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Character Reference Template

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Character Reference Template

Tips for Creating a Character Reference

Step 1: First Paragraph - First you have to specify in what capacity and for how long you’ve known the person whom you’re trying to recommend. You might also want to include a sentence detailing the kind of the activities or business you were two involved in.

Step 2: Second Paragraph - In the second paragraph, you can give a more detailed assessment about the person as an employee. Write about his performance on particular projects and list any significant accomplishments. Tell a brief story that summarizes the character and quality of the person.

Step 3: Third Paragraph - To summarize everything, you are able to make a broader description of the person and his character. Generally, was the person polite, responsible, warm, displeasing, indolent, or vicious? Last of all, specify the degree to which you vouch for the person for the position he’s applying for.

What Is Character Reference

A character reference letter is written for you by a person or persons know you outside of work. Writing a character reference could be done by anyone whom you’ve shared an experience with like friends, relative, coach, instructors, or other professionals.

Also called a personal recommendation or personal reference or, a character reference for a friend, which showcases your constructive personal attributes. Character reference letters could be very beneficial in getting the position you want.

When You Need a Character Reference Page

A character reference is usually required as one of the the job application requirements, mainly for jobs demanding a high level of morals and reliability. For example, a character letter for court.

Additionally, you might be asked to submit a character references as one of your school application documents or any membership in a professional group. Different from a job reference letter, a personal reference will showcase more of your character than the skills you can show in a workplace.

Who and How to Ask for a Character Reference

Begin by listing people who you know will say positive things about your skills, character, and experience. If you’ve been in the labor force for a while, consider asking your former supervisors, employers, coworkers, managers, and clients. If you don’t have a lot of job experiences, you can consider asking your coaches, teachers, neighbors, group leaders, volunteer, community elders, and community or religious leaders. You can ask them through email, phone, or even in person.

Character Reference Basic Format

The character reference template letter will normally include the following details:

1.Reason for writing

2.How did you know that person and for how ling

3.Information on your skills and personalities, with examples

4.Contact details

When you ask somebody to be your personal reference, you need to make sure to give them details on the position you are applying for, so they’ll have idea what is the best thing to write.

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