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Employment Contract Template

  • Employment Contract Template

How to Edit Employment Contract Template

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Employment Contract Template
Tips for Filling the Template

1. Identify both parties: Basic employment contract should begin by writing the company name and the employee name.

2. Explain the benefit and consideration: Every employment contract sample needs that both parties to give something in return for something else.

3. State how long the contract is usable: This is important for the standard employment contract; otherwise, the contract can carry on for as long as it exists.

4. Specify the responsibilities of the position: With the job description, you can amplify the main responsibilities assigned to the employee.

5. Specify how salary is planned: You have to clarify to the employee the way he is going to get paid. Is it on a weekly or monthly basis?

6. Specify how the salary will be paid: Are you going to pay through local bank transfer, cash, or PayPal?

7. List all the benefits given: If you’re going to offer sick leave, vacation time, and health insurance, you have to describe those here.

8. Limit the use of proprietary information of employees: If the business is using trade secrets or copyrights, it’s important to clarify that the employee is not allowed to share this information with anyone.

9. Set limits on the use of company email: There are workers who use company email as their personal account.

10. Explain termination process: This law will take on that all employment is “at will,” which means that the employee is able to be canned for any reason.

11. Describe non-competition terms: you have to clarify any limitations on the ability of the employee to work for competitors after he leaves the company.

12. Define which state law is controlling the contract: If the business is positioned in a specific state, then listing the state is necessary.

13. Write legal boilerplate: Every contract has to include language describing that the contract is complete and that it combines before discussions between both parties, written and oral.

14. Write the date and then sign: Both parties must sign the contract, even if it is a simple employment contract.

What is An Employment Contract
An employment contract is created most normally for high-level jobs as well as for older employees, who will have a lot of things to lose if an employment relationship doesn’t carry out as the way it was planned? An employment contract is also conveyed for union-represented workers. This is basically an agreement between an employee and employer that sets off the employment’s terms and conditions. An employment contract template could be in verbal or writing form.

An employment contract is beneficial in attracting and keeping key employees. While you cannot force an employee to stay, having a contract is able to make sure that they will provide judicious notice before they are allowed to leave the job.

Employment Contract Basic Format

For a high position, employment contracts may offer the job title, the duties related to the position, the place of employment, and any responsibilities. When it comes to compensation, the employment contract has to state the base salary, along with any benefits or bonuses for which the employee is qualified. There are contracts that include a facility for compensation payments if ever the employer fires the employment without providing reasonable purpose. The employment contract might also require that disagreements between two parties will depend on negotiation, and insist on the law leading the agreement, along with the place for determining such disagreements.

Things to include

1. The date the offer was made

2. Position title

3. Starting date of the work

4. Salary plan

5. Amount of base salary

6. Commission provided

7. How commission is planned

8. How to commission would be paid

9. Does the worker get a draw

10. Specify if the draw recoverable or non-recoverable

11. Benefits provided

12. Signature of both employer and employee

More tips about Employment Contract Template

1. Avoid using vague language. Uncertain contract terms open the possibility of legal disputes.

2. Have a copy of the contract for yourself and give the other copy to the employee.

3. Have a lawyer as the witness of contract signing.

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