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Top 5 Free Word Alternatives in 2021

2021-11-29 13:49:08 • Filed to: MS Word Features • Proven solutions

Whenever it comes to word processing, you may have always remembered Microsoft Word for covering the case. Microsoft Word has been the leading software in the marketplace for decades, where it has covered all the major aspects of word processing and has guided users in taking up documentation to another level. With explicit editing features and documentation tools, this platform has allured many users in the world and has kept them in the loop. This article, however, intends to cover the major Word alternatives in the market. These alternatives are designed as a competitor to this platform, which is described and exclaimed as follows.

Top 5 Microsoft Word Alternatives

There are hundreds of dedicated tools for word processing, yet; only a few have come up with the capacity of leading the market with their exceptional toolkit. The article provides you with a coherent introduction of the five top-rated alternatives to Microsoft Word to guide you into selecting the best Microsoft Word alternative in times when you do not have to access the Word.

1. Google Docs

The first free Word alternative that may come into your mind would be Google Docs, a platform that features a very similar toolset with an extra feature of real-time connection with people all around the Word. Google Docs allows you to cover different users and even provides them with the ability to change documents, with the intention of saving time.

google docs interface

2. LibreOffice

This platform can come up as a very impressive alternative to Word, where it offers users an open-source and a free service to work with. The appealing characteristics of this Word processing tool are the community-driven nature while developing documents.


3. WPS

This MS Word alternative is quite common among smartphone and Windows users with a very similar structure, as observed in Microsoft Word. As this platform is offered for free, it offers quite a comprehensive list as compared to other free suites.

wps word interface

4. Zoho

This platform is quite impressive in providing effective features to its users. With automatic saving, Zoho is a similar service that offers a detailed list of tools, inclusive of its Writer for word processing.

zoho interface

5. AbiWord

Linux distributors can consider this MS Word alternative, where it offers quite an advanced layout capability with a unique structure to develop your word processing document on.

abiword interface

The Best PDF software

While you go through the best MS Word alternatives that can come into your mind when featuring a platform for word processing, there is another file format that needs to be covered. PDF file format is quite common among the official market, where many PDF editors are available for managing the file. This article intends to introduce you to a very intuitive platform that guides you in managing your PDF file exquisitely. PDFelement is a very prolific tool that provides you the ability to edit your PDF file with the state-of-the-art toolset that features all the basic editing facilities required.

The platform also allows you to convert the PDF file into any required Office format with the assurance of keeping the file in its original version. PDFelement is much more than converting and editing. This platform provides you with the ability to annotate documents and utilize the built-in OCR tool for reading documents. It also features digital signatures and helps you protect documents with password protection and information redaction. Along with other impressive features, this platform can serve as the perfect PDF editor to use in the market.

How to Edit and Annotate PDF with PDFelement

When it comes to using the platform for managing the PDF, there are several features that can be tested across PDFelement. The most basic features that have been mentioned in PDFelement were its editing and annotating facility. To understand the procedure of editing and to annotate with PDFelement, you need to go through the guide offered as follows.

Step 1. Open PDF File

Launch PDFelement on your desktop and proceed with accessing the option of "Open files" on the home window. Browse the file from the local directory and open it.

open pdf

Step 2. Edit PDF

With the PDF opened on the platform, you need to proceed to the “Edit” tab on the top of the window to open a sub-menu. This would allow you to edit the text, images, and links within your PDF file with ease.

edit pdf

Step 3. Annotate PDF

Following this, you can move to the "Comment" tab on the similar toolbar to lead into a new sub-menu. This contains different annotating tools to comment across the PDF file, allowing you to highlight, draw, add shapes, notes, and add links and stamps in your file.

annotate pdf

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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