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funeral program template
Funeral Program Template

What is a Funeral Program Template

A funeral program is used to provide information to persons who are attending a funeral. It usually includes the sequence of events, poems, and memorable verses, or anything else that the family wants to include to make the experience unforgettable. Conventionally, the primary focus that goes to the funeral program has been the text content. With modern technology now, text can be incorporated with the images to provide more clarity to the potential attendees. There are various layouts available using which you can include pictures of the family, stories, and quotes of the deceased person.

Funeral Program Template Basic Format

They are numerous formats available on the internet, but there are some basic and necessary items that are seen in almost every Funeral program template. The design usually followed is a four-page foldable format. The first page starts with an “In loving memory” followed by a large photo of the deceased. Below the photo, the details of the person are provided, including his date of birth and death and the date, time, and venue of the funeral. The next page contains a biography with highlights on the significant aspects of the deceased's life. The third page provides details on the sequence of short programs in the service order. The concluding page of the program is the family thanking note to those who came to pay respect to the deceased

How to create a Funeral Program Template

Making a Funeral Program can help the attendees of a funeral make it memorable. You must make sure you are clear in the manner you want to present the funeral program. It is not as difficult as it seems, the following steps will help you in creating a good Funeral Program for your use.

Step1. You can download a Funeral Program Template from the internet and fill in the details, but it will be more creative if you use a software program on your computer. You can use Photoshop or Microsoft word to create a Funeral Program.

Step2.Open Microsoft word and create a blank document. Add a desired background to the whole page considering it a funeral.

Step3. Add a fairly large text box using the text box tool and write “In loving memory of “. Then below it place a large photo of the deceased person. You can give borders to the image and the text box as you desire.


Below the Image create another text box mentioning the date of birth and death of the person first.

Then provide details of the date, time, and venue of the funeral. Resize the texts to make the page look filled with content.

Step5.Go to the next page to add a background to the page. Create a large text box expanding the whole page to fill in the biography of the deceased person. Consider using a large text size.

Step6. Go to the third page and background to the page. Now add a large text box similar to the previous page. Here you add the list of short programs in sequence.

Step7. Add a background to the concluding page. Create a large text box and add the thank you note to the attendees of the funeral. Now save the document.

Step8. Now that you have designed the pages you have to print them. Since, it is a foldable format of a funeral program, while printing set the properties of the document in order to display two pages on one side of a page and the next two on the other page.

More Tips about Funeral Program

1. The selection of font styles also creates an impression on the attendees of the funeral. Changing fonts for different details can be plus to your funeral program. Remember adding borders and shadows to the texts and boxes.

2. Try adding more pictures on all pages except for the first page where the pictures of the deceased are located

3. Don’t stick to the basic format of a funeral program template. Try creating it using your own creativity and thinking.

4. Follow the instructions carefully in the form as it may result in to delay in processing the claim.

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