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What’s the Best PDF Editor for iPad and Android Device Users?

Finding the right or best PDF editor for Android and iPad is a hard task because there are so many products on the market. Unfortunately, not all of them are PDF editors in the strictest sense; in other words, many offer annotation tools to write on top of existing content but don't allow you to edit or remove it.

Of course, these are equally useful because they typically come with other features such as file compression, file conversion, easy sharing, document viewing, etc. Today, we're looking at the best PDF editor for iPhone, the best PDF editor for iPad, and the best PDF editor for Android devices, so let's get started!

Part 1: Best PDF Editor for iPad and iPhone - PDFelement for iOS

PDFelement for iOS is a true PDF editor for Apple mobile devices, which means you can control the content of your PDF workflows on your iPhone or iPad by adding, removing, and modifying existing content rather than just annotating on top of it. There are several such important features in this PDF editor, such as the ability to edit photos on iPhone PDF content, so let's look into them in greater detail:

1. Edit Text in PDF on iOS

Step 1 Import PDF

Use the "+" symbol on the lower right corner to see import options.

import pdf to pdfelment for ios

Tap one of the options and select the PDF to be imported.

Step 2 Edit Text

Tap the Text tab at the top to go into text editing mode.

Tap on a word, paragraph, or line of text to select it.

batch edit text in pdf

Tap Edit in the floating toolbar and make the necessary changes.

Note: You can tap the frame icon and drag it to select multiple text boxes to edit them at once.

Don't know how to edit PDF files on Android and IOS? Watch the video below to find out.

download on app store download on google play

2. Add Text to PDF on iPad

Step 1 Open the File

Follow the earlier steps to open the document using "+" icon.

Step 2 Add Text

Go to text editing mode by tapping Text.

Tap the Add Text button that appears on top.

add text to pdf on ios

Tap where you want to add text and insert or input the new text.

Alter attributes such as color, font, etc. and click Done.

download on app store download on google play

3. Edit Pictures in PDF on iPhone

Step 1 Open the PDF

Open a PDF file with image content using the same method described above.

Step 2 Edit Images

Tap the Image tab to go into image editing mode.

Tap the image you want to edit

edit image on ipad

Use one of the options in the floating toolbar to rotate, crop, replace, etc. the selected image.

Tap Done to finish.

download on app store download on google play

4. Add Images to PDF on iOS

Step 1 Import the PDF

Open a PDF with the "+" symbol and import it.

Step 2 Add Images

Tap the Image tab and then tap Add Image.

add image on ios

Choose the image source.

Select and insert the required image.

Reposition the images using the Move icon or resize it with the image border handles.

download on app store download on google play


Highly versatile and best PDF editor for iPad and iPhone

Extensive PDF document management features - create, edit, organize, annotate, protect, compress, print, share, etc.

Well-integrated with the latest iOS versions


Subscription required to unlock all features

Doesn't work with versions older than iOS 13 and iPadOS 13

Part 2: Best PDF Editor for Mobile - Online Users - HiPDF

Wondershare HiPDF is an extensive suite of PDF tools on the web. The service comprises dozens of individual modules with their own web pages. These modules cover the gamut of PDF requirements, such as PDF editing, PDF creation, password security, annotation tools, two-way file format conversions with PDFs and other file types, PDF compression, and much more. The site is easy to navigate with intuitive controls on a user-friendly layout.

1. Add Text to PDF Online

Step 1 Import PDF

hipdf online pdf editor

Drag and drop your PDF file or use the button provided in the HiPDF Edit PDF URL.

Step 2 Add Text

Once the file preview shows on your screen, click the document where you want the text to go.

hipdf add text to pdf online

Next, click on Add Text at the top and type in your text - you can control the attributes right below the text box.

Click Apply to add the text and process the file - click Download on the final page to save your modified document - you can also share the document or perform other actions on the modified file.

2. Add Image to PDF Online

Step 1 Upload the PDF

hipdf online pdf editor

Go to the HiPDF URL for PDF editing and upload your file with a drag and drop action or using the Choose File button.

Step 2 Add an Image

Click the Add Image button and then select the image from your local memory to import it.

hipdf add image to pdf

You'll see an image box with the selected image - reposition and resize it to fit with the existing content.

Click Apply to process the changes and hit Download to save it locally.

3. Add Shapes to PDF Online

Step 1 Upload PDF Document to HiPDF

Import your PDF file into HiPDF in the PDF Editor Webpage.

Step 2 Add a Shape

Bring your mouse to the Add Shape section at the top and select a shape.

hipdf add shapes

When you see the shape box, edit it to change the line thickness, color, and other attributes.

Resize and reposition it, then click the Apply button at the bottom.

Save the file by clicking Download on the next page.

4. Sign PDF Online

Step 1 Upload the PDF to be Signed

Import a contract or agreement with a drag-and-drop motion or with the help of the Choose File button.

Step 2 Sign PDF

Click on Sign PDF at the top and click New Signature.

Use one of the three options to create a new electronic signature: type, draw, or import from device.

hipdf sign pdf in pdf editor

After clicking Create, the signature will be added to the document.

hipdf create a signature

Click Apply after resizing and/or repositioning it, then click Download on the final page to save your signed PDF.


Conveniently access important PDF tools online on any connected device's browser

Flexible and extensive modules for various PDF tasks

Super-intuitive user interface with convenient navigation and easy operations


Must have a stable mobile Internet connection or use a strong Wi-Fi network

Bulk tasks require a subscription

Part 3: Best PDF Editor for Android - PDFelement for Android

PDFelement for Android is the equivalent of the iOS app but designed for devices running the Android operating system. Considering that this is the bulk of the world's mobile user population, it's a very important app for your Android smartphones and tablets. PDFelement on this platform brings rich annotation tools, PDF merging, electronic signature, image rotation and cropping, file management, and other features.

pdfelement for android

1. Edit Text on Android

Step 1 Open a PDF File

Launch a PDF file by tapping the hamburger menu (three lines) on the top left corner of your device screen and fetching it from the local device, Google Drive, etc.

Step 2 Edit Text in PDF

Tap the Edit icon at the bottom of the document (you'll need to be signed up to use this feature, but it's free).

edit pdf text android

Once in text editing mode, just tap where you want to type in new text or modify existing text.

Tap the checkmark symbol to save the changes, then tap the disk icon at the top to save the modified file.

download on app store download on google play

2. Edit Image on Android

Step 1 Import a PDF Document

Open a PDF as described in the previous process.

Step 2 Select the image

Tap an image to select it, then rotate or crop it to fit.

Tap the checkmark icon to confirm, then tap the disk image at the top to save the file locally.

download on app store download on google play


Easy-to-use UI

Edit text and images, add shapes, sign PDF, and other useful features

Excellent PDF reader for Android


Image editing is not that easy

UI is a little outdated

Final Thoughts

PDFelement is available across all major OS platforms as well as online, in the form of HiPDF. With this comprehensive, multi-terminal, multi-platform family of PDF products, you won't have any trouble finding the best PDF editor for iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows, or the Web. Just match the version to your device, launch the app or go to the appropriate URL, and get PDF-ing in style!

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