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Spring into the Season with Free Easter Printables

Easter is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with some festive Easter printables? Whether you're looking to send cards to loved ones or add a personal touch to your Easter decorations, there are plenty of options.

This article will explore the world of Easter printables, highlighting the best free resources available to help you create the perfect Easter-themed cards and templates. We've covered you, from colorful designs and fun illustrations to religious themes and classic motifs. So grab your printer, and let's dive into the world of Easter printables!

easter printable

Easter Printable Templates

Easter is a time of joy and celebration, and what better way to share the spirit of the season than with some fun and festive Easter printables? From cards and invitations to decorations and crafts, there are plenty of ways to incorporate Easter-themed designs into your celebrations. Here are some of the best Easter printable templates to get you started:

1. Easter Craft Printables

easter printable template 1

Easter craft printables are a great way to keep kids entertained and engaged during the Easter season. These printables usually include paper crafts, coloring pages, and other fun activities. Children can create Easter decorations and gifts for their friends and family with Easter craft printables. They can also learn about Easter stories and traditions while enjoying these activities.

2. Rabbit Template Printable

easter printable template 2

Rabbit templates are popular Easter printables that come in different shapes and sizes. These templates can be used for Easter crafts such as paper mache, cards, and decorations. You can create an Easter bunny mask, ears, or even a cute bunny plush toy with a rabbit template. These templates are also great for kids' activities and educational projects, teaching children about the different parts of a rabbit and its characteristics.

3. Easter Hat Template

easter printable template 3

Easter hat templates are fun and easy to use, allowing you to create your own Easter bonnet or hat. These templates can be printed and cut out, then decorated with various materials such as feathers, ribbons, and flowers. They can be used for school activities, Easter parades, or a fun Easter craft project. With an Easter hat template, you can get creative and design your unique Easter hat to stand out from the crowd.

4. Rabbit Ears Template

easter printable template 4

Rabbit ear templates are another popular Easter printable that can be used for various craft projects. These templates can be used to create Easter bunny ears for kids' costumes or a fun Easter photo booth. With a rabbit ear template, you can get creative and add your unique twist to the design, such as bows or other embellishments.

5. Palm Sunday Craft Template

easter printable template 5

Palm Sunday craft templates are perfect for teaching kids about the Easter story and its significance. These templates usually include a palm leaf or branch template that can be used for various crafts, such as coloring, paper crafts, and decorations. With a Palm Sunday craft template, children can learn about the biblical story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey and the significance of palm branches in the Easter story.

6. Easter Trivia Printable

easter printable template 6

Easter trivia printables are a fun way to test your knowledge about the Easter season. These printables usually include various Easter-related questions, such as the origins of Easter eggs and the meaning behind the Easter bunny. They can be used for classroom activities or family games, providing a fun and educational way to learn about the Easter season.

7. Pysanky Templates

easter printable template 7

Pysanky templates are traditional Ukrainian Easter egg templates used for decorating Easter eggs. These templates usually include intricate and beautiful designs transferred onto the eggshell using beeswax and dyes. With pysanky templates, you can create unique and beautiful Easter eggs that impress your friends and family.

8. Holy Week Story Wheel Printable

easter printable template 8

Holy Week story wheel printables are perfect for teaching children about the events leading up to Easter. These printables usually include a printable wheel that can be cut out and assembled, with each section representing a different event in the Easter story. With a Holy Week story wheel printable, children can learn about the Last Supper, Jesus' arrest and trial, and his resurrection.

9. Easter Box Template

easter printable template 9

Easter box templates are great for creating Easter gift boxes or party favors. These templates can be printed and cut out, then decorated with various Easter-themed designs and colors. With an Easter box template, you can create unique and personalized Easter gift boxes perfect for giving to friends and family.

10. Easter Dot Marker Printables

easter printable template 10

Easter Dot Marker printables are perfect for kids who love to use dot markers. These printables feature various Easter-themed designs, such as Easter eggs, bunnies, chicks, and flowers. Kids can use their dot markers to fill in the designs with vibrant colors, creating beautiful and colorful Easter decorations.

Easter printable templates are a great way to add fun and festive touches to your celebrations. Whether you're looking to create Easter cards, decorations, or crafts, there are plenty of options. So why not get creative this Easter season and try some amazing templates?

PDFelement's Happy Easter Printable Templates

PDFelement offers a wide variety of Happy Easter printable templates, including Easter cards, gift tags, and other decorative templates. These templates are professionally designed and available in high-quality formats, making them a great choice for those looking to add a touch of creativity to their Easter celebrations.

One of the main benefits of using PDFelement's Happy Easter printable templates is their ease of use. Users can download and print these templates with just a few clicks, which are compatible with various devices and printers. Additionally, these templates are fully customizable, allowing users to add their personal touch to their Easter cards and decorations.

free easter printable templates

Another benefit of PDFelement's Happy Easter printable templates is their high quality. These templates feature beautiful designs and vibrant colors, ensuring that the final product is both visually appealing and of professional quality. Whether you're creating Easter cards for your loved ones or designing your own Easter decorations, PDFelement's Happy Easter printable templates are an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a touch of creativity and quality to their Easter celebrations.

How to Customize PDFelement's Free Easter Printables

PDFelement's free Easter printables are fully customizable, allowing users to add a personal touch to their Easter cards and decorations. Here's how you can customize these templates:

Step 1 Open PDFelement and go to "Create PDF" > "PDF Template" to access the Template Mall.

easter bunny letter template

Step 2 Browse and choose your Easter card template from the Template Mall.

easter bunny letter template download

Step 3 Download your chosen template, which will appear in PDFelement's editing window.

free download easter bunny letter template

Step 4 Customize the template by adding your recipient's name, date, and message in the fields provided. You can also adjust the font, color, and formatting.

fill easter bunny letter template

Step 5 Save the edited PDF file and print it out to create your personalized Easter card.

edit easter bunny letter

PDFelement as a Great Tool for Printing Easter Templates

PDFelement is not only a great tool for creating and customizing Easter templates, but it's also a powerful tool for printing them. With its wide range of features, PDFelement can help you to easily print and manage all your Easter templates.

Combine PDF

One such feature is the ability to combine PDFs. If you have multiple activity sheets that you want to print, you can use PDFelement's combine PDF feature to merge them into a single PDF. This makes printing all the sheets at once easier and ensures they are organized correctly.

Crop Page Feature

Another useful feature of PDFelement is the crop page function. Sometimes, activity sheets have extra margins that can cause problems when printing. The crop page feature can remove these margins, making the activity sheet fit perfectly on the printed page. This ensures that your Easter templates are printed correctly and look professional.

Convert PDF

PDFelement's convert feature is also a great tool for printing Easter templates. You can convert activity sheets to PDF from other formats, such as Word or Excel. This is especially useful if you need to make some edits before printing, as PDFelement allows you to edit the converted PDF directly. You can also use the convert feature to convert PDFs to other formats, such as images.

Print PDF

Finally, PDFelement's print PDF feature is essential for printing Easter templates. It allows you to select specific pages to print, which is helpful if you only need to print certain activity sheets. Additionally, you can choose to print double-sided or in black and white to save on ink and paper.


Easter printables and templates are great resources for anyone looking to add creativity and personal touch to their Easter celebrations. With so many free options, including those offered by PDFelement, there's no excuse not to get into the season's spirit. The possibilities for customization are endless, from coloring sheets to gift tags and party decorations to greeting cards. So, let your imagination run wild, and have fun adding festive flair to your Easter with these free and customizable printables.

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