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Top 5 Online and Offline Methods to Reduce PDF File Size to 300KB

The process of PDF file size reduction is an intricate one involving a complete overhaul of the contents of the file. Text and images are modified, some elements are left out, and several other changes are made to optimize the content to reduce the file size to an acceptable level. Of course, there are both online and offline options for this, and each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, if you need to reduce PDF size to 300KB or whatever size you require, it’s a good idea to have a basic overview of the most popular tools for the task.

Part 1: How to Reduce PDF Size to 300KB Online

Method 1: Wondershare HiPDF

Offering versatile and wide-ranging online PDF services, HiPDF is the preferred option whether you want to compress just one file and reduce PDF file size below 300KB or you have a batch to process in one shot, HiPDF can handle the job ably and efficiently. In addition to PDF compression and optimization, the web-based platform boasts a wide array of useful PDF tools such as conversion to and from PDF, OCR, file management, and much more. This versatility and wide coverage are two of the reasons it is the top online service to reduce PDF size to 300KB one at a time, in a batch, or even on a desktop (which we’ll cover in a bit)!

How to Reduce PDF Size below 300KB with HiPDF PDF Optimizer

Step 1 Head to the HiPDF Optimize PDF (Compress PDF) URL and upload your file by dropping it there or using the Choose File option

hipdf reduce pdf size to 300kb

Step 2 When you see that the file has been uploaded, you can choose the compression quality to find the right level to reduce the PDF file size down to 300KB - hit Compress and the job’s done in an instant!

compress pdf file to 300kb

Step 3 You can either directly download the file or share it or even perform more actions such as file conversion PDF signing, and more.

hipdf pdf size reducer below 300kb

With such a simple process to follow, you may wonder about the quality of the document after compression. Don’t worry, HiPDF has you covered! Even at the highest compression level, the document quality is still adequately sufficient for online viewing on a computer monitor or mobile device. Besides, this is only a copy of the original file so your source data will remain intact. Moreover, you have affordable access to an entire arsenal of PDF tools.

Method 2: Adobe Acrobat Online

Adobe offers several PDF services online, and the Compress PDF we page is one of them. The service is, of course, highly reliable, fast, and efficient, but if you want to compress more than one PDF a login and subscription may be required. Nevertheless, as a leader in the world of PDF, Adobe’s products always get their fair share of PDF users.

Step 1 To begin, drop the PDF into the Acrobat Compress PDF page or click Select a File to upload your document

acrobat reduce pdf size to 300kb

Step 2 Next, choose the ideal compression level you need and click Compress

acrobat select compression degree

Step 3 On the final page, click Download to save the file; you can also Sign In if you need to keep the file in the cloud or share it with others online

acrobat reduce pdf size to 300kb

It’s a solid tool, no doubt, but it does leave something to be desired in the form of additional actions once the compression part is over.


Well-known brand name

Powerful compression engine

Fast conversion


Users need an account to perform other actions after compressing

Upgrades are expensive

Method 3: Smallpdf

This is another powerful online PDF service that does a good job compression files to under 300KB. The compression tool is part of a larger suite of tools for file conversion and other PDF essentials, but the free version limits users to basic compression, which is probably the only drawback here. For files that are under 500KB already, it’s a suitable service.

Step 1 Drop the PDF document into the Smallpdf Compress PDF interface in your browser tab or use the Choose Files button

smallpdf reduce pdf size to 300kb

Step 2 As a free user, you’ll only have Basic compression as an option - click that and then Choose Option

smallpdf compress pdf to 300kb

Step 3 The final page will show you a preview on the left; on the right are options to Download, Share, and perform other actions on the processed PDF - choose the appropriate one

smallpdf download 300kb pdf

Although it’s called Smallpdf, the brand is no small-time entity, with millions of PDF users actively using its online and desktop products.


Slick and professional website

Fluid functionality


Expensive compared to other compression tools

Limited features for free users

Part 2: How to Reduce PDF Size to 300KB Offline

Method 4: Wondershare PDFelement

This is the desktop solution we hinted at in the HiPDF section, which is also from Wondershare. As a desktop PDF editor, Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is famous for being the most affordable alternative to Adobe Acrobat, and that’s saying a lot.

This much-awarded PDF management tool is a comprehensive document handling utility with editing, conversion, security, optimization, organization, form management, optical character recognition features full to the brim! It matches the feature-rich PDF environment of Acrobat Pro DC to a great degree but at a fraction of the price point, making it a very attractive consideration for PDF power users looking for value and ease-of-use over complexity. The compression process is elegantly designed with minimal user input required, an attribute common to all PDFelement features.

Step 1 On the PDFelement welcome page, click the “Compress PDF” button and import a file.

Note If your document is already open, just go to the “Tools” tab and select the “Compress PDF” tool in the toolbar below it.

pdfelement reduce pdf size to 300kb

Step 2 Choose one of the compression levels in the pop-up window and preview the final file size, then click the "Apply" button.

pdfelement reduce pdf size to 300kb

Step 3 When prompted to save the file resized to 300 kb or other sizes, choose a target destination and hit the "Save" button.

Wondershare PDFelement Pro DC

Simplify your Workflow with the PDFelement Cloud.

pdfelement pro dc

Since PDFelement offers several other tools, you can now open the compressed PDF and perform other actions such as editing, signing, securing, splitting, merging, annotating, and much more. For any task you need to perform on a PDF file or any other document format, PDFelement is your go-to application.

If you notice the quality of compression, you’ll see that the images are still clear on a desktop or mobile, and you’ve done it all on one of the most versatile and surprisingly affordable desktop PDF editors on the market. After compressing, you can also save the documents to PDFelement Cloud, which is the cloud service of PDFelement, so that you can access your documents on any devices anywhere.

recommend document cloud

Wondershare PDFelement Cloud

Premium 100GB Cloud Storage

High-quality Electronic Signature

Collaborative Online Annotation

Easy and Fast File Sharing

Method 5: Foxit PDF

Foxit PDF has undergone several significant UI and UX changes since the introduction of version 10, so it’s like a pre-10/post-10 thing with the processes. But make no mistake this is a powerful PDF compressor and editor for occasional PDF users or light usage.

foxit reduce pdf size to 300kb

Step 1 Open the file in Foxit with the File → Print action

Step 2 Click PDF Optimizer in the dropdown before ‘File’

Step 3 The Reduce File Size option is for default settings so you can either use that or go with Advanced Optimization and then change the compression parameters inside to a higher or lower level

Step 4 Finally, choose the Current File option and proceed with the compression

Foxit’s compression quality is fairly good but it’s the advanced settings that will appeal to more professional users.


Relatively solid compression quality

Access to other PDF tools

Simpler interface after version 10 came out


No extensive help resources

Compression level may not be satisfactory with the default settings

To Summarize

If you’re after a stable PDF platform that can help you work seamlessly on multiple devices, then Wondershare’s ecosystem is a compelling option. Not only do you get HiPDF for web use on any connected device but also dedicated apps for Windows, macOS, and iOS, not to mention Wondershare Cloud, a purpose-built PDF storage service with an integrated electronic signature feature that can ‘hook up’ with your desktop and mobile versions of PDFelement. Add to that a generous serving of basic and advanced PDF and document management features and what you have is a realistic one-stop-shop for everything PDF. In other words, PDF Made Simple.