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Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Him 2024

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Finding the perfect Christmas gifts for him is not easy. Trying to avoid the boring gifts like ties, take your good time to be creative to land to what your brother, grandpa, dad, boyfriend, or friend will be glad to unwrap on Christmas day. Those kinds of unique Christmas gifts for him might not be easy to unravel. In this article, we have taken the liberty and help you highlight the top 5 Christmas ideas for him. Have a look at them.

Top 5 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

The following are some of the Christmas gifts for him in 2021 that are worth considering. Each idea has the reason why you should choose it and the expenses associated with the idea.

1. PDFelement

This tech idea is priceless considering almost every document even official files are in PDF format. Especially, if your man is working as with junk of files and you have heard him wishing to have software to help him work with the files seamlessly. This Christmas gift for him - Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is used to create a PDF file, edit, convert, merge, annotate and redact sensitive information on PDF documents.

christmas gift ideas for him
  • Create PDF file from other file formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, Images, Text etc.
  • Edit PDF file with editing tools, including all the texts, images, graphics etc.
  • Annotate PDF file with note, strikethrough, free-hand drawing, and all kinds of markups and reviews.
  • Protect documents and information with passwords and redaction.
  • Sign PDF with digital signature and electronic signature.
  • It is reliable in creating and filling forms.
  • You can export collected data in a spreadsheet.
  • It allows team collaboration in working on the same project.

You can buy him PDFelement in either standard or pro version. The standard version and the pro version go at $69 and $89 respectively. Buying the software during the month of December will see you enjoy more discount on each version. Get the discount now >>Get the discount now >>

2. Christmas Card

Sending Christmas cards has been practiced for centuries now during Christmas day or time preceding Christmas. However, this can be unique Christmas gifts for him if you employ editing software like PDFelement.

christmas gifts for him

This utility will allow you to create a customized Christmas card. The front cover can include his photo, name, and/or special message of your own. Inside the card will include your own Christmas wishes. Furthermore, you can add photos inside the card and take advantage of the font styling for an extra surprise. Importantly, the appearance of the card will be dependent on your creativity. Taking a shot on this Christmas gifts 2021 for him is fun and friendly on your budget.

Price: free

3. Phone Sanitizer & Charger

Christmas presents for him need to a bolt out of the blue and noting most phones are dirtier than the toilet, Phone Sanitizer & Charger is the perfect idea gift for him. The device has inbuilt UV-C bulbs that completely sanitize the entire phone hence killing 99% of germs and bacteria. Moreover, this Christmas gift offers one USB port and one USB-C port for charging. This charging feature effectively charges almost all phones. This utility can further be used to sanitize smartwatches, pacifiers, keys, headphones, and so on.

christmas presents for hims

Phone sanitizer & charger can cost around $79.

4. Cologne

If your man is a classic guy, surprising him with cologne will be a plus Christmas gift for him. Search for a top-seller cologne such as Tobacco Vannile which smells so amazing that he'll want to drink it. That is impractical but we hope you get the point. Tobacco Vannile cologne is perfect for the fall-into-winter and generally any time of the year. It's made up of the taste strain of tonka bean, cocoa, dry fruit accords, vanilla, and sweet sap. This will be a great signature scent.

christmas gifts 2019 for him

It goes at around $227 but you can enjoy a discount of up to $25.

5. Cooling System

This Christmas idea for him is right especially if he enjoys consuming cold drinks including beer, soda, and fine. With this idea, the right cooling system is YETI Rambler Vacuum-Insulated Colster. Its functionality is simple, screw off the top and drop in your favourite canned drink in there and then screw the cap back on and enjoy. The drink will be kept cold way longer. The cooling system comes in colours including olive green, black, navy blue, red, and more.

 christmas gifts for him 2019

This cost around $52.

Tips for Selecting Christmas Gifts for Him

To avoid mistakes during buying Christmas gifts for him, you are supposed to follow some guidelines. As this aid you settle for the right thing, it will be saving you time as well. Here are some of the tips:

  • Pay good attention to the experience.
  • Note down all the things he is interested in.
  • Go back to the past; childhood memories or past life events
  • Question yourself what the person may need.
  • Involve some stalking; if all else fails the best thing is to stalk. Try looking for his wish list and he'll be pretty surprised and delighted if gift him without asking.
  • Be charitable.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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