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Templates for Quickly Making an Easter Flyer for Your Business or Event

Are you offering holiday discounts on Easter? How do you plan to make people aware of that? Having signs in your store is a great way to do it. But people who haven't been there would not know about the sale. Using billboards and commercials can help solve this problem, but it's not a solution that's available to everyone. That said, the best way to inform people is by using Easter flyers.

Here's the thing. Aesthetics is a significant factor when talking about flyers. If the flier couldn't attract people's attention, no one would read its content. To avoid this, you can use editable templates. Below is a collection of the best ones.

easter flyer template

Events & Opportunities

Holidays give business owners lots of marketing opportunities. They are days of the year when many people go out. As such, there's a higher chance people are going to stumble into your store than usual. To make them more likely to buy your products, you can offer discounts. It's a proven method.

You should hand out flyers to maximize the opportunities brought by holidays like Easter. These are "traveling advertisements." They can reach far. And below are fantastic designs you can edit to make your Easter flyers.

Best Easter Flyer Templates

Easter Lily Flyer

easter lily flyer template

This flyer has a minimalistic design. It has an olive green background, some Easter Eggs, and a flower. That said, the text you'll put in the invitation will be easily readable.

For what can you use this Easter flyer template? Easter is about new beginnings. So you can replace the text and use it for your newly opened store. If you are running a flower shop, this flyer template is also perfect for you.

Easter = New Life Flyer

 easter means new life flyer template

Perhaps your business revolves around change. For instance, you are selling nutritious food. You have the motto, "Start eating healthy and become a better version of yourself," or something along those lines. You can use this template for your flyer. The text perfectly aligns with your goal. You can also edit it as you wish.

Related businesses like gyms and others that revolve around change can also use this template.

What Easter Taught Us Poster

what easter taught us poster

Suppose the event is a seminar or you are running a workshop. Maybe you own a bookstore. Whichever is the case, this is the perfect Easter flyer for you.

This template has text saying what the first Easter taught us. That makes it a great template for any business related to education and learning. As such, we made the recommendations above.

The flyer design is also great. It features Easter eggs, bunny ears, and flowers. Indeed, it screams "Easter."

The Great Gift Easter Party Poster

easter great gift flyer template

Do you own a gift shop? Or do you sell items people can put in their Easter baskets? You can use this template to create your Easter flyer.

"The great gift of Easter is hope." - Brasil C. Hume. This quote is written in this flyer. Additionally, the art features things people can put in their Easter baskets. There are Easter eggs and a bunny - which could be a stuffed toy.

Easter Egg Basket Flyer

easter egg basket flyer template

Admittedly, this Easter flyer template does not have an Easter basket in it. Instead, there is an Easter egg nest. Nevertheless, they look similar. Also, whether it is a nest or a basket, it still works for the purpose we have in mind. You can use this template if you are selling food and ingredients, especially eggs, fruits, vegetables, and even game meat.

Regarding the design of the flyer, there is nothing to worry about. Its layout and colors are all eye-catching. It's guaranteed to catch people's attention.

Great Day Easter Flyer Template for Free

easter discount flyer template

"Today could be a great day!" These words are written in this flyer. Hence, it is a fantastic flyer for businesses that offer fun activities that are open on Easter. Theme parks and resorts are some examples. Don't forget to include what's in store for the people who will come during Easter. That will surely draw the public's attention.

This template even has placeholder text you can edit to put your website URL. You can use this template to drive traffic to the website. Then, use the website to provide people with more information regarding your Easter promo or event.

Easter Invitation Flyer for an Event

easter event flyer template

Are you running an events center or a bar, or are you simply hosting an Easter party? No matter the case, this is a great Easter flyer design for you.

This Easter flyer is eye candy. It has so many colors and fun patterns. As expected, there are Easter eggs, bunny ears, carrots, and flowers. You can edit the "Free Entry" and "Fun games" parts to personalize. Likewise, you can edit the "Special Guest" and social media sections. This template has the perfect ingredients for making an amazing Easter flyer.

Easter Sale Flyer

easter sale flyer template

This Easter flyer template features a minimalistic design. It uses subtle colors, and not too much is going on. Thus, the viewer's eyes are naturally directed to what the flyer is for - the holiday discount. It is a great flyer design for informing people there's a sale in your store on Easter.

What's great about this flyer is you can use it on your website. You can turn the "Shop Now" ?oval into a button that will take website visitors to your online shop.

Easter Poster Template

easter party flyer template

Suppose you own a bar or a nightclub. On Easter, there will be a special guest at your place. And there will be a huge party, where everyone will surely have loads of fun. If that's the case, you can use this Easter flyer template.

This flyer template has placeholders for the date, special guests, opening hours, freebies, and entrance fees. Using the right programs, you can easily edit and personalize this.

Easter Sales Poster

aster discount flyer template

If you are selling chocolates, desserts, or food in general, you can use this template to create your flyer. The design reminds people of two things: Easter and sweets. There are chocolate bunnies, flowers, and an opened Easter egg with candies inside.

You can use this template to inform your customers that you are offering discounts on Easter.

Easter Conference Flyer Template

easter conference flyer template

Easter is a religious occasion. Thus, churches will surely hold events. This template is one you can use if you're responsible for making Easter flyers for your church.

However, please note that you may need skills in graphic design. This template has photos of two people you may want to replace with the photo of your conference host.

Easter Brunch Flyer

easter lunch flyer template

Have you prepared an Easter lunch party for your customers? If so, here's a simple template you can use for your flyer. You don't have to change much except the phone number and your business email address.

Easter Fest Flyer

easter festival flyer template

Maybe you organized an Easter Festival for your community or patrons. Then, this is the perfect template. There are spots where you can put who the special guests are, the date of the festival, and what people can expect from the event. And with its beautiful design, there's no doubt it can put your event on people's radars.

Design Easter Flyers Easily with PDFelement

You need a good editor to ensure your flyer will look good. We recommend PDFelement. The first 10 templates mentioned above are all available in this program. You can use its edit feature to easily modify and personalize the templates.

Furthermore, PDFelement has print and share features. Whether you plan to share the flyers traditionally or electronically, PDFelement has you covered.

Here are some tips on how to make a good Easter flyer.

Stick with the Easter Theme

This is a no-brainer. The event is for Easter, so the flyer should stick with that theme. Adding Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, and spring flowers to the illustration is recommended.

Use Bright and Cheerful Colors

Easter is about hope and new beginnings. These are very positive things. That said, we recommend using bright and cheerful colors. It does not necessarily mean you should only use warm colors like orange, yellow, and red. Electric blue or other light shades of it and greens are also welcome.

Include Relevant Information

How much discount are you offering? Are items 25% or 50% off? Don't forget to include this in your flyer.

If the event is a festival, party, or conference, include the date, time, and venue. Furthermore, include the thing that will make people want to come. For example, your special guests or the freebies you will be giving out.

Use High-Quality Images and Clear Fonts

To ensure the flyer looks good, you should use high-quality images. Additionally, you need to choose your fonts carefully. Fonts with curls and frills are a great choice. However, please note that these fonts are notorious for being hard to read. So choose ones that don't have way too many curls.

Add a Call To Action

Of course, you should tell the readers of the flyer to come to your store or the venue. That's why you created the flyer in the first place.


Events and promotions are common during Easter. We recommend offering holiday discounts or hosting Easter parties to get ahead of your competition. To ensure the success of these events, you need to spread the word. One of the best ways to do it is by giving out flyers. You can use PDFelement to make these. This powerful PDF editor offers ready-made Easter flyer templates. On top of that, there are printing and sharing options that make things convenient.

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