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QuickBooks Small Business

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2024-05-30 11:23:23 • Filed to: Quickbooks Tips and Tricks • Proven solutions

If you were to google “QuickBooks for small businesses” online, you would get to understand the major role the Program has played in the transformation of small businesses. The “QuickBooks small business” sector has been a real game changer – offering business owners the chance to manage their businesses while on the move. This is achieved through accessing your Small business QuickBooks account, where you check on the status of the financial reports (Cash flow and the expenses) which can be organized to meet the requirements of project management through a mobile phone, tablet or personal computer.


  • Exemplary Bookkeeping- Best QuickBooks for small business features are many, but the stand out is the ability to perform bookkeeping tasks through automation.
  • Manage and pay bills- Automatic clearing of bills which is done on time.
  • Scan receipts- A QuickBooks online small business owner can use their mobile phone camera as a receipt scanner.

Freshbooks-A Better Alternative to QuickBooks.

FreshBooks has great time tracking payment features compared to QuickBooks, that are easy to use and can be beneficial to small business. This transforms charging fees in to a detailed process that can be verified in case a dispute arises on payment of bills. Freshbooks also offers IOS and android apps that can be used to document the working time, according to the contractual agreement. The other thing that makes Freshbooks a great choice is the ability to change your work timesheet to an invoice and email it to your clients.

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Key Features of FreshBooks

  • File sharing- If Freshbooks is the app you choose to invoice your client, there is the possibility of using Dropbox to share files with your clients.
  • Contact management- It is easy to engage with the management and customer support.
  • Client relationship feed- A historical timeline of interaction with the clients is available on the app, which is imperative in the growth of the business.

Why Choose Freshbooks

Freshbooks come in clutch for business owners, not just in their quest of making money and growing their business, but also the vital aspect of being ready when tax collection comes calling. A business owner is at an advantageous state when they partner with Freshbooks, since they gain the ability to increase their tax saving by merging receipts and expenses from their computers, so when it is time for taxation, they are ready to file their returns. This helps business stay out of trouble with the authorities by adhering to the rules fronted by the government, while also ensuring the growth of the business is maintained.

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