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Go Paperless To Improve Your Document Workflow

Move from a paper-based process to a digital workflow. Scan paper documents and save them as PDF files to the cloud or hard drive. Streamline your data management process by digitizing paper records, such as bills, receipts, tax returns, etc.

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Why Go Paperless
Paperless Office
Are You Going Paperless
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Why Go Paperless?

As the name suggests, "going paperless" is a process to streamline workflow by minimizing the use of physical paper records in favor of digital documents. Paperless solutions are essential to boost your business productivity.
Reduce Costs

Save the cost of paper, printing supplies, storage spaces, mailing, and shipping. The study by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency suggests that paperless solutions save $80 per employee.

Improve Collaboration

Streamline business workflow. Digital document management plays an important role in content collaboration, especially in the remote work environment.


Going paperless has significant environmental benefits. Paperless office solutions reduce impacts on the environment and decrease the carbon footprint & energy consumption.

Increase Efficiency

Digital workflow cuts down on human error by eliminating typos and other mistakes. Save employees from tedious tasks and redeploy them to other more productive tasks. .

Enhance Security

Control access to your sensitive information. Use the most advanced system to store and back up your data. Ensure document security, easy compliance, and quick data recovery.

Easier Access

Allow employees to access files anytime and anywhere. Provide fast tracking of files by simply typing the name of the documents that you are looking for and finding them quickly and easily.

AI reading assistant powered by ChatGPT

Best-in-class tools to facilitate
paperless workflows.

What's paperless classrooms?

In a paperless classroom, all paper documents (textbooks, homework assignments, transcripts) are replaced by digital documents. Teachers and students use computers, tablets, and other digital tools to access lessons & grades online and complete all teaching/learning tasks electronically and digitally.

Use PDF tools to facilitate paperless classrooms.

Organize PDF: Use PDF tools to facilitate paperless classrooms.

Convert PDF: Convert class materials from different formats to PDF without losing the original formatting. Change PPT slides into PDF ebooks to share them with students online.

"I frequently need to edit my students' papers - by annotating comments, changing text, moving pages around, etc. I find that PDFelement can do all the complicated things."

—— Ayla,Teacher

What's paperless office?

A paperless office is a working environment that minimizes paper-based procedures and relies on digital documents instead. Some organizations prefer the term "paper-light" as paper reliance still remains because of process or compliance requirements. If paper files cannot be completely eliminated from business, enterprises are willing to create a paper-light culture by reducing the paper quantity.

2 best paperless office solutions.

PDF OCR: Recognize text on images or scanned PDFs to convert photographed customer data documents into a machine-readable format. Search and edit those documents for easy management and analysis of collected data.

PDF Form: Use PDFelement's Recognize Form feature to create interactive questionnaires and survey forms automatically. With just one click, make a fillable PDF form that customers and website visitors are eager to fill out.

"Use the OCR PDF feature to convert PDF scans to searchable files, to save as Office editable formats in order to manage and categorize different kinds of collected data."

—— Preston, Programmer

Go paperless with an automated finance workflow.

Paperless finance refers to a completely electronic transaction process with no paper involved. Going paperless helps account departments streamline working procedures, achieve transparent and easy-tracking transactions, reduce error rates, and eliminate file storage. With the use of a paperless system, financial institutions are expected to cut down operating expenses.

Go paperless in financial institutions with PDF tools.

Sign PDF: Quickly and securely sign PDF contracts, invoices, banking forms, and many other documents on any devices, anytime and anywhere. With digital workflow, eliminate document errors such as missing signatures and transaction data.

Extract PDF Data: With the powerful OCR and Capture functions, PDFelement allows you to extract forms and capture image-based text to digitize receipts, invoices, accounting ledgers, and other financial documents.

"I am an accountant and we are moving away from paper records to all electronic. This makes creating, combining, extracting, and editing PDF files very important. "

—— Joey, Accountant

What is a paperless workflow in publishing?

Paperless publishing or electronic publishing is the new arm of the publishing industry where ebooks & digital magazines are published with no print form of physical pages. Digital publication has a lower carbon footprint, which makes it superior to printed books.

PDF tools to facilitate paperless publishing.

Convert PDF: Convert PDF files to editable Word, Excel, and PPT documents, preserving all original fonts and formatting. Even scanned PDFs can be converted to editable text with OCR.

Edit PDF: Edit book drafts, add links, and insert shapes & other elements to PDF pages. PDFelement has all the essential tools required for word processing, allowing you to create and edit PDF manuscripts.

"When editing books and magazines, I can use PDFelement to add bubble notes to the draft and directly edit the PDF documents that the writers sent me."

—— Joey, Accountant

What is a paperless law office?

