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Compared to other professions and because of the amount of specialist training required fewer people are applying to be airline pilots than other jobs. But this doesn't mean your pilot cover letter is any less important. You still have to grab the attention of the airline and sell yourself. Use this sample airline pilot cover letter and specialist cover letter tips to impress employers.

Pilot Cover Letter Template

pilot cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for pilot. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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Free Pilot Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Jack Pilot
Address: xxxxxxxxx
Tel: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Email: xxxxxxxx
Linkedin: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dear Ann,

Having recently unfrozen my ATP certificate and gained the required flying ours and experience I believe I am the perfect addition to your pilot crew for World Airlines. I am also a keen follower of aviation news about the latest developments in technology and feel I have much to offer your team.

My ATP instructors regularly marked my performance as 'outstanding' and 'exceptional' and a quick appraisal of my records will display a near-flawless flight record to date.

I successfully achieved my Commercial Pilot's criteria and certificate, and as mentioned before I have completed all the ATP's knowledge and practical tests. In the last few weeks, I have also completed the FAA's required 1500 flight hours to be eligible to fly commercial flights.

I am excited to join such a dynamic and forward-thinking airline to start my career as a commercial airline pilot.

Your airline's focus on innovation and development is of great interest to me. The acquisition of Boeing fourth-generation air-planes will massively improve your performance the new routes direct into New Orleans and Bhutan, in particular, are exciting and new challenges I would revel in taking on.

Reading about your company I was impressed by your drive and the scale of your ambition, as well as your insistence on quality. This is the kind of culture I want to belong to and I feel I have so much to offer you in delivering your world-class service.

I would love the opportunity to display how my skills will be of benefit to your crew and look forward to discussing this with you further.

Kind regards,
Jack Pilot

Tips for Writing Pilot Cover Letter

Being an airline Pilot is an incredibly skilled and specialist job role, you don't need to just achieve academic qualifications but also specialist qualifications and flight hours to start your career. Because of this, it is very important that you include the correct information quickly and easily accessible in your airline pilot cover letter. You need to make sure all the relevant achievements are shown.

These tips explain the breakdown of the above sample pilot cover letter with supporting advice. Follow these for pilot job success.

  • This is a very professional job, so make your letter look professional. Use a professional letter template and use a formal, easily readable font. Include all your contact details at the top of your pilot cover letter, this will mean the employer can find them when they want to contact you for the job.
  • Make your pilot cover letter personal to the right person. Take some time to find the name of the exact person that you need to contact. This personal approach with making an impact.
  • Make sure you properly proofread your pilot cover letter. If your cover letter is littered with mistakes you are unlikely to be given a job interview and won't get the job! It's best to have someone else read over the cover letter before you send it off.
  • Being a pilot requires very specific training and skills, so lead right in with information on that. In this case, the candidate immediately explains having 'unfrozen' their ATP certificate and acquiring the required flight hours. This will show quickly that you are worth considering.
  • In the following paragraph, get a bit more specific about your achievements and skills. Drive home how good a candidate you are but don't give away too much, you still want the employer to contact you and offer a job interview to find out more.
  • Include all the right information that the employer needs to even consider you. In this case, the candidate mentions the completion of the Commercial Pilot certification and completing the FFA's required 1500 flight hours. Seeing this the airline will see they can actually allow you to fly a commercial flight.
  • It's not just about how well you fit the role at the airline, it's also about how the airline fits in with your skills and personality. Use this section to show you have researched the company, what impresses you about them, and what working for them would mean to you. This will show them that you are serious about working for them.
  • Finish with a succinct call to action for the employer to get in touch with you. Give them one final reminder that you are perfect for the job.

How to Edit Pilot Cover Letter Template

To edit a PDF cover letter template, you need to choose a professional PDF editor and I recommend you Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. It is an ultimate PDF solution that can help you create and edit PDF cover letters smoothly.

airline pilot cover letter

Step 1. Open the Pilot Cover Letter Template

pilot cover letter

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

airline pilot cover letter

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Pilot Cover Letter

pilot cover letter
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