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Why are you looking for a Foxit PDF Alternative? There are several reasons you want a better product - more features, better support on mobile devices, vast conversion options, easier PDF editing, etc. No matter what the reason, PDFelement has emerged to be the best alternative to the famous Foxit PDF Editor, formerly known as PhantomPDF. So, what is it you're looking for? Let's explore what Foxit can do before we move to the suitable Foxit PDF Editor alternative can do for you. Are you ready to rumble? Alright!

Part 1: Foxit PDF Editor

User Interface or UI

foxit pdf editor

Naturally, you're not looking for a great Foxit alternative because it's a lousy PDF editor or the wrong product. Foxit PDF Editor is one of the most versatile and cost-efficient cross-platform PDF utilities. It's a mature product with millions of users and offers a Windows-friendly platform that's easy to navigate, especially if you're new to the forum.

However, the UI could use some modernization to align with its slicker counterparts. Some users find it clunky or unappealing, but the real issue is that it hasn't had a major facelift in a long time.

Of course, other updates are plentiful and frequent, but they address functionality issues rather than aesthetics. For instance, Version, which was released in July 2022, only brought in some bug fixes and stability updates.

The June version brought many changes, but even these were either add-ons to existing features or features that were limited to a small group of users. The only real UI change was the color contrast and accessibility improvements. That could be one reason you're looking for a suitable Foxit PDF Editor alternative.

Basic Introduction to Foxit PDF Editor

foxit pdf editor free

Available in Standard, Pro (Windows only), and Pro+ variants, Foxit's PDF product is a widely used PDF editor that offers a range of valuable functions across different platforms. The features are rich, but it's no comparison to the greats such as Adobe Acrobat DC and its Pro sibling.

Nevertheless, the combination of valuable features, user-friendliness, and cost made it a compelling choice for budget-constrained users who needed a little more than what a generic PDF reader could give them but not the full-scale functionality of an Adobe-like product. Thankfully, there are even more options to suit such users, one of which is our showcase Foxit PDF Editor alternative, PDFelement. More on that in a bit.

Key (and Unique) Features of Foxit PDF Editor

  • Generate PDFs from most desktop applications and even the clipboard
  • Merge multiple file types to create a PDF
  • Web to PDF (Not available in the Standard Mac version)
  • Templates to create PDFs
  • PDF reader features - navigation, dark mode, ruler, bookmark search (no creation)
  • Edit with auto reformatting and reflow
  • Special editing features - text to path, editing graphics, shade objects, etc.
  • Electronic Signature (no digital signature support)
  • Forms management (including form field recognition)
  • PDF 'flatting' or flattening, password encryption, and other security features

Adequate features for limited to semi-heavy PDF workflows

UI suited to each respective device OS environment

Bates Numbering (except in the Standard Windows version)

Available across desktop, mobile, and Cloud

Frequent minor updates


The standard version lacks a lot of essential features

No Pro version for Mac (Pro+ is available but relatively expensive)

No perpetual license for Pro+ and mobile variants - subscription only

Part 2: Foxit PDF Editor Alternative – PDFelement

foxit pdf editor alternative

So far, the best Foxit alternative we've come across is Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor - not even Acrobat! The reasons are many, as we'll see.

Want an all-in-one alternative to Foxit editor? Check out PDFelement, one of the best PDF editors, by clicking the link given below.

User Interface or UI

The first thing you'll notice about any application is how it looks and interacts with you. These elements are UI or user interface and UX or user experience. PDFelement scores high on both counts because Wondershare uses a feedback loop with real-life users to make incremental improvements in the UI and UX.

In other words, PDFelement is an elegant compilation of everything a PDF user wants, whether they are a light user, a power user, or anywhere in between. The UI strikes you first when you launch the application, but the UX is simultaneously evident a split second before you experience the blazing-fast launch time.

From there on out, it's purely a pleasure ride - just like editing a Word document in Microsoft Word!

Basic Introduction to PDFelement

foxit alternative

PDFelement is an all-in-one PDF solution available for Mac, Windows, iOS, iPad, Android, and the Cloud (via integration with Wondershare Document Cloud.) It is a full-featured PDF editor with functions that rival the market leaders, Adobe Acrobat DC and its more powerful sibling Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

But despite the powerful features, accurate conversion engines, and premium features, PDFelement costs a fraction of what you'd have to pay for an Adobe subscription or one-time perpetual license. Moreover, this is available in an attractive, lightweight, and user-friendly environment, as we saw in the previous section. In simple terms, it's probably the best Foxit PDF Editor alternative you're likely to come across.

