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Make Easter Invitations Easily with These Templates

Easter is a day when many events happen. Perhaps, you are organizing one yourself. You need to spread the word to get people to attend the event. And one of the best ways to make that happen is by sending invitations. But what if you are not artistic? How can you design an appealing invitation? You can use Easter invitation templates.

The best thing is that these templates are often available in graphic design platforms and other editors. It streamlines the workflow. Below, you will find Easter templates for different purposes.

easter invitation templates

What is Easter

Easter is a Christian holiday commemorating Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead. It is considered the most important event in the Christian calendar and is celebrated worldwide. Also, it has been associated with the coming of spring and new beginnings.

People like organizing events to celebrate Easter. And invitations play a huge part in making these events successful.

Printable & Editable Easter Invitation Templates

Here, we present to you the best Easter invitation templates you can edit and use.

Easter Eggs and Easter Lily Invitation Template

easter eggs and easter lily template

There are many symbols related to Easter. The Easter bunny, Easter eggs, and Easter Lily are among them. This invitation template puts them front and center. There are three eggs and one Easter flower in the middle. It will remind anyone of Easter, even if you did not write "Happy Easter" at the top of the page.

The template has an olive green background color, making it easy on the eyes. Besides that, it ensures the text you put in the invitation will be easily readable.

Easter is a Symbol of Hope Invitation Template

easter is symbol of hope template

This template has the same design concept as the first Easter invitation template but is more playful. There are Easter eggs, but instead of Easter lilies, the illustration has bunny ears. The eggs have more playful patterns, too, such as stars and zigzag lines. Also, there are party flags at the top.

Instead of olive green, this template features a robin egg blue background. While not the same colors, they are both easy on the eyes.

With all these said, this Easter invitation is perfect for children's parties or Easter egg hunts.

Life Never Ends Free Easter Invitation Template

life never ends template

This Easter invitation features many of the symbols used for Easter. There are Easter eggs, spring flowers, and bunny ears. You can't mistake it for an invitation to any other event.

This template is beautiful. It features a nice baby blue that gradually becomes an even lighter shade of blue the more you go up. The white circles in the middle draw your attention to it.

It also has a memorable message: "Life Never Ends And Love Never Dies." The recipient of this invitation will surely love that.

The Great Gift Easter Invitation Template

the great gift template

Suppose the event includes exchanging gifts with the other attendees. This is the perfect Easter invitation for that. Prominently written are the words of Brasil C. Hume - The great gift of Easter is hope."

You'll also like the overall look of this template. It has a chunky Easter bunny at the center, holding a carrot. Next to the rabbit are Easter eggs. There are also spring flowers in the illustration.

Easter Egg Nest Invitation Template

easter egg nest template

This Easter invitation is very similar to the Symbol of Hope template. It has a blue gradient background, but it is darker. Furthermore, this template has Easter eggs with playful patterns. There are also bunny ears and a spring flower. This template has butterflies and a single carrot - not found in the other template. These butterflies give this template a whimsical vibe.

Again, this free Easter template is perfect for children's parties, especially female children's parties.

Easter Day is Great Day Invitation Template

easter day is great day template

If you have organized an event for your business, this template is a must-check. It says, "Today could be a great day!" Isn't that the perfect Easter quote to make people want to attend? Much like the other templates, this one features bunny ears, Easter eggs, flowers, and a prominent color that's easy on the eyes.

Easter Party Invitation Template

easter party invitation template

Suppose you organized a great Easter party. There are games. Anyone can enter for free. There's a special guest. Everyone who attends is sure to have the time of their lives. This Easter invitation template is your best choice.

This template features bold designs and bright colors. With these, the invitation naturally attracts attention. And the more interesting the invitation, the more interesting the event would seem. Consequently, many people would come.

Easter Sale Invitation Template

easter sale invitation

Easter, like other big annual events, gives businesses an opportunity to increase sales. Holiday discounts incentivize people to buy your products. And people can't resist discounts. It's a good marketing strategy. And speaking of marketing, you also need to get the word that you're offering sales on Easter out. You can do so by handing out flyers and invitations.

This is a great option for you. It is a template with a very clean design. It makes the 50% (or whatever percentage is the discount) text pop. You can even put it on your website and make the "Shop Now" an interactable button.

Free Easter Party Invitation Template

easter party invitation 2 template

Now here's an invitation for Easter parties. But this time, it's a party for adults. There are drinks, entrance fees, a dance floor, and special guests.

As usual, this template has Easter eggs, bunny ears, and flowers. In contrast to the other party invitations, this one features a minimalist design. It reinforces the idea that it's not an invitation to a children's party.

Easter Discount Invitation Template

easter discount invitation template

As mentioned above, Easter is a good time to offer discounts. If you did not like the other discount invitation, you could use this instead. This one is perfect for restaurants, candy stores, and other businesses or sellers of food. The opened Easter egg and chocolate bunnies and flowers in the invitation make you feel hungry.

PDFelement: A Great Tool for Creating Easter Invitations

Where can you find these templates? The PDF solution PDFelement offers them. The beauty in it is PDFelement allows you to easily edit these templates. You can add or edit text and pictures.

PDFelement also has a great Print feature. You don't have to save the document and open it on another to print it. That saves you time and effort.

Besides that, PDFelement has a share feature. You can generate a shareable link to the invitation or send it via email or mobile. Indeed, PDFelement makes things much more manageable.

What To Put On Your Easter Invitation

So you have these amazing Easter invitation templates. But that's only half of what you need. You need to add text to the invitation. It could be daunting if this is your first time writing an invitation.

Allow us to help you. Here's a guide on how to write a good Easter invitation.

  • Start with a warm greeting - Begin your invitation with a warm and welcoming greeting. You can start with "Dear friends and family" or "Join us for a joyful Easter celebration."
  • Include the date, time, and location - Make sure to clearly mention the date, time, and location of the Easter celebration. This will help your guests plan accordingly.
  • Highlight the activities - Easter is a time for fun and festive activities. Mention the activities that you have planned for the celebration. Is there an Easter egg hunt, brunch or dinner, or any other activities?
  • Add a personal touch - You can add a personal touch to your Easter invitation by including a special message or a quote that reflects the spirit of the holiday.
  • Tell the recipient you are expecting a reply - Ask your guests to RSVP so that you can plan accordingly. Provide them with a phone number or an email address to respond to.


It may not seem like it, but making Easter invitations is a lot of work. You need to design the invitations. Meaning you also need to find and download the clip art to use if not draw them yourself. Then, you need to write the details.

Using Easter invitation templates cut the workload by more than half. You can edit them on programs like PDFelement. This product even offers you templates. With the template library and editing, printing, and sharing capabilities in one place, Wondershare PDFelement makes things simple.

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