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Writing a quality property manager cover letter can get you ahead of every other applicant. Use a sample cover letter for a property manager to get the structure and flow right. The following cover letter for the property manager position and tips will help you craft an interview or phone call winning piece.

Free Property Manager Cover Letter Template

property manager cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for the property manager. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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Property Manager Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Gregory Caddis
21 Green Street, Main City, MD 9789
Home: 554-876-0098
Cell: (555)-432-1234


March 3, 2018
Mr. Johnston Meknes
Anston Property Ltd
24 Green Street, Main City, MD8759

Dear Mr. Meknes,

Last week I hit a personal record I had not really anticipated. I sold $20 million worth of homes in three days.

In 2017 the chief marketing officer of Boxtown Realtors Ltd where I manage the home property section came up with new performance targets and required that my sales team of 10-whom I actually interviewed, trained and helped screen-increase their home property sales by 30% in just a month. In just two weeks we hit that milestone, leaving behind a unique sales record in the homes section of the company.

With over 8 years in experience and demonstrable customer-driven marketing and sales and avid Anston Property Ltd customers for years, I am very confident of replicating similar and better growth as your new Property Manager. I have been able to manage diverse home sale driven operations, client relations, crafting new property marketing strategies and enhancing customer satisfaction. Specifically, I have:

  • Boosted a minimum average monthly profit of $15 million even with economic slump in many industries
  • Decreased employee absenteeism by 60% through a unique rewards program
  • Maintained long-lasting property sellers and buyers relationships, some of over 10 years
I am excellent at finding and attracting new and loyal clients, comfortable with management responsibilities and highly effective in my duties. Can we set up an in-person meeting to discuss how we can grow Anston Property Ltd's property sales by 60% before Christmas?

Thank you so much for your time and kind consideration.

Gregory Caddis
Home: 554-876-0098
Cell: (555)-432-1234

Tips for Writing Property Manager Cover Letter

  • Never stop personalizing each job you apply. No matter the property manager job you're applying personalize each property manager cover letter. Read the job requirements carefully and structure the cover letter to meet the needs of the first 3-4 requirements.
  • Why are you applying? Take a few minutes and read the requirements and ask yourself why you believe you're the best candidate for the position and why to apply for the job. That way, crafting the cover letter for the property manager position will be so easy.
  • Also completing an online application? Make the most of the business letter format utilizing the contact information and header sections. While submitting via email the header can be ignored but remember to attach your resume and include the phone number.
  • Find actual contact persons. Nameless salutations are too general for effect. Search the contact person's name on LinkedIn or online portals until you find the name behind the HR or hiring manager. If it's not included in the job posting you'd have earned great points for the initiative. Avoid ‘to whom it may concern/dear sir/madam' as much as you can.
  • Start with a killer opening line. If you're a great story or interesting fact you're actually proud of use it as the opening line. It can be an award or reward for your accomplishments, a great milestone accomplished, among others. The screener will be looking for results-driven achievements in your previous employment. Because of your past success, the hiring manager will believe you can do it again.
  • Switching fields or career gap? Ensure you've addressed that right away in the cover letter for the property manager.
  • Be impactful with bullet points. Every hiring manager has hundreds to thousands of cover letters to read. A short cover letter and precise with bullet points is impactful and highly welcome, particularly for data-driven results.
  • Show you're a great fit. Lots of companies have their own cultures and expect the new property manager to fit without a problem. In your cover letter for assistant property manager find company culture pointers via the company website, social media or review sites if possible. If the job posting has mentioned ‘driven' or ‘team setting' find achievements that indicate you wield these traits. The letter is a wonderful way of showing the potential employer you fit perfectly in their scheme of things.
  • Use an original ending. The cover letter's topmost goal is to convince the hiring manager you deserve an interview, phone call or in-person meeting. End with a well-crafted question that plays with their needs and requirements and get one foot in.
  • Revise and edit your cover letter. After writing for a while it's almost assured some words will be misspelled and grammatical errors potentially evident. Reread the cover letter, find fresh eyes to look through and suggest changes and rectify errors. Use sample cover letter for a property manager to get the structure, information and flow right and get off to a great start.

How to Edit Property Manager Cover Letter Template

As PDF is more and more popular in the office, it is smart to send a cover letter as a standard PDF format. To edit the PDF cover letter, Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor will be your best helper. This PDF editor is robust, smart and affordable for every user.

cover letter for property manager

Step 1. Open the Property Manager Cover Letter Template

cover letter for property manager position

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

sample cover letter for property manager

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Property Manager Cover Letter

property manager cover letter
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