Part 3: Foxit PDF Editor vs. PDFelement, Choose Your Right PDF Solution

# 1. Distinctive Features

Foxit PDF Editor

  • Reflow editing
  • Extensive accessibility features, including check and fix
  • Create a redacted PDF within a Microsoft Office file
  • 3D PDF creation from DWG files
  • Integration with Evernote, SharePoint, etc.


  • Superior user experience - fast, accurate, and suited for heavy workloads
  • Comprehensive PDF editing of all content elements
  • Create PDFs from over 300 document and file types
  • Convert PDFs to numerous popular formats
  • Full-scale form creation, filling, security, management, and data extraction
  • Batch Process to enhance workforce productivity

# 2. Systems Supported

Foxit PDF Editor

Mac, Windows, iOS/iPad, Android, Cloud


Mac, Windows, iOS/iPad, Android, Cloud - Additionally, cloud integration is available in desktop variants, so you can store and fetch files from the Cloud directly from the application and even send documents for others to sign (bulk signing) right after creating or editing a form or file.

# 3. Using Scenarios

Foxit PDF Editor

General Office: Foxit PDF Editor is ideal for collaborative environments where multiple users review a document. The annotation, sharing, tracking, and other collaboration tools make it easy to see who's reviewed, how much of the workflow, and where the bottlenecks might be. It's also great for simple signature workflows, although PDFelement with Wondershare Document Cloud does a much better job there. Foxit is also suitable for internal company forms released by HR, finance, and other teams.


Enterprise: At the higher end of the scale, PDFelement is suitable for large companies that need a reliable PDF tool with extensive functions, SDK/API capabilities, cloud integration, solid collaborative tools, and multi-platform availability.

It's also essential to have accurate conversion engines and underlying capabilities that help documents flow more efficiently. Most of all, the ease of deployment, cost savings, and near-zero learning curve make PDFelement very appealing to large organizations.

foxit alternative

Professionals: Law firms, accounting firms, clinics, architecture firms, design houses, and other professional realms rely highly on PDFs for their daily workflows because of the static yet versatile nature of these documents. In that respect, the ability to manipulate and manage these assets is far more critical.

In simple words, the ability to handle a PDF file any way you want - edit, extract images, convert to another format, sign it, redact it, add a password, restrict printing, change a footer note, etc. - is probably more crucial than anything when it comes to professional document workflows.

You want to be confident that all your paper invoices are accurately scanned and converted into searchable PDFs or editable contents; you need a high degree of accuracy when converting Excel to PDF or the other way around; you absolutely MUST have the ability to extract form data from a large batch of files. These things set PDFelement apart from the crowd of PDF tools available in today's marketplace.

foxit pdf editor alternative

Students and Educators: Annotating files, compiling portfolios, sharing documents securely, making them accessible on the Cloud, editing them on desktop and mobile, bookmarking important sections, making study notes, etc. These elements can all be found in PDFelement, making it the PDF editor of choice and the best Foxit PDF Editor alternative over any other product.


Individuals: Whether you need to fill your tax forms, convert the occasional PDF to Word, or digitally sign a document, PDFelement has you covered. What's more, the affordability factor won't allow your wallet to feel the pinch! Plus, you'll have access to one of the most advanced PDF systems available to professionals - just in case you ever need it.

foxit pdf editor alternative

# 4. Plans & Pricing

Foxit PDF Editor

  • Windows version starts at $14.99 monthly; $79.00 annual; the Windows Pro version is $149.00 annual
  • Mac version is available at $159.00 for a perpetual license on the one-time payment


  • Plans start at $29.99 per 3 months, $79.99 annual, $109 for two years, or $129.99 one-time with free minor updates
  • PDFelement Pro for Teams - $109 per team member - annual, or $139 one-time per team member (minor updates free)
  • Special pricing for students and teachers - $49.99 annual or $99 one-time payment
  • Bundle offers start at $99.99 a year per user in different combinations

Final Thoughts on the Best Foxit PDF Editor Alternative

If you're still comfortable using Foxit PDF Editor, by all means, keep using it. Your comfort level with software is sometimes more important than what it can do and other factors. But if you feel that your current PDF solution is inadequate to handle your ever-increasing workflows or challenging documentation tasks, then it's time to switch to a better alternative.