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Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Coworkers in 2024

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2024-04-18 11:56:27 • Filed to: Wishes Templates • Proven solutions

Christmas is around the corner again. What will you gift your co-worker this year? Christmas gifts for friends and coworkers have existed, and it brings a sense of unity among co-workers. However, getting the best courteous gift is never easy. In a business or professional way, there are recommended inexpensive Christmas gifts for coworkers latest in 2019. Be guaranteed to really thrill your fellow coworker for a better and lengthy relationship.

Workplace holiday gifting may be a tradition that you can't avoid. However, how generic your gift might be, you have to present it. The deepest challenge is determining which inexpensive gifts you can offer for coworkers. More so, getting the cheap Christmas gifts for coworkers that propel the company ahead is a big plus. In our listing, we are recommending secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers.

1. PDFelement

Imagine empowering your coworkers with an alternative and with more features pdf editor, Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor permanent license. Considering it's a Christmas gift for coworkers in an enterprise set up, it's cheap. Alternatively, you can opt to gift your professional coworker with the permanent license for individual users.

christmas gifts for coworkers

It will help the business run seamlessly with its top-notch corporate PDF capabilities, tool in agreement to set PDF qualities, and a patch for enterprise management.


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Pricing: $69/Year for the standard version and $89/Year for Pro version. The good news is, you can get more discounts on Christmas and other holiday sales. Get the discount now >>Get the discount now >>

christmas pdf printable

2. Merry Christmas PDF Card

Gifting your coworker a gift card customized to their amusement is another incredible option. It's among the Christmas gifts for coworkers under 10$, yet means a lot to them. You can opt to create the card from scratch or edit templates by using PDFelement.

There are multiple templates available that you can edit and print for your coworkers. This secret Santa gift idea is best for close coworkers whom you very well know. Nevertheless, you or the receiver can opt to edit the PDF card in the future for future events.

christmas gift ideas for coworkers

Get this Christmas card >>

The cost of this is really cheap, given its self-made. You only need printing costs. Roughly should be less than $5 in total, depending on card size.

3. Permanent Erase Calendar

Erase calendar is a permanent and erasable Christmas gift idea for a coworker that you can gift them. It's a stylish card or board that can be erased and re-used on a monthly basis. It's an inexpensive Christmas gift for coworkers that can best well work for one or all coworkers. It costs not more than $20 depending on its size.

secret santa gift ideas for coworkers

4. Inspirational Quotes Inscribed Pencil Set

This is another really awesome and cheap Christmas gift for coworkers. Having intensive and brainstorming conferences require one to have a quote inscribed pencil or notebook for motivation. It doesn't matter if you type or jot down your notes. It's really tiresome, and therefore such an inexpensive gift for them will be so motivating. To make the gift more thoughtful, you can opt to add journals.

A pencil set costs less than $15.

inexpensive christmas gifts for coworkers

5. Stainless Coffee Travel Mug

There is that one friend coworker who is ever on a hot coffee at work. Gifting them with a steel coffee mug as a Christmas gift will be heaven on earth for them. On the bright side, it's one of the best cheap Christmas gifts for coworkers to motivate them.

A coffee mug costs around $20 on the high side.

christmas gifts for coworkers under $10

Tips for Selecting Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

Determining a Christmas gift for a coworker can be disturbing in case you don't have much knowledge about your coworker's interests. Here are a few Christmas gift ideas for coworkers.

1. Consider past experience with them

You must have engaged with coworkers before and know their likes and dislikes. Therefore, based on likes, you can opt to surprise them. They may be lovers of shows, and therefore gifting them with a movie ticket for a show will be awesome.

2. Consider your coworkers' needs

Based on the coworkers working environment, you can choose Christmas gifts for them. They may be nurses who need to keep time on their duties. Therefore, gifting them with a wristwatch would be incredible.

3. Gift Budget

Considering your budget expenditure on the gift, you can select the best inexpensive Christmas gifts for your coworkers. You don't have to fix a high budget of which you can't reach.

4. New Technology Updates

For tech gifts, you need to consider the hot tech stuff trending. Such ideas lead to choosing cheap yet classic Christmas gifts for your coworkers.

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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