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Using a psychology cover letter can transform your chances of landing a job. With psychology practicum cover letter examples of all kinds writing a good draft is very easy. Use a psychology practicum cover letter to draw the attention of the reader to your best competences. With the following psychology cover letter example and tips you can get started right away.

Psychology Cover Letter Template

psychology practicum cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for psychology practicum. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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cover letter psychology practicum sample psychology practicum cover letter
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Psychology Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Lucy Williams
21 Mellington Av.
Hometown, CA 65593
Phone: (555) 509-3186
Email: lwi@gample.com

March 23, 2018

Mr. Reginald Michelson
Charlton Carthage Schools
21 Mellington Av.
Hometown, CA 65593

Dear Mr. Michaels,

I am highly impressed by Charlton Carthage School's popularity as Carthage's school of excellence. My dedication to aid children to succeed emotionally, socially and academically is undivided and that is why I am applying for the Psychology Practicum position as appeared on hrmasters.org.

I am almost concluding my Master's degree in Pedagogical Psychology at Harpers Metropolitan University. Internship and practicum at HM School and academic courses have strengthened my foundation in all relevant fields, including but not limited to:

  • Carrying out pyscho-pedagogy examinations with the aim of appraising educational, behavioral, social and emotional levels and needs of students requiring psychological help
  • Communicating results of diagnostic examinations to family and students
  • Helping parents comprehend children problems and needs in the management of behavioral issues productively
  • Ascertaining proper programs and services helpful to special needs students
  • Provision of psychological therapeutic services and behavioral strategies

I look forward to a future in school psychology helping students of all walks of life, particularly those with learning and behavioral problems. I am very confident of adding value to Charlton Carthage Schools' clinical team.

I look forward to you email or phone call to schedule an in-person meeting to discuss your needs and practicum position further.

Thank you for your time.

Lucy Williams
Phone: (555) 509-3186
Email: lwi@gample.com

Tips for Writing Psychology Cover Letter

  • Cover letter entices the reader. Even the most comprehensive, impressive and incredible CV can go unnoticed without a psychology cover letter. If the job description hasn't expressly indicated a cover letter isn't required, always prepare one. It takes a superbly written cover letter to compel the hiring manager to peruse your CV.
  • Show you're a perfect fit for the job. A quality cover letter addresses the posting and job requirements by showing how your qualifications fit them. Find 4-5 strong requirements from the job description and write a cover letter addressing them.
  • Show genuine interest. Whether it's a psychology practicum cover letter or not it's critical to ensure it conveys your enthusiasm and genuine interest in the work and company.
  • Avoid missing the opportunity to shine. Writing that you're interested in the open position and stopping after indicating you've enclosed a CV is a wasted opportunity to shine. Rather, do extensive research of the institution offering the psychology position and read job description to craft a cover letter effectively showing why you're the ideal candidate for open position.
  • Don't mention lack of a specific skill. In the job description chances are you won't have a specific skill. Don't write in the cover letter that you don't have it. Focus on what you've.
  • There's no perfect match. Employers actually don't expect everyone to meet all their posted requirements. So, don't be afraid to apply highlighting skills that you've corresponding with the open psychology position.
  • Use keywords. Chances are before the hiring manager reads your cover letter it'll go through a keyword tracker tool. Take key terms from the job posting and fix them in the letter. This will help you get past the preliminary level into the eyes of recruiters.
  • Don't write cover letter for a psychologist. In most cases cover letters are read by hiring managers and recruiters without prior psychology knowledge. Craft the letter for nonacademic audiences such that anyone who doesn't understand psychology field comprehends it.
  • Always tailor your psychology cover letter. While applying for more than psychology position, one size hardly fit all. Customize cover letters to all open positions you're interested in. Also, job title might be the same but job description different. Simply customize the letter to fit the position advertised.
  • Be short and concise. Cover letters can be anything between one and five pages. Industry ones should be one page while academic ones should range between 2 and 5 pages. The shorter, concise, punchy and well-structured the cover letter better.
  • Revise, edit and use psychology cover letter examples. Psychology practicum cover letter examples help get the structure, information and format right. Even so, never submit your letter before rereading. Request another person to read it and highlight grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

How to Edit Psychology Cover Letter Template

PDF cover letter catches the popularity in job searching, due to the advantages of PDF documents. After downloading the nice templates in this post, you need to edit the PDF cover letter templates with Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, a professional PDF editor. It will help you edit the texts, images, graphics, forms easily.

psychology cover letter examples

Step 1. Open the Psychology Cover Letter Template

psychology practicum cover letter

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

psychology practicum cover letter examples

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Psychology Cover Letter

psychology cover letter
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