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How to Convert JPG to PDF for Free

If you are looking to convert JPGs into PDF file format, there are default applications on your Windows or Mac computers. However, if you wish to do more, such as combine several images, and be able to edit the PDFs, then software such as PDF Element comes in handy.

Part 1. Free Online Convert JPG to PDF

HiPDF is an easy and convenient PDF converter tool with several powerful features as well. It not only acts as a PDF converter but also helps to encrypt, sign PDFs as well as edit the same. Hence, it is both an editing as well as a converting tool. Those who wish to have document editing tools handy will want to keep this tool as well.

It can be used online on different platforms. This free online JPG to PDF converter can ensure the security of documents with 256-bit encryption technology. It also offers batch functionality to convert JPG to PDF. Online OCR feature is included. All tools are present on the main interface.

How to Convert JPG to PDF Free Online

Step 1 Simply log into the HiPDF website. Use the Upload button to find the JPG files you wish to convert.

Step 2 Once the files are uploaded, press the Convert function. Once the conversion is complete, The PDF file is now ready for download.


Hence, HiPDF is a handy tool for the online conversion of JPG to PDF files. Besides the ease of online conversion, Wondershare offers the security of customer data. This online JPG to PDF tool is free of cost. It is as simple as a drag and drops feature. At the same time, the conversion process is a fast one.

Part 2. Convert JPG to PDF Offline for Free

1. Convert JPG to PDF free in Windows

Even with your standard Windows or Mac computer, it is possible to convert a JPG document into a PDF. However, options are limited to simply changing the file format. Unlike PDF converters, Windows or Mac users cannot make changes or add signatures to JPGs when they convert them to PDF.

If you are using Windows 10, steps to convert JPG to PDF are as follows:

Step 1 Open an image that you wish to save as a PDF file. Open the image in Photos; this is a photo viewing default application in Windows 10.

Step 2 In the Photos app, choose to save the image as a PDF file under Save As an option.

Step 3 You can also use the Printer option which allows documents to be saved in PDF format. To do so with an image, simply select an image in the Photos app. Here you can choose the Printer option in the menu bar. You can then select to print as a PDF. It helps to save the image in converted form.

JPG to PDF for Free Windows

2. Convert JPG to PDF free on Mac

If you wish to convert a JPG file to Mac, it is easy to do so. Of course, it simply allows you to save a JPG file in PDF as with other formats as well. It does not let you edit or make changes to a PDF file.

Step 1 Choose the image that you wish to convert to PDF; double click on it.

Step 2 The image will open in Preview; this is the photo viewing default application for Mac computers.

Step 3 You can also open the Preview app, select a JPG image that you wish to convert; simply click on the filename.

Step 4 Click on the 'File in Preview' menu and select to export the file as PDF.

This function also allows you to convert pictures or JPG files into PNG, TIFF, HEIC, or OpenEXR.

JPG to PDF for Free Mac

3. Convert JPG to PDF free on iPhone

If you have images on your iPhone that you need to use on documents, it might be necessary to convert the same to PDF. Usually, images on iPhones are saved in different file formats. These can range between PNG, JPEG, HEIC, and others.

If you wish to save images from your iPhone as PDF, you can do so in the following ways:

One way to do so is to open Photos; here you can tap on Albums and then select one or more images to convert. Tap on Share and choose the Print function among the different options available.

Another way to do so is to pinch outwards a photo in the preview window; here you get the option to save a photo as a PDF. Files also allow you to create PDFs quickly. You can select images under Photos and tap on Share. This allows you to save photos under Files. Here you can save them as PDFs.

Part 3. Program to convert JPG to PDF

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a versatile software that can help convert JPGs to PDFs and more. It can help make different changes to the converted PDF files as well. It has a free, limited version as well as a premium version. There are versions available for Windows as well as for Mac users.

It offers easy solutions when you wish to convert and edit PDF documents. It can help create PDFs from JPGs and other file formats. You can add digital signatures to PDFs as well. You can download versions for iOS and Android mobile devices as well. And editing features are the highlights of this software. Besides converting JPGs to PDFs, you can make changes to different elements of a file. There is batch convert functionality as well and it is possible to convert many JPGs to PDFs, all at once.

If you are new to Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor and wish to know how to use it to convert JPG to PDF it is done easily with the following steps:

Step 1 Start by installing the software on your computer. You could opt for the free trial version or subscribe to get the paid version.

Step 2Once the executable file is on your computer, click on the same; it will install the application. Open the software and click on the 'Create PDF' option.

JPG to PDF Free

Step 3Select the JPG file you wish to convert. Click on 'Open'. Once the JPG file is opened, find options on the software. For instance, it allows you to edit and make necessary changes in different elements on the PDF. You can use the Edit tab for the same.

Step 4Once changes are made, you can choose to save file as PDF; you can also choose which folder you wish to save to.

There are other ways you can easily save JPGs in PDF format with PDFelement. Or, for instance: Choose a JPG file or open it on your computer using the default photo viewer application. Choose the Print option; here you will get PDFelement as a choice. Under it, you can save the JPG as a PDF.

JPG to PDF Free

With PDFelement from Wondershare, there is much that you can do. If you wish to combine several images to form a digital album, it is easily done using the combined PDF function. This enables you to combine several converted JPGs into one. All you need to do is choose this function on the software's main interface. Then go to Home, find the JPGs you wish to combine. Once they are selected, press Apply. This will combine all JPGs into a single PDF.

Use the link below to know more about PDFelement.

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