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T Chart Template

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T Chart Template

More Information about T Chart Template

What is A T Chart

There would always be a positive and a negative side for each concept which leads us into comparing them. If this would affect a decision making, then we should make a good list of it so we will know what actions we should go for. A T Chart is a good example on how we are going to analyze things. It is a classified diagram which separates two points of view or thoughts. It can include pros and cons of a certain topic, characteristics or properties, common things or even data. This kind of chart should drive us into a conclusion and make an improvement towards a topic.

T Chart Basic Format

From the purpose itself, a T Chart should always split contents into two separate boxes or a line. A T Chart creates a big letter T which includes titles or topic on the upper part of the chart and different categories on each side. It should be a clear visualization of opposing views for a better understanding. In this way, a topic could be breakdown into two comparison and both of the results should be written in each category, left and right. For students, make sure to put names on topmost of the chart before everything else. This chart is an easy way of determining the right action to be taken.

How to Create a T Chart

A T Chart is one of the easiest charts to make since all requires of T chart template is just a separation line and a title box above it, but here is a step by step procedure on how to make a blank T Chart. T charts should have two perspectives so start with:

Step 1: Choosing a topic. There are lots of possible topics to choose from. Make sure that this would have two possible points of view that you can breakdown. It can be fact and opinion, decision making, pros and cons of two particular topics, strengths and weaknesses or characteristics.

Step 2: Collecting Data- Having all the possible answers in each category should be a great way to end up in the right decision, so it is best to ask for opinion or study the case and go further with the results.

Step 3: Plotting the Chart- Once all the needed informations are done, it is now time to proceed with the chart. Make a big letter T on a clean paper and start by putting the main topic. Afterwards, consider a small cell on the category part to clearly show a separation between the lines. This big letter T can be enclosed in a box to make it look neat.

Step 4: Listing- After making the Chart box, you can now enlist all the collected ideas on each side into their respective group, or category. Be mindful about the category so all the informations would be grouped in to the right part. Continue doing so until all the data has been enlisted.

After making the chart, it should be easy now to compare both standpoint and come up with a strong conclusion. At the same time you can also create T chart PDF for easy circulation and viewing.

More Tips about Food Menu

1: A T chart should be clearly understandable so make it simple and be accurate with the answers on each category. Do not combine two answers into one, this is a breakdown of content so it should be listed one by one.

2: Stick to the topic and expand your resources when gathering informations. Asking for opinions and reading books should help. It should be accurate and true so the chart would be informative and wouldn’t end up with a false conclusion.

3: When the chart is going to be handwritten, write and draw eligibly. Use the right tools to achieve this. It can also be made through Microsoft Office but keep it simple and use the right format of the chart.

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