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Best of the Best: Top 7 AI Summarizers Available Now

Do you need to summarize essays and articles? How long would that take? It can take a long time, depending on the number of essays you have to summarize. The length of each piece can also prolong the process. Here's an easy solution: you can use an AI summarizer to do it for you.

What is an AI summarizer? As the name suggests, it is a summarizer tool that uses artificial intelligence. The AI analyzes the text, identifies the main idea and key points, and extracts them. Using one of these tools, you can shorten many articles in no time.

Below is a list of the best AI auto summarize tools.

ai summarizer

How We Selected the Best AI Tools

There is a staggering amount of AI summarizers on the internet. We tested many of them to find the best ones. The factors we used to decide which are the best include the program's performance, pricing, and limitations. Ease of use and user reviews also played a huge factor.

With that out of the way, here are the top 7 AI summarizers you should try now.

1.Wondershare PDFelement

summarize ai
G2 Ratings A user wrote on G2 about their love for PDFelement's user-friendly interface, affordability, and advanced features. They said it is an excellent program for document management.
Pricing Starts at $79.99 per year

●Uses ChatGPT, a popular AI, to create summaries

●Fast document processing

● Extracts keywords and key points and puts them on a bullet list

●Not just an AI summarizer


●The free version has limited capabilities

●You need to convert the articles/essays to PDF first

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a robust PDF tool. Lumi, the recently added PDF AI robot to it, has made the program an effective AI summarizer. Its integration with ChatGPT, which is now taking the internet by storm, ensures that the summaries are accurate.

The best thing about this tool is that PDFelement is not just an AI summary tool. It is also a PDF viewer, editor, converter, compressor, and merger in one. That said, this tool is very cost-effective.


ai summarizer online
G2 Ratings A user review on G2 praises how reliable HiPDF is. The user loved how they could use this free and "very complete instrument" to manage their files.
Pricing Starts at $5.99 per month

●HiPDF is a free online tool.

●HiPDF comes with many other handy features

●This AI summarizer allows you to chat with the PDF file to know more.


●The free version can summarize only PDFs 20 pages or below

●You need to convert the file to PDF first

HiPDF is an online PDF tool with lots of free features. That includes the newest addition to its toolset: the Chat with PDF feature. This feature, powered by ChatGPT, analyzes a PDF file and generates a summary.

Not only that, but this AI summary tool also allows you to "talk" to the PDF. It provides you with different questions relevant to the PDF's content. Pick one, and this tool will generate an answer. It makes HiPDF a great summarizing plus learning tool.

3.Sassbook AI Text Summarizer

ai summarizer online
G2 Ratings A user review says that Sassbook AI Text Summarizer writes summaries that make sense. They said the free version already gives you accurate results.
Pricing Starts at $32.5 per month (billed yearly)

●The free version is good enough, so you are not forced to upgrade to the Premium version

●It provides you with two different summarizing modes

● Sassbook lets you pick how long the summary would be


●It can be a little slow

●The free version has a character limit of 6250 or about 2.5 pages

●Adjusting the summary length is available on the paid version only

Sassbook AI Text Summarizer is an excellent one. The best thing about it is how accurate the free version is. It is able to find the main points and generate summaries that make sense. Unfortunately, there are some caveats. One, the summarizer can be slow at times. Furthermore, some features are locked behind a Premium subscription. Nevertheless, Sassbook is a good AI summary tool.

4.Quillbot AI

ai text summarizer
G2 Ratings A user review says that Quillbot is a more useful AI-assisted writing toocompared to others. They loved how Quillbot offers a lot for their pricing.
Pricing Starts at $19.95 per month

●Provides you with two summarization modes

●Allows you to upload DOCs to import the article

●Lets you adjust the summary length

●Has an integration with other writing tools

●Allows you to select a keyword to use for the summary


●While the program accepts other file types like PDFs, you should be careful. It sometimes adds strange symbols, especially if the file has pictures.

●The free version has a 600-word limit. You need to register to raise the limit to 1200.

Quillbot AI is an amazing AI summarizer tool. It provides you with two different summarization modes. Quillbot can extract the most important points and summarize the article using key sentences in bullet points. The other mode writes human-like summaries.

Aside from that, once you have imported the article, Quillbot AI allows you to select a keyword. The selection of keywords is autogenerated after the tool has performed an initial analysis. The summary will revolve around this keyword.

5.One AI

ai text summarizer
G2 Ratings
Pricing Starts at $29 per month

●Accepts article URLs as input

●Allows you to select between short and long summaries


●A little more complicated than other AI autosummary tools

●It does not have a free version

One AI is an AI chatbot like ChatGPT. It has the Summary skill built into One AI's Language Skills API. This allows you to shorten essays and articles using this tool.

Please note that this tool is more complicated than other tools. However, it is more accurate than most of them.

6.WriteSonic Text Summarizer

ai text summarizer
G2 Ratings
Pricing Starts at $12.67 per month

●Allows you to import the article through copy-paste or using a URL

●It offers two summarization modes

●Supports many languages

●Comes with other AI features


●The free version has a limit of 10,000 words

●It does not accept files as input

WriteSonic is powered by ChatSonic, a ChatGPT-like AI software. It is reliable and creates summaries that make sense. Like the standard AI summary tools, it allows you to switch between Key Points and Human-like modes. But what it has over the others is its support of over 25 languages. It makes WriteSonic more usable for more people.

7.Jasper-AI Text Summarizer

ai summarizer
G2 Ratings A G2 review says that Jasper AI is a cutting-edge AI-Power Assistant. It increases their productivity. They recommend it for optimizing workflow for writing.
Pricing Starts at $29 per month

●Advanced and reliable

●Supports 25+ languages

●Allows you to select the formality level

●Lets you adjust the summary length


●The free trial lasts only 5 days

●There is a 50,000-character limit

Jasper AI Text Summarizer has all the features you'd expect a good AI summary tool to have. You can adjust the length of the summary. Also, it is not limited to only English. What this tool does have that others don't, though, is the formality level. You can make the summary sound as polite or casual as you want.

How To Choose The Best AI Summarizer for You

Some AI summarizers are online, while others are offline. There are also free ones and strictly paid ones. Which one to choose depends on your situation. Can you afford a paid one? Do you have a stable internet connection? How much will you be using the tool? Things like these are the questions you should ask yourself. They will help you identify the best AI summarizer for you.


AI summarizers allow you to shorten articles very quickly. Since they are powered by reliable AI programs, you don't have to worry about accuracy. You can rest assured that the summaries make sense. But that's only when you're using a good AI summarizer. Wondershare PDFelement is always a good choice since it is also a powerful PDF tool. But if you want a free one, you should try HiPDF.

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