way in showing your friends and family that you care. Whether you made it with paper and glue or designed it online, we guarantee the recipient will feel the love. Just find ideas to inspire you to create gorgeous Christmas cards for your loved ones. You can then use tools like Wondershare PDFelement to edit and customize your cards for your loved ones.

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