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How to Password Protect File on macOS 10.15

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2024-05-22 10:38:25 • Filed to: Tips&Tricks of macOS • Proven solutions

You can password protect document on Mac at any moment so long as you understand the process involved. This effort ensures that your information reaches the right readers and provides editing rights to the intended individuals. Since you may store your files in different locations, making an effort to password protect file on Mac is wise since it keeps information confidential. Therefore, be open minded and learn how to lock documents on Mac, especially in various storage areas.

5 Tips to Password Protect File on Mac

If you want to know how to password protect a document on Mac, you need to understand various tips, especially if the file is in any of the storage areas mentioned below.

Tip 1: Encrypt Documents and Files

You may learn how to password protect a file on Mac but you may need to share it and so it will eventually leave your computer. You still need to protect the documents and files that you share. So, use Preview app, since it encrypt files like existing PDFs by adding password protection.

PDFelement is another option, since it locks documents too using passwords. Printing options can also help to encrypt images, documents and files, although it makes them PDF files.

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Tip 2: Encrypt External Drives

Since you may store information on external drives, you need to learn how to password protect a document on Mac. Disk utility is a great option to encrypt if the drive is empty or not yet partitioned, then transfer the files when done. Another way is to create encrypted disk images, which add a security layer.

Tip 3: Encrypt System Data

You can password protect file Mac by encrypting system data, which means securing the Mac itself. This approach is great at preventing the unauthorized editing or access to data. There are various ways to secure your Mac like encrypting the startup drive contents using FileVault. Secure your user account using a strong password that is hard to guess to prevent bypassing FileVault protection.

You can also activate screensaver password to prevent access when Mac is on and after logging in. Setting a firmware password also protects files from being accessed through booting Mac with another startup drive.

Tip 4: Encrypt Backups

Backups are in the server or external drive. Most hackers target the documents in the backups because many people forget to encrypt them while encrypting files on Mac. Therefore, unauthorized persons do not have to target your Mac. They can go after your backups if they are not encrypted and gain access to your files.

So, ensure that you encrypt your Time Machine backups using a strong password that consists of lower and upper case characters.

Tip 5: Encrypt Distributed Files

Files are not always meant to be personal and hence can be distributed. When sending a file to another person, use iMessage since it has end to end encryption. iMessage encryption is trustworthy because even Apple cannot access the file contents. So, only you and the recipient will view the file. It is also a good option because it handles large files.

If you are distributing files to two or more Macs in an office or area occupying the same space, it is advisable to use AirDrop. This is a great solution because you will create a network with each of the recipients, which is secured by a firewall and thus encrypted. You will share the different securely with each Mac despite enabling AirDrop and being within range. AirDrop encryption works best in crowded places too.

Best PDF Encrypt Tool for Mac

The best PDF encryption tool for Mac is none other than Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. This is a cost effective software that handles multiple tasks at a go and at great speed. It has a unique and simple interface that makes it usable by both beginners and professionals.

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how to password protect a zip file mac

The following features explain more about the capabilities.

High security through passwords and redaction
Digital signature is available
OCR function lets you transform scanned document into editable
PDF editing feature helps you edit all the elements in a PDF file
PDF organization feature helps you organizing pages and changing page order

Find out how to password protect a file on Mac.

Step 1: Encrypt document on Mac

When the document is open, go to the tool bar and find the "File" option. Click on it to get to the "Protect" option. After selecting it a submenu will appear, where you should click on "Encrypt with Password".

password protect file mac

Step 2: Set Preferences for the Password

Click on "Permissions" and go ahead to create a permission password. It will prevent the unwanted editing of your document. If you want specific settings in Printing and Changes, you may allow. Click on "OK" when done.

how to password protect a file on mac

Do not forget to save the document. So go to "File" and click on "Save".

In conclusion, PDFelement will always be reliable in protecting your files using passwords. You just have to create unpredictable codes for better security.

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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Buy PDFelement right now!

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