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Attendance Sheet Template

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More Information about Attendance Sheet Template

What is Attendance Sheet

Attendance Sheet is a document wherein all the people that would attend or appear in an event is enlisted or checked. This is an important document to let the presence of a person be officially checked and traced especially if this is an everyday or ongoing function. It is where the names of the attendee are written who are present at the respective dates. Some attendance sheets require the signature of the person himself to represent honor and legitimacy of the presence. It is a very useful tool too for teachers to trace and evaluate the behavior of their class and students. It is also a basis for employers to calculate an employee’s payment.

Attendance Sheet Basic Format

A standard Attendance Sheet includes basic contents such as, date and time and names. If it is for a company, the name of the corporation should be included for formality, followed by the name of the employee, since some attendance sheet comes in individual cards which are distributed to each of them and a chart with corresponding dates and time. In schools, teachers uses Attendance Sheet to track their students’ presence, this is a chart with all the names of the students and then if a student is present, this is going to be checked by the teachers. This is more like of a chart with lots of columns with the dates on the topmost of the cells.

How to Create a Attendance Sheet

Depending on the usage of the attendance sheet, creating one may vary but must still have the same contents. This is how to create an Attendance Sheet:

Step 1: Know the purpose of the document. Since this can be an employee’s attendance sheet, it can be made individually for each of them. Nowadays, there are some time in and time out tracking machines in which they just need to punch in their cards.

a. If this is meant for a daily class or training, gather all the names of the student or attendee.

b. If this chart is going to be for an event, it is important to list all the expected or invited guest first.

Step 2: Plotting. An attendance sheet can be a graph or a diagram as well as an organized column with multiple cells. A graph or diagram is considerable if there are only few people to track, while in a column with multiple cells are for a massive number of attendee like in a class. Make a room for the dates and time, as well as the signature box if needed. The dates and time must be in the right place and column to easily track it down. The dates and time can be in a horizontal line going right separated in each column, while the names are in a vertical path, downwards.

Step 3: Enlisting. Once the graph has been made, proceed to the list of the people who are expected to come. Be sure that the signature box is aligned along with the names of the attendee, giving them the honor to prove their presence. In this way, the attendees would just look for their names and then confirm by signing it.

Attendance Sheets are not just for confirming presence of a person. In some cases, it is also used as a tool to track people if something bad happened. At some points, knowing the date and time a person may be in could be a useful evidence or proof.

More Tips about Attendance Sheet

1: If an attendance sheet is meant for an event or function, it is necessary to put it right before they enter a particular place where the said event would be held so they could easily see and sign the document.

2: Use some useful tool like Microsoft Office in making an attendance sheet. This would help you do a nice and neat chart for the attendees. It should not bring the guests into confusion. You can also download a template online, so you won’t have to take time making the graph.

3: If it is meant for a daily and weekly basis, like for example, a class, make several copies and save so you won’t have to consume a lot of time making another one.

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