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MacBook vs Air vs Pro: Which You Should Buy

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2021-01-04 16:21:25 • Filed to: Tips of macOS • Proven solutions

Apple has a laptop lineup that offers a ton of variety. Consequently, it gets harder for shoppers to decide the notebook to purchase. Therefore, comparing MacBook Air vs. MacBook vs. 13-inch MacBook Pro helps because you will understand the differences.

MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and MacBook are amazing Apple laptops that satisfy consumer needs at different levels. One hand, the MacBook Air can work all day and is great for moving people. On the other, MacBook Pro is great for people using powerful programs. Then MacBook Air combines some aspects of these two and functions perfectly for certain users.

This brings confusion, and so you must compare MacBook vs. Air vs. Pro to understand them. The difference between MacBook vs. Air vs. Pro lies in various aspects, such as price, advantages, and disadvantages, and system support. This article explores them for you.

Difference between MacBook vs. Air vs. Pro

The following is a breakdown of the aspects of differentiating Apple MacBook vs. Air vs. Pro.

1. MacBook


The new 12 inch MacBook combines MacBook Pro’s display and MacBook Air’s lightness into one. It has a new Intel M-core processor and retina display, which make its battery last longer and lighter.



  • It is ultraportable since its very light
  • Great for travels since it has about 9.5 hours of battery life
  • The improved keyboard gives better typing comfort
  • If you compare MacBook vs. Air vs. Pro, MacBook has the highest storage of 256GB as the rest have 128GB.


  • It only has one USB-C port; hence does not allow charging and plugging in another device unless one uses a dongle that costs extra.
  • This port does not support Thunderbolt 3 for connecting numerous 4K displays and faster transfer speeds.
  • The 480p webcam is only good for video chats.


MacBook goes for $1,299

System Support

MacBook supports macOS Mojave. However, it should be able to support macOS Catalina.

2. Air


Apple-designed MacBook Air to function all day. It has a small and light build due to its thin light structure that contains a full-size keyboard and aluminum case. Therefore, it is highly portable and thus great for persons on the move and working at the same time.



  • It is thinner and lighter
  • Has a sharp screen
  • Has a Touch ID that makes unlocking the system easier and secures replacement of passwords and payments.
  • Has two Thunderbolt 3 ports


  • Has low power if you compare MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro
  • There are complaints about the functionality of the keyboard’s space bar


The current MacBook Air updated in 2018 goes for $1, 199

System Support

The 2018 MacBook Air supports macOS Mojave. However, it has the capability to support the incoming operating system, macOS Catalina.

3. Pro


The new 13-inch MacBook Pro is considered the most powerful Apple laptop because it has high performance and great resolution. The latter gets better with the new Retina display. This machine is perfect for people dealing with a high-quality display and powerful programs.

macbook pro


  • If you compare MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro, both have the same weight, but the latter has a more powerful and faster processor.
  • Has a reliable keyboard that is quieter
  • Has four Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • Offers color adjustment depending on ambient lighting
  • Has faster Intel Iris graphics


  • It is expensive
  • Comparing Apple MacBook vs. Air vs. Pro, MacBook pro has a lesser battery life of 8.5 hours
  • If you compare MacBook vs. Air vs. Pro, MacBook Pro has low storage of 128GB, which is lower than MacBook that has 256GB.


The new 13 inch MacBook Pro, which also has a touch bar, costs $1,799. If you prefer the previous version without a touch bar, you can get it at $1,299.

System Support

The new 13 inches MacBook Pro’s operating system is macOS Mojave. It is also set to work with the incoming new operating system macOS Catalina.


There are multiple things to consider when comparing MacBook Air vs. MacBook vs. 13-inch MacBook Pro, as seen above. Therefore, the decision to buy also depends on various factors. Where money is limited, you should buy MacBook Air, the cheapest. On the contrary, MacBook Pro is great if you have plenty to spend.

They all serve different purposes. The new MacBook Air is the best for the majority of buyers due to its fair price and great features. However, the MacBook is the most portable and great for travelers. Similarly, the MacBook pro has the most speed and power and great for tough programs.

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