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Do You Run a HVAC Company? Discover All About the HVAC Invoice Here

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2024-05-10 10:38:02 • Filed to: Invoice Template • Proven solutions

A HVAC invoice is a record of the materials, products and hours involved when HVAC field technicians deliver services to a client. This business document is issued to the client after the task is complete. It is a versatile business document and can be implemented in all types of HVAC services. By capturing these details, the HVAC invoice makes it possible to calculate tax rates automatically.

Free HVAC Invoice Template

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blank HVAC invoice

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HVAC invoice template

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what is a HVAC invoice

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What is a HVAC Invoice

This is a record of the tasks performed, hours utilized, services rendered or goods supplied by HVAC field technicians. It is a record of activity that is used to indicate the completion of a job and also request payment from a client. The HVAC service invoice makes it easy for you to calculate taxes. It also provides a section where the business owner can make recommendations on the use of HVAC units by the client. Hence, it is a multi-purpose business document.

What to Include in a HVAC Invoice

• The Title “HVAC Invoice”

This document needs to be identified as a HVAC Invoice so as to make it official and eliminate the chances of confusion.

• The Invoice Number

Every invoice needs to have a special identifying number. It is often made up of digits but can contain letters as well.

• The Date of Issuance

This is the official date when the invoice was created and sent to the customer.

• The Vendor

This is the company that provided the services or sold the goods described in the transaction. Details such as the company name, address, phone number and registration number are included. If the company deals with products or services that attract some Value Added Tax, then the VAT number is also included.

• The Consignee

This is the recipient of the goods or services that are described in the invoice. Their name, address, phone number and location are indicated.

• The Full Description of Goods or Services Provided

This is a description of the products or services which are involved in the transaction. The number, dimensions, quantity and quality are indicated exhaustively. In addition to that, the individual components of these items and any units of measurement are indicated as well.

• The Photo Section

This is a part of the HVAC invoice which contains pictures depicting conditions before and after the services were rendered or equipment was installed.

• The Currency

This is the type of legal tender that is most appropriate for the transaction at hand. The currency is often indicated in international transactions or invoices concerning business between individuals from different nations.

• The Grand Total

This is the cost of the goods or services which are involved in the transaction. It combines the net cost plus taxes.

• The Due Date

This is the date by which the amount indicated in the invoice should be paid.

• Transaction Terms

These are the conditions of payment for the goods or services provided. This part also lays out the liability clause.

• Signatures

A HVAC invoice must have a signature section. The field technician who delivers the invoice signs upon this part. Also, the customer who receives the invoice also signs it as a sign that they have agreed to the terms and promise to make payment.

How to Create a HVAC Invoice Easier with FreshBooks

What is FreshBooks

FreshBooks is a specially-designed accounting software which you can use to run your business securely and with good results. In a special control panel, this software contains a collection of tools and features which come in handy for creating a HVAC invoice. You can use them to automate business processes. Hence, you can transfer your effort and focus to other business activities such as expansion and advertising.

Try Freshbooks for Free >>>

fedex HVAC invoice

The FreshBooks software has a user-friendly interface. Seeing as it is intuitive, you can easily use its tools and develop professional HVAC invoices. Some of the business processes which you can automate using FreshBooks include the creation of invoices, organizing expenses, task scheduling, client interaction and accounting reporting. This software is based on Cloud infrastructure. As such, you can access its features and content using your smartphone, tablet or laptop at anytime from anywhere.

How to Create a HVAC Invoice with FreshBooks

The process of creating a HVAC invoice using the FreshBooks software is quite easy. There is a pair of alternatives that you can utilize to access HVAC invoices templates. These are:

1. Using the FreshBooks Dashboard

When creating a HVAC invoice directly from the Dashboard, you can simply click on a button that is labeled “Create New”. After that, select the “Invoice” option and the software will provide a free printable HVAC invoice template in which you can enter the details of the HVAC invoice.

ups HVAC invoice

2. Using the Invoices Section

It is possible to create an invoice by navigating directly to the Invoices section. Here, you can click on an option labeled “New Invoice”. It is situated at the top right corner of the panel. After you click upon it, the software will take you to a screen which contains a HVAC service invoice template free which you can customize. These details are entered in specific parts which are organized into three categories. They are:

dhl HVAC invoice
    • Accept Credit Cards:

This category contains settings that you can use to determine if your invoice will recognize and accept payments made through credit cards.

    • Customize Invoice Style:

This category contains options that you can use to set an overall theme on your document. You can choose heading colors, title colors and the font type as well. Through this section of the template, you can even determine if your invoice will be a recurring document.

    • Invoice Transaction Details Sections:

This is the main category in the template. It allows you to enter details about the current transaction. Examples of these details are the Vendor Company’s name, the Consignee, the Invoice Number, Date of Issuance and Grand Total.

Having filled in the essential sections of the HVAC invoice template, you can proceed to Save the document. This gives you an opportunity to store it in PDF format for later editing. If you are already satisfied with the settings and adjustments that you have made, you can simply Send the invoice.

The FreshBooks software makes it quite easy for you to create HVAC invoices for your business. This software is versatile, capable and user-friendly. It is an ideal resource for modern enterprises.

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