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Best Tool to Sign A PDF on macOS 10.14

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2024-05-22 10:38:25 • Filed to: Solutions of macOS 10.14 • Proven solutions

In today’s world where people’s reliance on digital processes is ever-increasing, conventional methods of conducting business are now getting more automated. A host of tech companies are competing online and offline to tap into a growingly tech-savvy consumer base. As there’s been a demonstrated need for organizations to replace paper-based operations with more efficient models, electronic signatures which are built on digital signature technology are rising in popularity. There are a number of signature makers for macOS 10.14 online and in this write, we will look at the best tool to sign a PDF on macOS 10.14.

Best Signature Maker for macOS 10.14 Mojave

Owing to its robust capabilities for creating digital signature and electronic signature, Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is one of the most powerful PDF signature makers on the market. It is a superb file manager that allows you open, create, edit, save, and print PDF documents. This affordable and comprehensive solution also provides innovative OCR technology for converting scanned documents to multiple formats including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, text, HTML, and image files.

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PDFelement for Mac is a great annotator which lets you add and remove text, objects, and other graphical elements within a PDF using the highlight and strikethrough functions. You can also use it for extracting data from interactive forms in Portable Document Format and export in CSV (comma-separated values) file format. The software is ideal for converting single PDF documents or multiple ones simultaneously to or from several other formats.

how to make a digital signature on macos 10.14

Key features:

  • PDFelement is a very fast and efficient signature maker for Mac
  • Not only is it an affordable PDF File Manager but also a versatile one
  • It is used for opening, saving, printing and marking up PDF files
  • The app lets you add, move, remove, rotate, and re-size graphical element in a PDF file
  • It is a secure solution with solid password protection for your documents

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How to Create Digital Signature on macOS 10.14

A digital signature serves as a conventional handwritten signature employed in authenticating a user’s identity and the content of a document. It stores the signer’s data, in addition to the date, time, as well as state of the document, when the signature was added in it. Here, we’ll explain how to make a digital signature on macOS 10.14 using PDFelement for Mac.

These are the steps required to create a digital signature:

Step 1: Open File

The first step is launching PDFelement and clicking the "Open File" button in the Home window to open your PDF document with the aid of this software.

macos 10.14 electronic signature software

Step 2: Creating Digital Signature

To create a digital signature field by clicking the "Form">"Digital Signatures" button, then send the PDF file to others to add digital signatures.

signature maker for macos 10.14

If you also want to know how to add digital signature to your PDF files, here is detailed user guide about how to complete.

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How to Create Electronic Signature on macOS 10.14

PDFelement is a remarkable piece of macOS 10.14 electronic signature software that allows you sign your PDF document smoothly. You can do this in 3 quick steps:

Step 1: Open File

Launch the software and scroll to the Home window. Then, click "Open File" to load your PDF and create electronic signature to be added in it.

electronic signature software for pdf solutions in macos 10.14

Step 2: Create e-Signature

You can use a writing board for signing your name, after which you will get a picture as an output. Alternatively, sign your name on a piece of blank paper and scan the handwritten signature with a scanner or take a picture of the paper. Then, save this image either in JPG or PNG format.

Head to the "Comment" menu where you’ll see the "Create Stamp" option. Click on it so that you can get access to the "Create Stamp" drop-down list. Here, follow the instruction stated in a pop-up that will show up after you clicked "Create Stamp". Taking this action will enable you to search for the handwritten signature, earlier scanned, on your device.

Find this image for the e-signature and load the picture. You should then click "Next" and carry out the sorting of "Stamp" in a new category. Or you could add it to an existing section.

the best tool to sign a pdf on macos 10.14

These are the required steps for electronic signature software for PDF solutions in macOS 10.14. If you are using Windows 10/8.1/8/7, here is the article you can learn how to create electronic signature in Windows.

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Other Signature Tools for macOS 10.14

1. Adobe Sign

The app is employed for signature creation by companies and firms of all sizes (like Fortune 1000 companies, healthcare institutions and financial organizations) to expedite crucial business processes in Sales, HR, Legal as well as Operations. It is an easy-to-use app to get your e-documents as well as forms signed securely wherever you are and whenever you want. After adding your signature in the document, you can send it to friends, business partners or co-workers so they can include their e-signatures. It also allows you track responses in real time and receive electronic signatures quickly with in-person signing. Furthermore, this piece of software allows you work offline and perform syncing automatically when you get back online.

top electronic software for macos 10.14

Key Features:

  • Adobe Sign helps you sign documents on the move
  • It lets you open and read documents with Reading Mode before signing them digitally
  • With Adobe Sign, you can sign directly on your screen using a finger or stylus

Free Download Adobe Sign

2. PDF Expert

In 2015, PDF Expert was Runner-up in the App of the Year Award by Apple. It is a fast and beautiful app that allows you create electronic signatures for your documents. The software is also used for reading, annotating and editing PDF documents professionally. It is a quality PDF editor that allows you fix a typo, modify a logo in a document, edit links and outlines — all in a matter of few minutes. The program is handy for combining multiple documents into a single PDF or borrowing individual pages. It lets you convert PDF files to or from Word, HTML and other formats.

how to make a digital signature on macos 10.14

Key Features:

  • It is a fast signature creator
  • PDF Expert is robust and beautiful
  • It lets you edit PDF documents seamlessly

Free Download PDF Expert

3. PDFpen Pro

PDFpenPro lets you sign PDF contracts and send them back as an email with just a few clicks. It is a top PDF editor and annotator for making changes, fixing typos, and adding text, images, highlights as well as comments in PDFs. It is employed for filling out PDF forms and redacting sensitive information. The tool offers OCR technology for transforming a scan into editable text. PDFpenPro also helps you in exporting from PDF to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF Archive (or PDF/A) file formats. It allows you add as well as edit tables of contents; turn websites into documents in Portable Document Format, and create document permissions.

macos 10.14 electronic signature software

Key Features:

  • This app is a top signature maker
  • It aids paperless workflow as it helps in reducing the amount of paper in your office with its OCR tool, and other PDF file management offerings
  • PDFpenPro allows you search, edit as well as copy the resultant text

Free Download PDFpen Pro

4. Nuance PDF Converter

Nuance features a simple yet intuitive interface, allowing you sign PDF documents with convenience. The app is ideal for creating, viewing, editing, and merging PDFs with ease. With its OmniPage® technology, you can enjoy this app’s accurate OCR tool for turning PDF documents to or from multiple formats like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, JPG, etc.

signature maker for macos 10.14

Key Features:

  • PDF Converter for Mac is a great piece of PDF software for signing documents easily
  • It allows you create as well as convert any type of PDF file from PDF to Word, PDF to PowerPoint, PDF to JPG, paper to PDF (using OCR), and paper forms to fillable forms
  • It is a great PDF document editor

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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