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macOS 10.15: Everything We would Know

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2024-05-22 10:38:25 • Filed to: macOS 10.15 • Proven solutions

When it comes to completing projects and creating wholly new information in macos 10.15, productivity apps will always come in handy. With so many to select from, it all depends on what you’re actually working on and intending to complete. This could be PDFelement for Mac that allows you to manage PDFs, edit, create, and convert PDFs and comes with virtually all the features you need to manage and operate PDF documents. Other new mac OS 10.15 productivity apps you’ll find handy and efficient include Ulysses, CloudApp, Wrike, Fantastical, Alfred, and Quip. With Mac OS 10.15 update expected within the next few weeks or months there’re features we expect to see, some already confirmed.

macOS 10.15: Release Date, Features, Update and Compatibility

Release Date

The new macos 10.15 is probably the most awaited update of 2019 considering the success of macOS Mojave already. The current operating system from Apple, Mojave introduced some quality tools and features especially for creative users, and improved the Mac experience for those using the previous macOS High Sierra. With users still enjoying and getting used to MacOS Mojave, the question is what new feature macOS 10.15 will be introducing.

Even so, macos 10.15 release date is expected to be around September-October 2019 when the software will be ready for download. However, in the last couple of years, macOS new versions have always been announced at the WWDC conference every June with releases followed in subsequent months, particularly September. A limited display of the latest Mac OS version is expected during the June 3 WWDC 2019 event although Apple can decide to do things differently this time around.


  • Cross-platform developments: One of the features expected in the mac OS 10.15 update is the development of cross-platform applications. It’ll mean that Mac users will access iPad and iPhone apps and vice versa. Lots of features have also been introduced with macOS Mojave but Apple seems to be on the verge of adding more in iOS 13 and macOS 10.15. Among these include a Marzipan SDK preview expected to be displayed first during the WWDC event, which is essentially for iPads with iPhone support expected by 2022. By 2021, Apple would have allowed developers to create apps that automatically work on all Apple devices from Macs, iPads to iPhones.
  • Splitting iTunes: Apple also seems to be on the verge of splitting up iTunes into four unique applications to conform to iOS available software. Essentially, Podcasts, Video, Music, and Books won’t be all in iTunes as has been the case but separate into four different dedicated apps.
  • External displays: Another important latest mac OS feature will be the ability to display apps on external displays such as iPads. It means Mac users will be opening apps on their Mac devices and viewing them on their displays such as iPads or simply draw using Apple Pencil on your iPad and display this on a Mac.
  • Siri updates: Another development coming to the new macOS 10.15 is a host of Siri Shortcuts giving users the chance to make the most of their voices to manage Siri. The application will be able to handle diverse instructions in the coming update while other tasks will be simplified.
  • Fresh app versions: With macOS 10.15 Apple is also expected to introduce fresh versions of some apps such as Books and Reminders apps. In the Book, app features such as rewards and tracking will be added.
  • End of 32-bit applications: Also in the new Mac OS release will be the end of 32-bit apps. Apple had been warning about the end of the apps in the latest MacOS 10.14 Mojave indicating that in subsequent macOS versions their support will end, starting with the new mac OS 10.15.
  • iPhone finder: Another expected feature is a new application combining Find My phone and Find My Friends into a single app that could be released with the Mac OS 10.15 update and iOS 13. The app will allow Apple devices to be searched even when cellular and WiFi networks are unavailable.


The release of macOS 10.14 Mojave brought fresh system requirements due to its reliance on graphic performance leaving out older Mac devices. However, compatibility with macOS 10.15 is expected to remain the same as that of macOS 10.14, which is compatible with iMac Pro 2017, newer or early 2015 MacBooks, newer or mid 2012 MacBook Pro, newer or late 2012 MacBook Air, newer or late 2012 Mac Mini, newer or late 2012 iMac, and newer or late 2013 Mac Pro.

Best All-in-One PDF Editor for macOS 10.15 in 2019

One of the most important productivity apps that will be compatible with macOS 10.15 in 2019 is the all-in-one PDF editor, PDFelement for Mac. It includes different mac features, from the ability to edit, create and view PDFs to easy manipulation of PDF pages, storing and securing information, filling out PDF forms, and changing text.

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PDFelement for MacOS 10.15 Benefits Include:

  • Faster response while opening PDFs
  • Allows you to save and fill out forms on the web, send and share equally fast
  • Faster splitting and merging PDF pages, editing texts, extracting pages, and inserting pictures in a single click
  • Protects PDFs with passwords for privacy purposes
  • Includes form recognition automatic tech for the rapid and easier transformation of non-fillable forms into fillable and editable PDFs

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