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Top 5 Online HTML to PDF Converters


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Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML is the common file type to save the webpages from the internet. Although you can save the web page in the HTML format and can forward it to other users but it may miss a lot of features from this document. In order to solve this issues, you should convert HTML to PDF online which is more secure, easy to read and can be read on any computer. Natively, Google Chrome will let you save the HTML web page or a link as the PDF file but there is no option to change the settings for this saved PDF file. In order to resolve these users, many users seek help from the web service which will allow you to save the HTML file into PDF file. We have compiled a list of the best online HTML to PDF converters depending upon the functionality and ease of use of the website.

Top 5 Online HTML to PDF File Converter


HTML PDF will let you convert HTML to PDF online. However, there are many options to change the settings of the output PDF file. For example, you can change the orientation of the page and can select the size of the page. The second option is perfect for those who want to print a webpage. Moreover, you can even select the gray scale and whether you want to save images in the PDF file. Once you have checked all options, the HTML file will automatically be converted and downloaded on your computer.

html to pdf converter online


PDFCrowd is probably the best HTML to PDF converter among all online services. You can either add a URL or can upload the HTML file from your computer. The free version of this service will not let you use any settings, however, the paid version will let you adjust the orientation, size, page margins and will even let you add the password to your PDF file. Moreover, this webservice will also let you convert HTML to PDF file online.

convert html to pdf online

3. Zamzar HTML to PDF Converter

When we talk about online HTML to PDF converters, Zamzar HTML to PDF converter does not need any introduction. This service is one of the mostly used services on the internet which provides conversion of hundreds of formats into suitable format. The process of conversion takes place in three different steps, upload the HTML file or add the link of the webpage on Zamzar website, select the PDF file as output format, enter the email address for the output file. Finally, click on the convert button and the converted file will be emailed to your Email address.

Zamzar HTML to PDF Converter

4. Convertio HTML to PDF

Convertio is a modern converter which provides four options to upload the files for conversion. You can either add the web address of a page, upload the HTML file, can directly import the file from the Dropbox or Google Drive. Once you add the link or files, click on the "Download" button to save the file on your computer. Alternatively, you can directly upload the file to the Dropbox or the Google Drive.

Covnvertio HTML to PDF

5. Web2PDF Convert

Web2PDF convert is pretty much similar to the PDF Crowd. However, you can only add the HTML links and there is no way of uploading the files from the local library of your computer or Google Drive or Dropbox. However, the pro users will have many options to convert the files online, adjust the size of the PDF file, adding password to PDF file. Moreover, once the file is converted, you can email it to your Email address or can save it to Google Docs.

Web2PDF convert

6. PDF to HTML Converter

If you also need to convert PDF to HTML files, you can use HiPDF. This online PDF converter can convert PDF to HTML, PNG, JPG, Word, Excel and many other formats. It can also convert Word, Excel, JPG, PNG, etc. to PDF. Its online PDF to HTML converter is free to use for everyone.

html to pdf converter online

Limitations of Using Online HTML to PDF Converter

Although Online HTML to PDF converter are easy to use, yet they are far away from perfection. For example; most of them will not let you add password to the PDF file. Similarly, you cannot add the passwords to the PDF file. Moreover, if the HTML file is of large size and you want to save a few pages, they will not let you change these options. Moreover, you cannot just save the text from the HTML file. Lastly, you will have to be online to use any of these services. All these problems can be resolved using PDFelement for Windows and Mac OS X.

The Best HTML to PDF Converter on Windows

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is all-in-one option to read, create, manage, edit and convert the PDF files. You can also convert the HTML files to the PDF files using PDFelement. You do not need to have an active internet connection to use this software.

While converting the HTML files to PDF files, you can select the certain pages to convert, add passwords to your PDF files and once the files have been converted, you can even edit them using PDFelement.

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