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Top 10 Tips about Preview for macOS 10.14

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2024-05-22 10:38:25 • Filed to: Solutions of macOS 10.14 • Proven solutions

You probably make use of a number of apps such as Mail, Safari, and Finder on your Mac every day, while you seldom launch others except whenever a file opens in these stock Mac apps. And immediately you are done with this file, the software goes into hiding again. macOS 10.14 Preview is among the latter class of default programs that are rarely used. What most Mac owners mayn’t know is that Preview is a quite a versatile piece of software, which is under-utilized. In this write-up, we’ll show you how to use Preview on macOS 10.14 to the fullest.

Tips on Using macOS Mojave Preview

Tip #1: What Is Preview on macOS 10.14?

Preview is a macOS default app for performing a range of file management operations on documents and image files such as JPG and PNG, etc. It basically provides a quick and smooth means for viewing different documents and photos. Apart from this, macOS 10.14 Preview also offers many impressive editing and markup features which you mayn’t even be aware of.

macos 10.14 preview

Tip #2: Viewing Documents and Photos in Preview on Mac

To view documents and photos using Preview macOS 10.14, simply double-click on or open your desired file. This tip works smoothly if Preview is set as the default app for viewing documents and image files on the Mac. But, if, for one reason or another, another program has taken over responsibility for launching a specific type of file; you can re-set Preview as the default app by effecting the change right in the Finder.

To do this, right or control-click on the file you are trying to open and scroll to "Open With", then, click on Preview

preview macos 10.14

Tip #3: Sharing Files

It’s quite straightforward to share files in Preview. With your file open and selected in the software, click on the "Share" option and choose how you desire to share your document or photo.

preview app for macos 10.14

Tip #4: Cropping Documents and Images in Preview on Mac

Preview is ideal for editing photos and PDF files. To do this, you should load the file to be cropped in the app and click on the "Show Markup Toolbar" function. It is the option that has the little toolbox icon. You should now click, hold, as well as drag on your file, to make a selection.

Then, click, hold, as well as drag on any of the blue dots, so you can resize the selection as appropriate. Utilize the Command-K keyboard shortcut for cropping your image.

what is preview on macos 10.14

Tip #5: Converting Files Quickly

Apart from employing Preview for sharing files as explained above, you can also use it for converting a file into various formats. It allows you perform operations like opening an Illustrator file in the app and then exporting it in PNG format, without employing the Illustrator software.

Preview is perfect for carrying out file conversion to and from Portable Document Format (PDF). To do this, you need to load the file to you want to turn to another format and select the "Export from File" menu. You should now select the format you desire and click the "Save" button.

how to use preview on macos 10.14

Tip #6: Opening Multiple Files in a Single Preview Window

Preview is great at handling multiple files at a go. While you can choose to load one file after the other and create a separate Preview window for every one of the files, it is a lot easier to work with multiple files in one single window.

how to open preview on macos 10.14

Here is how to do this: Simply choose multiple files in Finder with the aid of the shift and cmd keys or the mouse, and launch them. By loading every one of these files at once, they’ll show in a single window in Preview app, with a file overview that you will see in the sidebar of the program.

Tip #7: Signing PDF Files

macOS 10.14 Preview offers a built-in feature for signing PDFs quickly and professionally. To use this option for adding signature in your document, you should first open the app. Then, head to Preview in the menu bar and select “Preferences” and click the Signatures tab. Hit the “Create Signature” button.

Here, your iSight camera should already be turned on. Get a piece of paper (white) and sign on it, the same way you’d on any other item. The next thing is, holding this signature up to your camera so that it can align with the blue line displayed in the image window. If it’s properly aligned, it will appear in the “Signature Preview” window. Once you’re okay with the way it looks, press “Accept”.

To sign a PDF document with the document open in Preview, hit on “Tools” > “Annotate” > “Signature” in the menu bar. Select the signature you just made and click and drag so you can expand it to the appropriate size. You should now click “File” > “Save” so you can save your PDF with your signature added to it.

preview app for macos 10.14 download

Tip#8: Annotation Functions

macOS 10.14 Preview provides a range of annotation tools for highlighting or striking through individual sentences, for drawing arrows, shapes, and text boxes on any type of document. Click the annotation icon that is next to the search field to access all the annotation tools, or press “Tools”>”Annotate”.

macos 10.14 preview update

Tip #9: How to Download Preview App for macOS 10.14

To get the latest version of Preview app for macOS 10.14 download, you need to upgrade your device to macOS 10.14, announced by Apple weeks ago. At the moment, only the Developer version of the update is available online. The final release of the upgrade is billed to take place later this year. If you’re eager to know how macOS 10.14 Mojave looks like, you can get the Developer version or the Public Beta version of the software. However, it is better to wait for the full package to be released around September for macOS 10.14 Preview update instead of installing any of the 2 versions mentioned above to prevent any issues with your Mac.

Tip #10: How to Open and Use

How to open Preview on macOS 10.14? Preview app comes pre-loaded with Macs and MacBooks. Follow the above-mentioned tips to open the program for loading your documents and images, and sharing or singing in the documents.

Best Free Preview Alternative for macOS 10.14

PDFelement for Mac , the best free preview alternative on this OS version, provides an array of powerful PDF file management solutions for effortlessly carrying out a number of key operations on your Mac device. This app helps you change text, fill out PDF forms, and add a stamp to PDF documents. PDFelement is also an impressive program for splitting and merging pages of your PDFs and sharing files instantly. Indeed, PDFelement for Mac is the best free preview alternative for macOS 10.14 Mojave.

Key features of the best PDF editor for macOS 10.14:

  • PDFelement for Mac offers all the features and capabilities you need to work with PDF files in a professional manner
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  • PDFelement comes with striking features for annotation and conversion of PDFs
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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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