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QuickBooks Magento

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2024-05-10 10:38:08 • Filed to: Quickbooks Tips and Tricks • Proven solutions

Whether you a small or a mid-sized business owner, QuickBooks Magento offers the best accounting tools that can help you manage your finances efficiently. Although Magento is an e-commerce platform on its own, it doesn’t provide the function of accounting for its users, and that’s why the QuickBooks Magento integration is needed. With the Magento QuickBooks enterprise integration, you can connect your Magento account with the QuickBooks software; this enables a smooth flow of data whereby you do not need to duplicate entries from your Magento orders in the QuickBooks system again. The QuickBooks Magento also allows the use of QuickBooks pos Magento.

Key Features of QuickBooks Magento

  • Integration of both QuickBooks and Magento systems
  • Flawless transfer of customers from Magento to QuickBooks
  • Automatic data transfer of invoices, orders, payments and receipts
  • Enables business owners to have multiple sales channels while still connected to a single accounting account.

You can free download Quickbook software in the official site: https://quickbooks.intuit.com/

FreshBooks - A Better Alternative to QuickBooks

FreshBooks is one of the most fantastic accounting software that provides small business owners with the best experience when it comes to managing business transactions or accounts. FreshBooks is relatively the best alternative to QuickBooks; it offers better bookkeeping functions than the QuickBooks Magento. Among other advantages that you can get off using the FreshBooks accounting software is that it has a robust mobile app that enables you to do business anywhere. FreshBooks also offers the best customer service and support which means that FreshBooks highly values the efficiency of the FreshBooks software.

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liabilities in accounting

Key Features of FreshBooks

  • Has an attractive and easy to use dashboard
  • Offers two basic invoice templates that are customizable
  • Has estimates and proposal functions
  • Allows you to add necessary information about your client as well as internal notes
  • Efficient tracking features
  • Charts of accounts.
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Why Choose Freshbooks for Quickbooks

Away from the basic fact that FreshBooks has high favorable ratings from users, one of the critical reasons why you should choose FreshBooks accounting software over the QuickBooks Magento is that the FreshBooks software’s design is exceptional and its navigation is also intuitive. The FreshBooks software allows you to assign projects to employees and staffs; this paves the way for effective collaborations and saves you from doing all the work alone. Even if you are not ready for a FreshBooks subscription, it offers a free 30-day trial which does not require any banking information. FreshBooks also offers users three different pricing levels to choose from, and even gives a certain amount on referrals.

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