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How to Merge Vendors in QuickBooks

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2024-02-22 15:36:30 • Filed to: Quickbooks Tips and Tricks • Proven solutions

This article can easily answer your question, “Can I merge vendors in QuickBooks?” It contains a step by step path that you can follow to merge vendors in this financial accounting Software. The information in this article is helpful because the successful completion of the merging process will ease your time as you consolidate all transactions.

Merging of Vendors in QuickBooks.

In QuickBooks, merging vendors is very possible. This process enables you to consolidate all transactions without having to enter them over and over again, one after the other and thus update information as required. The merging process deletes one vendor and reassigns all the relevant data to the other vendor. After all this is done, you must note that nothing can be reversed. Therefore, the deletion of one vendor and transfer of it data to another is permanent.

Before you merge vendors in QuickBooks, you must know a few things:

  • You should backup your company file
  • Change this file’s name to ‘Single User mode’
  • There should be no pending accountant changes
  • You should not use an Accountant’s Copy File (.QBA)
  • Multi- Currency should be off
  • The vendors you wish to merge should not be; tax exempt or authorities, direct deposit vendors or paid through online banking.

The following is the step by step path to how to Merge Vendors in QuickBooks depending on your QuickBooks desktop

QuickBooks Desktop 2019

  • Access Merge Vendors window
    • In QuickBooks Desktop Accountant Edition; go to ‘Accountant’ menu, choose ‘Client Date Review’, go to ‘Merge Vendors’
    • In QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise; go to ‘Company’ menu, choose ‘Accounting tools’, go to ‘Merge Vendors’
  • Choose the vendors to be merged in Merge Vendors Window, click ‘Next’
  • Choose a Master Vendor , click ‘Merge’
  • On the Confirmation prompt ‘Yes’, on the Merge Complete window select ‘OK’
  • QuickBooks Desktop 2018 and below

    • Choose ‘Vendors’ menu, select ‘Vendor Center’
    • Right-click on vendor’s name to keep, select ‘Edit Vendor’
    • Copy vendor’s name
    • ‘Cancel’ to return to Vendor Center
    • Right-click on vendor’s name to merge, select ‘Edit Vendor’
    • Replace vendor name with one copied, select ‘OK’
    • Select ‘Yes’ when a prompt appears to proceed to merge

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