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Steps to Compare Word Documents

2020-08-06 12:55:44 • Filed to: Word • Proven solutions

If you are using word documents, there could be a situation where you need to compare word documents. For instance, if a situation arises where a word document was edited without tracking the changes, you could decide to place to the documents side by side to compare and find out where the changes were made. In this case, you need to understand how to compare to documents in word. It is not a difficult task to do but you have to follow a step by step guide to get it right. Fortunately, this article shows you all the steps on how you can compare two documents in word.

Steps to Compare Word Documents

In order to compare word documents successfully, you need to follow the step by step guide below. Due to the slight difference in word versions, this article will look at the steps for 2010 version of word and also how to compare two word documents 2016.

For Word 2010

Step 1: Open word 2010 and click on Review found on the tool bar. Step 2: Then click on "Compare" found in the Compare group and select "Compare…" option. Note that the option you have selected is used to compare two versions of a document. Step 3: From the Compare Documents window, select the two documents you would like to compare. A pop up window will appear, select the original and the other version that you want to compare and click on OK. You can also set some parameters for the setting. In this case, click on "More" and see the comparison settings and then show changes after the comparison, click OK. Step 4: Get the difference of the documents. In the location where you want the changes to show, you will see the difference between the original document and the other version you are comparing. You can save it.

word compare documents

For Word 2016

Step 1: Open word documents you want to compare. Step 2: Then go to “View” and click View side by side icon. Step 3: Select the document to compare with the current one.

compare word documents

At this point, the two documents will be arranged horizontally by word and you can then compare them side by side. Note that you will be able to scroll the two documents at once with the help of synchronous scrolling which will turn on automatically. However, to turn it off or “View Side by side” settings, just click on their buttons.

Advantages of PDF Format

We have seen how to compare word documents but that is not all, we can also compare PDF documents and it is not as difficult as it seems once you have the right tool. In the first place, PDF format is very popular therefore the chances of having to compare different PDF documents remains high. But why is PDF most preferable these days? To answer this question, it is important to understand one or two things about PDF.

Firstly, PDF is the most secured file format. This is because it has a high level of data encryption support which is not actually present in most of the other file format. This means if necessary, it has the ability to customize the Users access level in such a way that makes the document secured from unwanted people. The level of security provided by PDF is high so you do not have to worry about the security of your document. In most cases, you can apply password protection and only give this password to authorized people who will be able to access the file.

All-in-One PDF Solution

PDF cannot be altered or edited by just anyone or anywhere except on a PDF editor. Fortunately, there are quite a number of PDF editors around. For instance, there is Adobe but how many people can afford it? Unfortunately Adobe is quite expensive and the next best editor is PDFelement. The good thing about PDFelement is that it has all the features of Adobe. This means whatever you can do in Adobe, you can also do in PDFelement but sweet part is that it is a fraction of the cost of Adobe making it the most cost effective PDF editor that gives the best value for your money.

Powerful Features of PDFelement include editing, converting, annotating, sign PDFs as well as ability to fill PDF forms among others. With PDFelement, the control of your PDF is right in your hands, check here for more how-to articles.

compare two documents in word

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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