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How to Edit Restaurant Menu Template

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Restaurant Menu Template

Tips for Filling the Template

The menu is a reflection of the restaurant and if the menu looks bad, then the restaurant is likely bad. This is bad news for both owners and customers. Therefore, efforts should be made in restaurant menu design. Even at first glance, a good menu will give the customer a sense of style and character. Therefore, it is important to use your creative skills to create some good restaurant menu design templates. The following steps will help you create a good restaurant menu template free.

1. You have to plan the content of your menu. The most basic type of restaurant menu will contain the list of dishes with their corresponding prices while the advanced type will include descriptions and photographs. You are at liberty to decide the size of the document. Creating free editable restaurant menu templates could help you adjust your menu timely when there are any changes in your restaurant.

2. Open a blank word processing document and set the dimension, size, and format of your document. Common menu formats include A4 folded to A5 and A5 panel with one or two sides.

3. Add the restaurant’s name which normally goes to the top of the page. It is important to set the name of the restaurant in a way that suits the style and mood of the restaurant unless the restaurant has a logo.

4. Add dishes to the menu. You can do that through the categories which usually include the “Appetizers”, “Entrees”, “Desserts”, “Side Dishes” as well as “Drinks”. In some restaurants, they prefer to arrange by criteria such as price. However, there is no rule to this and it must be done considering the peculiarity of the restaurant.

5. You can align the names of the dishes towards the left with the prices on the right, therefore, leaving a line between categories and making your subheadings in italics, bold and underlining format. You can add two lines of dishes description but avoid making it cluttered.

6. You can insert photos of dishes where they can be read and understood clearly by the customers, otherwise, it is better to caption images to make their content clear.

7. Proofread your free printable restaurant menu templates and correct where there are errors before the final printing.

What is Restaurant Menu
The restaurant menu is a presentation of food and beverage offerings in a stylish manner so as to impress the customers. The menu normally sets the tone for the customers. It is useful in the sense that it keeps people coming back. The restaurant menu template is what you use to communicate to your customers about what the restaurant has to offer. It could include the traditional handheld menu, verbal menu and menu board. It is important to note that a restaurant menu can help you build your brand image and can also facilitate the ordering process avoiding customer and staff confusion.
Restaurant Menu Basic Format
Your restaurant menu should complement your location, concept, and theme. There are many ways to achieve this format with the use of color, fonts, artwork and pictures. Restaurant menus can take several forms. In basic terms, they should be printed in small papers or booklets that can be easily handled individually to the customers. The layout should be in sections convenient for the customers to understand. It should naturally start off with drinks and appetizers and end up with desserts. The description of the menu should be in few sentences with short, enticing, and descriptive words. Other valuable information can also be included in the restaurant menu but it should be short and clear.
More tips about Restaurant Menu

1. It is important to state that your restaurant menu should not include long details of your food. You can instead include information on the chef, the location, owner, and the restaurant history. Note that if it is not expensive to print your menu, it is not out of place to allow your customers to take them out if they desire to do so.

2. Including your address, opening hours, website and phone number details on your menu is good because it can serve as a form of advertisement to potential customers especially when it is being taken out by customers.

3. It is important not to misrepresent any dish on your menu. Do not make any false claim in your menu as regards to portion size, nutrition, ingredients and other things as you may be in trouble with the law and customers.

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