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10 Useful Tips to Get Your Life Organized

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“Organize Your Life Around Your Dreams and Watch Them Come True”

- Purba Chakraborty

Imagine that one day your dreams have become a reality.

You might wonder, is this possible?

I think that it is possible, but there’s only one way to achieve it. And that is to become organized.

Stop here for a while, and think about all the successful people around you. What do they all have in common?

You will find that all of them have an organized lifestyle.

But how did they achieve this, were they naturally born with an orderly personality?

No one is born with this personality type; everyone has to cultivate good habits that make them a planned individual.

In this article, we will give you tips that will get you organized and decluttered so that your dreams can become true.

Six ways to organize your life

organiaze your life

Organizing our lives leads to a feeling of happiness and relaxation. On the other hand, disorganization can create chaos in our lives, which may lead to depression and stress.

If we do not organize, our lives we may face issues like:

  • Less sleep.

  • Undecidedness.

  • Anxiety, depression, stress.

  • Bad relationships and commitments.

  • Lack of choices in life.

Let’s explore some ways on how to do it.

1.      Develop An Organized Lifestyle

Do you live your life in a way that makes it harder to live every day? It can be due to binge-watching Netflix shows for several hours, not working at regular hours, and having no track of work.

Worry not. Let’s explore some ways to improve your lifestyle. Here are some things you can do:

  • Sleep at regular time at night

  • Sleep for at least 8 hours a day

  • Read a book for an hour in the morning

  • Give time to friends and family

  • Set boundaries between your work and personal life

Here are some lifestyle habits to avoid:

  • Using mobile phone or TV for several hours

  • Isolating yourself from others

By following these habits, you’ll feel more productive, and your chances to succeed in life will increase.

 2.      Plan Ahead

plan ahead

Do you think planning makes things more structured?

If yes, then why not use an app to make plans. These plans will make your routine structured, therefore helping to organize your life.

Apps like Todo list or calendar on your phone can help you to manage your routine.

They can assist you in charting your plans over the day, week, or months!

For example, if you go into the template mall section in PDFelement. You can select a daily planner of your liking and click it. Now you can note down all of the tasks that you need to do and keep track of yourself.

pdfelement template mall planner

These apps offer many advantages; they help you:

  • Plan and schedule your day (e.g., cleaning, grocery shopping, etc.)

  • Check how long each task will take.

Wondershare PDFelement Pro DC

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Another advantage of these apps is that if you skip any work, you can always go back to see its details to do it or reschedule it. For example, if you missed an assignment. You can go back, find the details and perform that task.

Laura Vanderkam’s book title is: “You have more time than you think . 168 hours.”

Do you understand the title?

It explains…

How much time you have if you manage things!

So, why are you wasting your time?

Make a To-do-list and manage your week’s assignment.

3.    Don’t go against Nature

 “Constructing your thoughts and giving them a routine is an aspirational living.”

 If we develop habits that are against nature, we may fall sick and lose energy in every task we do.

You need to:

  • Wake up early in the morning.

  • Go for healthy food.

  • Exercise daily

Good habits are like your best friend, always there to cheer you up.

Quit bad habits! Because they rob your time, happiness, and health.

Note down the habits which inspire you and set your routine according to it.

Well, it’s a challenging task!

But do not forget my friend, ‘‘Nothing is impossible”.  

4.    Stability over perfection

 ‘All’ or ‘Nothing’ approach to life is not good; it sabotages our daily routine.

This happens by making unrealistic plans, which can never succeed in the first place. And when they fail, rather than making a new plan. We stop working on the task altogether.

Let me tell you how to make workable plans to avoid this problem.

Examples of Unrealistic plan
Realistic versions of the plans
I’ll exercise daily. I’ll exercise 4 times a week.
I’ll save 70% of my salary. I’ll save 20% of my salary.
Never eat out. Proper diet! I’ll dine out once a week.
Never watch Netflix! I’ll watch 2 hours on Netflix.
I’ll go out with my family every day. I’ll go out with my family on weekends/once a week.

Work on those ideas which make you comfortable with your hectic routine.

Never underestimate yourself!

A little effort can make you a winner.

5.      Find a balance in your life!

To be called a work perfectionist by other people, we usually ignore our happiness and health. It happens because we need to work 24/7 in which we don't give ourselves any time.

