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How to Back up your Mac before upgrading to macOS 10.15

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2024-05-22 10:38:25 • Filed to: macOS 10.15 • Proven solutions

Backup is the first thing any Mac user should look for when it's about upgrading the macOS version. You might have various relevant data and media files in your device for record and for frequent use, which if lost during the upgrade, will pull you down massively.

Different kinds of backup systems are the uniqueness of any macOS. So, keep reading the article to learn all about Mac backup before Catalina upgrade and also tips to make a backup for Mac before Catalina upgrade.

How to Backup your Mac before Catalina Upgrade

1. Time Machine Backup

Connecting the external hard drive with your Mac: Fetch a hard drive equivalent or more significant than your Mac's inbuilt drive. Time Machine backup is possibly used with the external hard disk when connected with our Airport Extreme router by the help of an AirPort Time Capsule device.

  • Step 1: To select the backup destination, turn on the Time Machine.
  • Step 2: Go to System Preferences, once the external drive has been plugged in.
  • Step 3: Go to Time Machine and operate the switch from off to on.
  • Step 4: Click "Select Disk" to confirm the volume on a specific drive that suits you to use for Time Machine. This backup is also password encrypted.
keynote not working on macos 10.15

We have two options:

  • Old backups' notified deletion

    The button named "Options" will often allow you to exclude storage volumes from the reserves, or make a habit of getting notifications when the older backups get deleted.

  • Automated Time Machine work

    Previous 24hours back - hourly
    Last one month - daily
    Last month's - weekly

2. Bootable Backup

Booting back up gets carried out with the help of cloning apps like SuperDuper.

    • Step 1: Choose source & destination in the cloning too

      Install and launch the cloning app. Choose where you want to store your backup. Choose your storage volume from the left drop-down menu. Lastly, from the right drop-down menu choose the destination path.

    • Step 2: Backup script selection

      To back up all or user files, you can use SuperDuper! For the complete and bootable backup of your device, choose "Backup-all files."

keynote for macos 10.15
  • Step 3: Selecting or deselecting necessary options

    The incremental backup system will save you time when you click and explore through "Options."

3. Scheduling the backups

Only by clicking on the "Copy Now" button, you can create your clone. Also, by clicking on "Schedule" in your scheduling screen, you can very easily control the timing and duration on the app to run the backups.

keynote for macos 10.15

4. Cloning time

Leave your device for auto-cloning after clicking "Ok" when you are sure that you have fulfilled all necessary selections correctly.

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Tips for Backing up Mac for macOS 10.15 Catalina Upgrade

You never know when something might go wrong with your PC or Mac OS. You can lose it, or it can get stolen, melt in a fire, or break. Hence it is necessary to back up all your data. Not only that, it is always recommended to backup before you upgrade for the latest version. Once again, you don't know what the outcome of your upgrading would be. Things can get better or worse. If there are some already existing issues, the upgrade can fix them or screw them up badly. Moreover, you might lose data if something goes wrong during the update.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind before upgrading your Mac OS.

  1. Clean your Mac beforehand
  2. Make use of Fire and waterproof disks
  3. Make sure you are using compatible apps
  4. Remember your passwords
  5. Scan your hard drive for issues

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