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How to Create QuickBooks Sales Receipt

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2024-05-10 10:38:00 • Filed to: Quickbooks Solution • Proven solutions

Before we continue with how to create, let’s look at what a sales receipt is. A sales receipt in simple terms is a document that gives detail description of the products and services your customers buy from you. When you create a sales book on the QuickBooks, both the checking and the income account are affected.

How to Create QuickBooks Sales Receipt

    • Open the sales receipt by clicking on the plus sign menu and the choosing sales receipt.
quickbooks sales receipt
  • Enter the customer’s information: after opening the sales receipt, enter the name of the customer from the drop-down options. If you already have the customer details and if you don’t, you can add it by just filling in the details and allow the software to do its job.
  • Input the billing address of the customer. If you already have the customer details in your QuickBooks, then it will automatically update it.
  • Enter the sales receipt date
  • Select the payment method from the drop-down list that suits you best.
  • Enter the reference number of the payment.
  • Fill in the space for description.
  • Fill in all other necessary information required.
  • Once you have completed the sales receipt, you can then print preview.
  • Go through the preview to ensure there are no mistakes and send the receipt to the customer.

Always remember to record the deposit.

How to Import Sales Receipts from Excel to QuickBooks

If you have been tracking your sales receipts using excel before deciding to use QuickBooks, it is possible to import your existing data onto your QuickBooks. This feature makes it easy to keep track of your sales receipts instead of re-entering it.

Below are the steps required:

    • Open your QuickBooks and click on the file menu.
    • Select utilities and choose import from the drop down and click on Excel files.
quickbooks import sales receipts
  • Click on browse and select to import the excel file you want.
  • A drop-down menu labelled choose a sheet from this excel work will appear, and you can then choose your preferred sheet.
  • If your data file contains a header, check the box beside this data file has a header.
  • From the “choose a mapping” drop-down menu and add new.
  • Name your mapping and choose the import type for the mapping.
  • Then you have to select a field to map your column and you this by clicking on a space beside a field title and select from the drop-down choices.
  • To map each column, you have to repeat the process. Then save.

Best Alternative to the QuickBooks: FreshBooks

FreshBooks is the best alternative to the QuickBooks services you can find in the marketplace. It is very suitable for entrepreneurs and small businesses as it is affordable. It is easy to set up, use and works well with different time/expense tracker. It enables you to create and send invoices (which can be customized) and lots more.
Some of the fantastic benefits of the choosing Freshbooks services include:

  • Help you effectively manage all your account receivables.
  • Allow multiple users to access it.
  • It is straightforward to operate and use.
  • It is secure and affordable.

When you choose the FreshBooks as an alternative for your small business, you rest assured that all your accounting will be carried out with ease.

Try Freshbooks for Free >>>

quickbooks import sales receipts from excel

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