A paperless law office is a legal practice that keeps minimal paper copies of the documents that need to be stored and handled. Instead of printing every document, paperless law firms go digital by converting their paper files into electronic documents.

Move to a paperless law firm to improve efficiency with PDF tools.

Edit PDF: Edit legal documents and add annotations to texts with PDFelement instead of using physical sticky notes to reduce manual work. Compile multiple files together and search for important information from plenty of evidence materials with one click.

PDF Form: Quickly convert Word documents to fillable PDF forms, Create timetables for offices with ease. Add interactive fields into court-issued PDF forms to make them more user-friendly and efficient.

"Quickly convert Word documents to fillable PDF forms, Create timetables for offices with ease. Add interactive fields into court-issued PDF forms to make them more user-friendly and efficient."

—— Bethany, Legal Affairs Manager

What is a paperless government?

In a completely paperless government, all of its internal processes and customer-facing services are digitized, and papers are eliminated for any government procedures and transactions.

PDF tools to facilitate paperless governance.

PDF Form: Create a master template with classified form fields for client-facing application forms. Add digital signature fields, buttons, boxes, and text fields for customers' easy form filling.

Batch Conversion: Create a master template with classified form fields for client-facing application forms. Add digital signature fields, buttons, boxes, and text fields for customers' easy form filling.

"I am using PDFelement practically every day every time. Editing and annotating agreements and SOPs in .pdf, plus it could perform the same tasks on the phone. "

——Vanessa, Service Administrator

Paperless workflow.

Purge all your old paper clutter
Digitize documents that you must keep
Digitalize your signature
Reduce paper usage
Ditch paper for digital books

Are You Going Paperless?

Before going paperless, take this fun quiz to find out how paperless you are.
paperless question
When you receive an email with an attached document that you need to sign, what do you do? (1/5)
How do you complete a form at office? (2/5)
How do you read books? Digital reading or paper reading? (3/5)
How do you organize files in the office/ at home? (4/5)
How do you pay and receive your bills? (5/5)
Done! Here is how green you are.
paper uses print out documents
Print the document out and sign it.
paperless solution esign documents
Create an electronic signature and eSign it.
cross icon paper form
Fill in a paper form.
check icon digital form
Fill in a digital form.
cross icon paper books
Paper books.
check icon ebook
cross icon filing cabinet
Use a filing cabinet.
check icon digitize paper document
Digitize paper documents and use cloud storage.
cross icon paper bills
Paper bills and statements.
check icon electronic bills
Receive electronic statements and pay bills online.

Free Paperless templates.

Go paperless with free templates.

Download PDFelement to get free templates. Edit, print, and customize free templates. It's so easy!

Modern City Letter
Technology Poster
Daily Planner
A-student Education Poster
Blue Planner
Business Poster
Paradise Gray Resume
Simple Dark Resume

Paperless Q&A

  • It takes time to reduce the number of papers at home and finally eliminate all papers. Therefore, you'll need to be persistent and patient to go paperless at home, We give you 7 tips below to help you create a paperless home.

    • Donate your printer.
    • Participate in paper recycling programs.
    • Digitize your documents.
    • Sign up for e-statements and e-bills.
    • Switch from physical books to ebooks and digital magazines.
    • Use smartphones or tablets to take notes.
    • E-sign your documents instead of using traditional wet ink signatures.
  • The key benefits of a paperless office include:

    • Improve collaboration among employees with digital documents.
    • Save storage space.
    • Save time and money on printing.
    • Improve work efficiency with easy document tracking.
    • Reduce human error with more automated workflow.
    • Ensure document security.
    • Reduce carbon footprint.
  • Please follow these 5 steps to organize your paperless files:

    • Use a server or document cloud to save your files.
    • Name files systematically.
    • Categorize documents strategically.
    • Encrypt your file storage system with passwords.
    • Use file management software as needed.
  • Here are the 4 environmental advantages of going paperless:

    • Reduce energy consumption.
    • Reduce paper waste that is put into landfills.
    • Save the water used in producing paper-related products.
    • Save our forests.
  • Below are the top 3 best ways to store documents electronically:

    Save your files on a portable hard disk and keep the disk in a secure place to prevent hacking.

    Store your documents in your computer hard drive for quick and easy management.

    Save documents in an online cloud, like Google Drive, Wondershare Document Cloud, etc. to access them anytime and anywhere.

  • PDFelement allows you to digitize a paper document easily. Open the PDFelement program on your computer and click the "Create PDF" > "From Scanner" button. Place the paper document in your scanner, modify the settings in the "Scan" pop-up window, and click "Scan". Thus, you have created a digital version of the file. You can also use the OCR feature of PDFelement to recognize the text in the document.

Easy to use PDF editor - go paperless for every one.

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