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How to Clean Up PDF with a PDF Cleaner

PDF documents are utilized and recognized across professional spaces. Many people have adopted the use of PDF tools for sending their documents across borders. However, users have reported rough results under conditions where they scan documents for sending them as PDF documents. This article shall introduce you to the reasons why it is important to clean up PDFs.

The discussion would also revolve around PDF cleaner that would explain how this issue can be avoided in the first place.

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Part 1: Why Do You Need to Clean Up PDF?

Scanning documents into PDF is a proficient feature of PDF editing tools. However, while scanning PDFs, there are several sections or sectors across the document that may not come clean during the scans. Scanned documents are noisy, as most people say. Thus, the need to have a cleanup of such documents is a necessity. The user still needs to realize the ambits of cleaning PDFs, which are provided as follows.

Optimizing and cleaning PDF documents provides better readability and accessibility to the content. However, this is not the only benefit of utilizing this feature. As the user removes black borders, removes punch hole marks across documents, and deletes the speckles across the documents, they look cleaner and provide better compression results to its users. These documents can be converted and preserved for long-terms, as they can then provide a clear view for going through the content.

The users need to work on the stray marks present across scanned documents and exempt all staple marks and fax headers across their PDF. To remove 'Noise' across the document, it is necessary to add up a PDF cleaner for this purpose.

Part 2: How to Clean Up PDF on Windows and Mac

Method 1. Clean Up PDF File with PDFelement

PDFelement provides an exceptional experience in cleaning PDFs across Windows. Users who are in search of the appropriate tool for this purpose should look into this prolific tool with a wide section of features. It promises the provision of all tools across a simple interface, which can be observed in the steps of cleaning PDF as follows.

Step 1Upload PDF Document

To start, launch PDFelement on your device and tap on the “Open Files” option to import the respective PDF that has been scanned as a PDF document.

open pdf cleaner
Step 2Despeckle PDF to Clear Scanned PDF

Scanned PDFs often have random dots, punch hole marks, or speckles on the pages. You can despeckle PDF with the Pencil tool on PDFelement. Go to Comments and click Pencil. Use the white color pencil as the erase to clean up black dot, speckles, punch hole marks, etc. on PDF.

despeckle pdf
Step 3Clean PDF by Cropping

If the scanned PDF is skewed, go to "Organize" > "Crop". In the cropping dialog box, adjust the cropping area to deskew PDF.

deskew pdf
Step 4Edit and Clean Up PDF

With the aid of editing tools and OCR features provided across the tool, the user can make the best out of the cleaning process. Go through the "Edit" tab to locate different options, such as changing background options and replacing text and images with their versions. Users can utilize the OCR feature from the "Tool" menu to scan certain sections of the document which are to be replaced or cleaned up.

how to clean up pdf scans

Searching for a PDF cleaner? Watch the video given below, and you'll find the best PDF platform available.

Method 2. Clean Up Scanned PDF in Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat provides a simple and effective solution to clean up PDF across its platform. Being an old player in the market, Adobe realizes the importance of effective tools across the platform. To understand how you can clean up documents across Adobe, look into the steps featured below.

Step 1: Open Adobe Acrobat across your device. On opening, access the “My Computer” section and tap on “Browse” to import the PDF document that is to be cleaned up.

pdf cleaner

Step 2: On opening the document, navigate to the “Tools” menu and access the “Redact” tool in the list. This opens up the redaction settings for Adobe. Lead to select “Properties” for changing the color of the redaction.

clean pdf file

Step 3: In the next window, you can simply change the color of the redaction box by selecting "No Color" in the "Redacted Area Fill Color." Apply the redaction across the required space and accept the process over the inquiry. This redacts the document, providing a blank section across the redacted space.

clean up pdf

Part 3: How to Clean Up PDF Online Free with AvePDF - PDF Cleaner Online

Users can also move towards options that clean up PDF online. AvePDF is known as a good option for covering such products across the online platform. If you are looking to use this PDF cleaner online, follow the steps explained below.

Step 1: Access the official website of AvePDF across your browser. Open the “Clean Up PDF” tool from the available list. On the next screen, tap on “Choose File” to upload a PDF document that is to be cleaned up.

pdf cleaner online

Step 2: On importing the document, the tool provides users with four different options for cleaning up PDF. Users can select among the options of "Erase Black Borders," "Auto Deskew," "Punch Hole Removal," and "Despeckle" in the list.

clean up scanned pdf online free

Step 3: Once done with the process, click “Save” and proceed to download the edited document across your device.

clean up pdf online