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As a medical assistant, your major work is to be helping doctors in delivering patient care. Therefore, a medical assistant cover letter should reflect your passion, skills and dedication to work. To get a job in such a competitive sector, you must craft your cover letter very carefully. Read on to get the best writing tips. View the medical assistant cover letter sample to help you through. Medical assistant cover letter with no experience.

Free Medical Assistant Cover Letter Template

medical assistant cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for medical assistant. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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Medical Assistant Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Sophie Daniels
567 Windsow Lane,
Honolulu, Hawaii, 96801.
February 26th 2018

Mr. John Finn,
HR Manager,
Mater Hospital,
453 Cleanside Avenue,
Honolulu, Hawaii, 96801.

Dear Mr. Finn,


Following your advertisement on February 24th on Daily Nation Magazine, I am hereby applying for the position of Medical Assistant. With the experience of three years on patient care, I am interested in serving as a medical assistant in your one of a kind hospital. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Medicine in 2014 from the University of California.

During my time at St. Luke's Hospital, I demonstrated incredible patient care. I served as a medical assistant under the hospital's Cancer and Chronic diseases department. This is where I was tasked with performing a range of duties that enhanced my attention to detail, organization and empathy for patients. Some of the duties I ran included:

  • Taking electrocardiograms and drawing blood samples.
  • Following doctors directive in Preparing and administering medication.
  • Changing dressing.
  • Record keeping, noting patients' medical history and keeping the record up to date.
  • Explaining treatment and medical procedure to patients and relevant kin.
  • Preparing and handling laboratory specimens.
  • In charge of gynaecologic oncology programs.

I also bring to the table healthcare experience gained as an intern as a Certified Nurse in WeCare Hospital. Combined with my education you are guaranteed quality patient care, patient record keeping among other skills. I am glad to bring to your attention my desire to embrace new challenges. Having served as a chairperson of Certified Association of Nurses, I was able to build my leadership skills and gain confidence.

Find attached my resume' and copies of my certifications. I will highly appreciate it if you consider my application. Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely,
Sophie Daniels.

Tips for Writing a Medical Assistant Cover Letter

You need to understand the fact that the cover letter is more important than the resume itself. It should, therefore, capture the attention of the employer. What kind of information then must you include in the medical assistant cover letter? How will you prepare and write your letter? From top medical assistant cover letter samples, you will notice that this is what you need to keep in mind:

  • Shortlist your most relevant and strongest skills. Before drafting the letter, prepare by coming up with a list of your strongest skills and academic qualifications. Having this on your assistant medical cover letter will draw the attention of the reader to most important details.
  • Build an eye-catching introduction. A succinct introduction includes your name, intention of the letter- writing and education. What is the point of flooding your introduction with so much detail that is already available on your resume' anyway?
  • Relate your skills to the job specification. The skills needed for instance in neurologists' office is different from those needed in gynaecologists'. Always re-write your letter to meet the needs of the prospective employer.
  • Make yourself easily accessible. Make it easy for the probable employer to contact you by including your major contact details in the cover letter. You can include your email address or phone number just after the address. DO NOT combine it with the address since contact number is not part of an address location. Alternatively, you can write the contacts in the last paragraph. This will ease communication between the employer and yourself.
  • End by expressing hope. Thank the prospective employer for taking his or her time to read through your letter. End by telling the reader you hope to hear from them soon.
  • Edit intensely. Read your letter severally to ensure there are no grammatical mistakes. Proofread and keep proofreading until you are confident that the letter is perfect. Approach a person you trust to help you go through the letter.
  • Study and download an appropriate template. Go to the internet and google for assistant medical cover letter samples and templates in websites like Monster.

What should you avoid in a medical assistant cover letter?

  • Avoid lengthy letters. You definitely do not want the employer to toss aside your letter. The best length is between three to four paragraphs comprised of introduction, body and a conclusion.
  • Avoid exaggeration. Be relevant and honest. Say the truth about yourself in a very captivating way.
  • Avoid incoherence. Your wording, spelling, grammar, and flow must flow gradually. Incoherence will present you as a careless candidate for the job.

One Last Tip:

Customize your letter cover to meet the job specifications applying to. Purdue's Online Writing Lab among others has expert's opinion on how to customize letters.

How to Edit a Medical Assistant Cover Letter Template

Most medical assistant cover letter templates are in PDF format, due to the easy-for-storage feature. Therefore, a professional PDF editor is necessary for you to edit the PDF templates. Try Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, and it can help you make any changes to the templates easily.

medical assistant cover letter

Step 1. Open the Medical Assistant Cover Letter Template

medical assistant cover letter sample

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

medical assistant cover letter with no experience

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Medical Assistant Cover Letter

medical assistant cover letter examples
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