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Problem Solved: 7 Math Software for Teacher

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Math is a polarizing subject. Many students love it, but many students hate it. The latter group does not like it because it is quite difficult to understand. Thus, teachers have to find ways to facilitate learning math for them. Luckily, educators can now harness the power of technology. You can use the best math software for teachers. Below is a list of the top 7 tools you can check.

Top 7 Math Software for Teachers

Here are the 7 best math software you can utilize for more effective teaching.

1. Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement is a super versatile PDF tool. Its wide array of features allows it to fill many roles; it can be your go-to math tool! Powered by AI, Wondershare PDFelement can lighten your workload. You can use its features to generate math quizzes and create quiz papers.

Key Features:

● AI sidebar feature that lets you generate a math quiz.

● Interactive form tools that let you design test papers.

● Print or Share tools for distributing the quizzes.

● Annotation tools for marking the test papers and providing feedback.

Pros Cons

● It utilizes advanced AI technology to create math quizzes.

● PDFelement's interactive form tools facilitate creating test papers.

● Wondershare PDFelement offers other fantastic features that teachers like you will find very useful.

● You need a Pro subscription to access the AI sidebar after the 14-day free trial is over.

How To Use Wondershare PDFelement To Generate Math Quizzes

  1. Launch Wondershare PDFelement. Click the + at the top left of the main screen.
  2. Select Blank PDF.
  3. Click the AI Sidebar button at the right. If you can see the AI Sidebar already, skip this step.
  4. Type "Generate a quiz about *insert topic here*" on the AI Sidebar.
asking pdfelement to create math quiz

  1. Wait for Lumi (PDFelement AI chat robot) to finish generating questions. Once done, Copy the generated questions.
copying the generated math quiz
  1. Go to PDFelement's Edit tab.
  2. Click Add Text, then click anywhere on the PDF. Paste the questions to the created textbox. Edit as needed.
pasted the quiz into the pdf

  1. Save or print the math quiz PDF.

PDFelement Features for Other Teacher's Needs

Here are other features Wondershare PDFelement offers that can empower teachers.

  • Templates - Wondershare PDFelement offers templates for lesson plans, school timetables, educational posters, and more.
  • Convert - Convert learning materials to PDFs.
  • E-sign - Digitally sign contract invoices, teachers' attendance register, and more.
  • AI Tools - More AI tools for explaining, summarizing, and proofreading text. You can also check for AI-written content.
  • AI Read Mode - Turn your PDF to slideshows without converting to PPT.
  • Merge - Combine pages from different PDFs and resources to create new learning materials.

2. Geometry Pad

creating shapes on geometry pad

Geometry Pad is a must-try for geometry teachers. It is a mobile tool that lets you create fundamental geometric shapes. It also offers tools for geometric calculations, measuring angles, and more. Shape properties and shape metrics are automatically calculated, so you don't have to do that manually. You can also make adjustments. And there are text annotations, allowing students to understand what's being shown on the screen easily.

If you have any geometry-related tasks, chances are this tool can help you.

Key Features:

● Create fundamental geometric shapes.

● Compass tool to plot arcs with an easily adjustable center and radius.

● Protractor tool to measure and build angles.

● Pencil tool to draw freehand annotations.

● Insert images

● Shape properties such as color, width, background, etc.

Pros Cons

● It is a feature-rich geometry tool.

● The tool is free.

● Geometry Pad is not available on Windows.

3. CK 12

the available math levels on ck 12

If you want an accessible math software tool for teachers, try CK 12. This free tool is available on any platform, making it so easy to connect. But what does this tool provide? It offers lessons for different branches of Mathematics. From 1st Grade Math to Pre-Calculus, you can find learning materials here. There is also the Adaptive Practice feature that lets students take quizzes to get an assessment.

Key Features:

● Lessons for different branches and levels of math.

● Adaptive Practice for assessing how much students have learned.

● Free AI tutor for students.

● Concept Maps.

● Support for 7 languages.

Pros Cons

● CK 12 is a forever-free tool.

● The lessons are in English, but you can translate them into 6 other languages.

● It offers an ebook for every math level/branch.

● CK 12 also offers resources for teaching Science.

● CK 12 requires you and your students to register to get full access to its features.

4. GeoGebra

graphic calculator on geogebra

GeoGebra is a math tool that offers resources for geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphs, statistics and analysis, and calculus. It offers different types of calculators. The list includes a 3D Calculator, CAS Calculator, Graphing Calculator, and Scientific Calculator. Besides that, GeoGebra offers quizzes your students can answer.

Key Features:

● Interactive math books and activities.

● Different types of calculators.

● Integration with Google Classroom.

● A Noted feature that you can use as a whiteboard.

Pros Cons

● The integration with Google Classrooms makes it a great online class tool.

● The lessons are written by experts and include interactive elements that make learning fun.

● GeoGebra is free.

● You need to register an account for full access.

5. Rocket Math

worksheets on rocket math

Rocket Math is an app designed to make studying fun. That helps students retain more information. It provides you with two options: the Worksheet Program and the Online Tutor (Online Game).

The former provides you with worksheets you can print and hand out to your students. On the other hand, the Online Tutor is a computer game about mathematics. It immediately provides corrections to the student's answers. Furthermore, it grades their fluency. With this, students can learn math even without your supervision.

Key Features:

● Online games for learning math.

● A Worksheet Program that provides you with printable resources.

● It gives students immediate feedback.

Pros Cons

● Rocket Math makes learning fun, which helps students learn more.

● It allows students to learn without your supervision.

● You will find lots of printable resources for 1-minute quizzes.

● It is only for basic math. You can't find resources for branches like Trigonometry, Differential Calculus, etc.

6. PhotoMath

photomath explaining a solution

PhotoMath is a math scanner. It lets you use your phone's camera to scan a math problem. The app will then analyze and solve the problem, then give you a step-by-step explanation on how to solve it. You can use this before your class to find a way to explain the solution in a way that is easy to follow. It can also help you solve problems that are beyond your capabilities.

PhotoMath also offers printables you can use for your classes.

Key Features:

● An intelligent scanner that provides step-by-step solutions for a problem.

● Printables that you can use for your classes.

● Animated Tutorials that make solutions even easier to understand.

● Math Dictionary.

Pros Cons

● PhotoMath provides explanations on how to solve a problem or an equation.

● It can solve a wide array of mathematical problems, ranging from arithmetic to Calculus.

● It provides printable resources.

● Not all features are available on PhotoMath's free version.

7. Desmos

graphic calculator on desmos

Desmos is an invaluable tool for teaching topics revolving around graphs. It offers a graphic calculator that's easy to use, even for visually impaired individuals. Desmos has a Reverse Contrast mode and even a Braille Mode!

Furthermore, Desmos offers hundreds of activities you can use as learning materials. And that does not end there. Students can create new ideas and share them with the class or with you.

Key Features:

● Graphic Calculator with Braille Mode.

● Hundreds of math activities.

● Idea sharing.

Pros Cons

● Desmos' Graphing Calculator is accessible even to visually impaired individuals.

● It offers lots of valuable resources.

● It encourages team building and cooperation.

● Not everything is available on the free version.


There are many math software for teachers that make teaching and understanding math easier. Among the best ones is Wondershare PDFelement. This well-known PDF solution integrates with Chat GPT. Thus, it can generate math quizzes for you or provide relevant information about math. Additionally, Wondershare PDFelement allows you to create test papers using interactive forms. Wondershare PDFelement also offers other tools like templates, which you will find useful.

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