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Best Mac Buying Guide 2024

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2024-05-22 10:38:25 • Filed to: Tips&Tricks of macOS • Proven solutions

Apple has several Mac laptops and desktops. Other people may prefer a different Mac from your choice. So deciding on the best Mac 2019 can be challenging. If you are to make the best choice for yourself, you need guidance.

Which Mac should you Buy? Apple has 7 different types of Macs. They vary in features and specs. In the Mac desktop category, they include Mac Pro, iMac Pro, Mac mini and iMac. The best MacBooks for 2019 include MacBook Pro, MacBook and MacBook Air. Choosing the best Mac desktop or MacBook from this list is quite tough and so you need help.

This article is a Mac buyer’s guide that will help you in making your purchase. It will address characteristics of the most preferable choices in both categories. With this guide, you are likely to choose the best.

Best Mac 2023: Which Mac Should You Buy

People choose Macs depending on their wants. For example, students have different needs compared to home users or office workers. According to students, the best Mac 2019 is a something portable and light, which has a long battery life and that can handle school work.

On the other hand, home users will consider something with great display since they are likely to sit in front of the screen for long hours. Few are likely to consider portability like students. Similarly, office workers would want something they can view for hours while working and be comfortable. These too may consider portability if they like taking work home and so may resemble students.

According to this Mac buyer’s guide, the following are the most preferred Macs for anybody. The decision is based on their specs, features, prices, pros and cons. Each category is catered for. In the laptop category, MacBook Air surpasses all the best MacBooks for 2019. In the desktop category, the iMac is the best Mac 2019.

MacBook Air

This is a 13 inch screen Mac laptop. The new model released in 2018 goes for $1,199, while the older model costs $999. It is cheapest among the best MacBooks for 2019. MacBook Pro’s price is extremely high, while MacBook’s cost hardly matches its performance. What’s more, it the lightest 13 in model and the 2018 models have a Touch ID.

However, it is still heavier compared to the regular MacBook, although it has better performance. It is best for some home users, commuters, hotdeskers and students due to its lightness. If you would like to use a bigger display, you can always plug it to a TV through an adaptor.

MacBook Air stands out from the other best MacBooks for 2019 because it comes at a reasonable price and suits the majority of the people in need. It was last updated in October 2018, so it is better to buy it now.

new imac


You can get iMac in either a 27 inch or 21.5 inch screen. It costs 1,099, which is cheaper than iMac Pro and Mac Pro. The former is very expensive and thus limited to people that really need the most power that a Mac Apple can provide.

iMac is very powerful and an all in one machine that comes with a big screen. As expected, it is not portable and may get expensive if you upgrade. It perfectly suits people in offices and video edtors and designers since it has 8GB RAM and 4GB memory.

It seems to be the best Mac 2019 according to this Mac buyer’s guide because it comes at a resonable price and comes with a mouse, discrete grapgics and keyboard. The rest like Mac mini and Mac Pro lack a screen, mouse and keyboard, which adds to the costs of acquiring them.

iMac’s last update took place in 2019. Therefore, if you are interetested in the best Mac 2019, you should definitely buy it now.

new imac

These best Mac 2019 are available at UK and US store, Currys and KRCS.

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