By not giving proper time, we may fall sick. This may lead to many health problems like blood pressure, heart diseases, obesity, high cholesterol, and mental disorders.

Unbalancing is not the right approach; there should be balance related to every aspect of living.

find a balance in your life

To achieve that balance, you need to follow a good routine. This includes managing yourself, not time. Like:

  • Take out time for physical activity.

  • Get yourself enough sleep and avoid night parties.

  • Plan out with family and friends on weekends.

  • Watch movies with your favorite popcorn to refresh yourself.

  • Give yourself a break once in a year and go for trips.

Another essential method to find balance is looking at things that make us happy and incorporating those things as part of our lives.

This recharges our ‘life’s battery,’ helps us achieve happiness, and can work out well.

6.      Prioritize appropriately

Do you free your time for everything?

To make yourself available for everyone is not your priority!!

 “Learn to say no.”

Make yourself a list of what to prioritize and what to deprioritize.

  • Welcome things that make you happy. Leave those which make you unhappy.

  • Choose those activities which leave a high impact on your life. Leave those who have low impact.

Go after your essential tasks and prioritize your schedule accordingly.

Make efficient decisions where to spend your energy and time and live a tension-free life.

4 Ways to Declutter your Life

One of the most crucial self-care is “Decluttering.”  It helps you to take care of yourself and your home.

Decluttering helps you to reduce stress. It helps you in your relationships, improves your lifestyle, better focus, and high self-esteem.

If we do not declutter, we become messy, uncomfortable, exhausted, sick. We find ways to escape because we do not get to our comfort zone, becoming mentally ill.

Methods on how to declutter individual aspects of our life:


Home is where you feel complete.

Keeping your house neat, doing dishes, cleaning, and maintaining is an unpaid job!

But do you know what you get in the end?


A word that gives you relief; makes you super fresh and active.


You spend most of your active hours in the office, and you are left with zero energy by the end of the day.

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Another thing that you can do with document cloud is that if you are using Wondershare Pdf Editor, you can directly save your files into the cloud. Click on the “Share” button and select wondershare cloud to save your file online.

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It’s especially useful when you are doing group work. 

Organizing your work tasks can be relaxing at times.


We know,

You do not get enough time to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

But having one is a blessing!

You become better at your job and more motivated to gear up for challenges.

By not giving extra time but a little effort, you can be fit and healthy.


“Money is there for financial freedom and peace of mind.”

By organizing your budget, you can get a safe future.

All you need is to manage your money with a creative budget.

Short Summary:

Make your bed, do laundry, clean dishes on time. Clean up your desk. Do not make a mess. You can exercise in groups so that you can have a good time. Include every single penny you spend in your budget.
Keep weekly habits like vacuum cleaning, look into sorting mails, clean your closet. Look after each message and make your inbox zero. Do not go for diet foods. Go for healthy foods. Use budgeting tools to make your life easier.
Keep monthly habits like deep cleaning, grocery stuff. Take your time and arrange a what-to-do list today. If you do not like the morning walk, go at night or in the evening to enjoy the breeze. Check on after a week if you are strictly following your budget.

Do messy things make you uncomfortable?

Do you like to be organized and spacious?

We know it is hard to feel organized when your mind is in chaos, so is your house and office.

Clutter is not just the stuff on the floor- it is anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living.

- Peter Walsh

Always look for ideas that make you space mentally and physically.

Make physical space

Make your workspace tidy, think of some creative renovation.

Minimize the extra items in your house. You can donate things which are extra like clothes, toys, what to do, etc.

Clean your closet regularly.

Make mental space

List down important ideas, notes so you do on time.

Try meditation for mental peace.

Visit places, go for tours.

 Make digital space

Keep your task manager clean.

Sort out all icons on the desktop bar.

Remove all the meetings from your calendar that are not needed. Make it clean.

Try to remove extra items and make extra spaces.

Make a motto in your life:     

                 “Less is more.” 

less is more

 If you feel like you are a disorganized person, you don’t need to get worried!

You can learn to be organized with a bit of effort.

From planning to scheduling and then processing to maintaining, you can be pro at it. We hope this guide has been helpful for you to achieve this.