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0 Pro Tips for Optimizing Office Home & Business on macOS 10.14

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2024-05-22 10:38:25 • Filed to: Solutions of macOS 10.14 • Proven solutions

Office home and business on macOS 10.14 offers users an incredible opportunity for boosting their productivity. First, you need to understand all the issues surrounding it, though. This way, you would be able to appreciate its usefulness in your life.

It’s great news that Microsoft is releasing this fresh update to make this tool more powerful for both commercial and domestic users. Life keeps changing at a supersonic speed. This fresh update seeks to help you to make the transitions in your personal and business life smoothly.

This article will look at ten of the best tips for Office home and business 2016 for Mac. These tips will prove quite helpful to Mac users who simply want to learn how to be more effective with their personal or commercial interests.

Tips of Office Home & Business for macOS 10.14

Below are the tips for Office home & business 2016 for Mac:

1) Release Date

Microsoft announced the latest update of Office home and business 2016 for Mac in September 2018. The announcement received a lot of traction from users around the world, especially those who have grown accustomed to using the various software for Mac that it offers. What the announcement signifies is that anyone can now order, install and begin using Microsoft office home and business 2016 for Mac personally or commercially.

2) Download

Currently, anyone who desires to download Microsoft Office home & business 2016 for Mac needs to have a legitimate and active account with Microsoft. Users with Microsoft Collaborative account are able to enjoy this service at their convenience. Moreover, having a Collaborative account qualifies you to take part in the preview. Nevertheless, go to Microsoft’s official website to learn more about downloading this update.

3) Update

For the next five years, Microsoft will be pushing and releasing new updates of this software. For this reason, it’s important that you keep checking for these updates. You can also sign up to receive notifications whenever the updates are available for installing. In addition to that, you can set your macOS 10.14 device to receive the notifications regarding the updates and install them with or without your approval.

4) Compatibility

It’s important to explore the issue of compatibility before determining whether Office home and business 2016 for Mac is worth the hassle. At the moment, compatibility isn’t a problem for users who installed or rely on either Mac OS High Sierra or Mac OS Mojave. Microsoft’s updates normally support the latest version of the Mac OS and the immediate former version. All Microsoft’s new products are only for the two latest versions at any given time.

5) All-in-One Office PDF Editor

For the last 2-3 years since its release, Office home & business 2016 for Mac has been one of the most important tools for people and businesses interested in improving their productivity. That said, many of the tools that such individuals and businesses need are not in Office 2019. One such tool is an all-in-one PDF Editor such as PDFelement for Mac whose all-inclusive solutions are ideal for file management.

6) 4K Video Export

This new feature will impress Mac users who prefer using their devices to make videos. More importantly, it also proves effective for anyone interested in sharing these videos with others. The capabilities presented to this category of users make this feature a highly welcome one rather than a luxury. With it, you can now proceed to exporting videos from Windows over to macOS 10.14 platform without a hitch.

7) Focus Mode

The new update comes with a feature known as Focus Mode. With this feature, you will never struggle to see any of your documents closely. It allows you to focus – with hawk-eye accuracy – on the documents that interest you. The feature ensures that you will not have to struggle looking at what matters to you with toolbars, menus and data fighting for your attention too. While looking at the documents, you can also modify them.

8) Support for SVG and 3D

Mac users who enjoy creating 3D and SVG models will find the ample support offered through Office home and business 2016 for Mac download a thing of beauty. With this support, the users can now look forward to a tool that enables them to create exceptional work with relative smoothness. Consequently, you can now undertake any project that entails these kinds of creations safe in the knowledge that you have all the support you need.

9) Professional Presentation Enhancement

Office home and business 2016 for Mac comes full of features designed to enable you to perform optimally. One such feature is the Professional Presentation Enhancements that you can use to change your processes. Moreover, the enhancements guarantee you a seamless workflow. With these new enhancements, your work will be professional thus making it easier to offer outstanding presentations when called upon to do so.

10) License

Users interested in the Office home and business 2016 for Mac should be aware of the fact that Microsoft has prioritized those who need commercial volume licenses. This group of users will get access to their licenses first before everybody else. Later, the company will then release updates and licenses for businesses and individuals who need it for their personal use. Therefore, keep this in mind.

Therefore, you have all the right to expect Office home and business 2016 for Mac to deliver outstanding results in your personal and professional work. With the new features, the updates address some of the concerns that were aired regarding previous versions. What is more, you can be grateful that Microsoft office home and business 2016 for Mac allows you to present yourself as a professional without worrying because of the quality it adds to your work.

Best Small Business Accounting Software for macOS 10.14

Mac computers have undergone a lot of transformation over the years. Consequently, they are now equipped to solve some of the most common business problems you are likely to face. An example of the business problems they can solve is accounting. In this regard, you need a tool or software that can help you. PDFelement for Mac is one of the best small business accounting software for Mac.

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Why Is It the Best?

One, it allows you to edit forms and invoices that you have prepared and saved as PDFs. Few software have the ability to perform such a task. Furthermore, it has made the accounting documentation a more flexible process. In fact, you can now collaborate with other members of your team using this simple yet highly powerful tool. This way, any of you can now redact, annotate, or comment on the PDF accounting documents.

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The list of key features that make it the best business accounting software for Mac include:

  • Automatic recognition of form fields
  • Ability to export data into a format that is ready for analysis
  • Accurate preservation of PDF files in line with industry standards
  • Creating forms that can be filled or edited easily from scratch
  • Password protection that secures highly confidential accounting documents
  • Redaction function for protecting sensitive data
  • Using OCR for creating quality digital documents from paper that you can then edit

Therefore, you have all the tips and more that you need to understand the world of Mac business solutions better. Now, you can invest in Mac for business with the confidence that you will be getting a product that offers value for money. These Office home and business 2016 for Mac bring you up to speed with the latest developments in this industry. Use this knowledge to increase your productivity.

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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