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QuickBooks Software

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2024-05-10 10:38:07 • Filed to: Quickbooks Tips and Tricks • Proven solutions

Quickbooks software, so called QBS software, is an example of an online accounting software that was made by intuit inc. Software like Quickbooks provides solutions to all businesses on issues of payment, inventory, sales, marketing tools, training, products supply and others.

Quickbook software is a modern day tool created to suit several types of businesses by having different tools to suit different industrial needs for example.

The Features of QuickBooks Software

  • QuickBooks software has ability to manage on-site accounting and web based accounts with the help of its interactive ability to integrate with other devices it is connected to.
  • Free QuickBooks software comes with remote access; online banking, Microsoft outlook and outlook express to enhance email capabilities.
  • QuickBooks software also utilises Google map to assist in ordering and updates on ongoing works.
  • Free QuickBooks software also offer a point of sale service to its users, in such a way that it provides all the services a POS service offers, in addition to its original accounting capabilities. Sometimes, the user is encouraged to employ some add on services, such as the intuit Inc. lacerate and provide tax presentation, which can be gotten through the solutions marketplace, that is a platform made to encourage software developers to make apps that will enhance the experience of working with QuickBooks software free download.

Freshbooks - A Better Alternative to QuickBooks Software

FreshBooks are a better alternative to QuickBooks software. It was developed and marketed by 2ndsite inc. as an accounting software package for small business, that offers a great platform for online and offline business interactions, either between two businesses or more, or just to offer solutions to the immediate problems faced by a business owner concerning records keeping, ordering, payments, employee management and training, and so on.

Try Freshbooks for Free >>>
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Its key features are similar to that of QuickBooks software free, and it includes:

  • The use of PayPal for payments.
  • Online invoicing.
  • Several ways of expense tracking.
  • Time tracking.
  • Accounting report tracking feature.

Why Choose Freshbooks Software above QuickBooks Software

One can say that the Freshbooks software is better for use than the other software, because of its cost implications (in other words, it is cheaper), better user interface, good ratings on the internet and its general flexibility. Also, another advantage is because it was built to accommodate small businesses in particular, therefore having more tools for smaller businesses to work, and not concentrating on the flashy tools that are mostly needed by bigger companies and businesses. Lastly, from the layout of both apps, one can see that the Freshbooks software is more interactive and understandable than the cheap QuickBooks software, making it easier to use and understand.

The Freshbooks software was developed to offer special services to mainly small businesses as it pays attention to the issues of affordable prices for the Software and even free trials for first time customers. Also, FreshBooks offers a very friendly and responsive mobile design, so that it's users can access all of its services via mobile devices that run on either android or iOS, this means also that it's users can manage all their dealings on their phones, without necessarily using a computer. All this has made it very much more user friendly than other accounting apps in the market such as the qQuickBooks like software free.It cost about 15 dollars, for the app after its free trial period.

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