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How to Fix Displaylink Not Working on macOS 10.14

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2024-04-07 11:22:53 • Filed to: Solutions of macOS 10.14 • Proven solutions

DisplayLink furnishes support for display, ethernet and a range of USB ports. As such, when DisplayLink ceases to work in 10.14, the Mac user’s productivity might wind down and fears for the cost of remedies might come lurking.In most instances, the user sees all the indications that DisplayLink is fully functioning as a USB utility, but the connected screen do not respond accordingly. But regardless how eerie this issue might seem to be, the simple troubleshooting techniques for 10.14 Displaylink no longer working issue outlined in this article can help you nib it in the bud.

Why Does Displaylink Not Work on macOS 10.14

DisplayLink enriches a Mac’s user experience by providing support for a wide range of USB ports. But users may be dazed to find that a macOS Mojave update negates the operations of DisplayLink. Users who’re facing this difficulty think to themselves "my displaylink device does not work at all when connecting on macos 10.14" probably without a clue as to why macOS Mojave, which is presupposed to enhance user experience, actually negates a vital vehicle for optimal user experience. This issue has been a rock that has pressed many-a macOS Mojave users on a hard place, compelling them to either do without USB ports and displays, or to revert back to the previous OS wherein the issue is non-existent.

10.14 displaylink no longer working

This issue emerges upon a macOS Mojave update, as the new macOS update disables the DisplayLink USB driver’s capacity to support display output. The latest macOS update limits the usage of software that uses kernel extensions (kexts) due to a number of security reasons. Because of its system extension (DisplayLinkDriver.kext), DisplayLink is consequently negated by the operating system’s limitations on kernel extension. Nonetheless, the user has been given explicit prerogatives to regulate their Mac’s behaviors as per kernel extensions. Users can activate system extensions after installation in order to enable DisplayLink to run unrestrained.

Nonetheless, when 10.14 Displaylink is no longer working in a business setting, the corporate environment is fraught with a serious impediment. Businesses deploying Macs in their enterprise ecosystem might need to expend a proportionate amount of resources -- human and otherwise-- to implement troubleshooting steps for this issue across the board. Some business see this issue as all the more reason why Macs are less ideal for the corporate ecosystem. But be that as it may, you can resolve the Mac os x 10.14 displaylink issue without making changes to the hardware or software of docking station or DisplayLink drivers.

Resolving The Mac OS X 10.14 Displaylink Issue

As noted earlier, users are given control over the behavior of their Macs towards kernel extensions. In the first place, at some point during the installation of DisplayLink, a warning message appears prompting about the automatic disabling of Kernel extensions.

resolving the mac os x 10.14 displaylink issue

But in many cases, this warning message does not appear. So users who’re not prompted to prevent the automatic disabling of system extensions will have to deal with the issue manually. If your Displaylink 4.1 not working on macOS 10.14 because you were not appropriately informed about the automatic limitation placed on system extensions by the OS, you can revert the settings in your Mac’s Security & Privacy menu. Open the Apple Menu, and then select the “Security and Privacy” option. On the next page, enter your admin login credentials.

10.14 displaylink no longer working

Around the lower section of the screen, you’ll find a note that states "System Software from developer "DisplayLink Corp" was blocked from loading", with an "Allow" button next to it. Here is where you can effect changes to your system’s limitations on system extensions.

displaylink ceases to work in 10.14

displaylink 4.1 not working on macos 10.14

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