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The process of writing an office administrator cover letter should not be complicated for you. It is possible to make it much less stressful by simply using an office administrator cover letter example. This is a sample of a cover letter for the office administrator position that is professionally written. You can proceed to edit it and include your own personal details in the office administrator cover letter example. During this process, ensure that all the details are correct. Moreover, ensure that the format of the office administrator cover letter is ideal as well. Here is more on how you can write a cover letter for the office administrator position.

Office Administrator Cover Letter Template

office administrator cover lette

This is a free office administrator cover letter template. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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Office Administrator Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Stella Sheradon
Los Angeles, LA 77800
Phone: 333-131-8090
Email: steshadon@gmail.com

September 1, 2018

Ms. Jennifer Spiegel
AquaPoint Beverages Ltd.,
30 Palm Avenue.
Los Angeles, LA 77800

Re: Office Administrator Position

Dear Ms. Spiegel,

In this letter, I officially express my interest in the Office Administrator position that was advertised on your website. I am a trained and fully certified office administrator. I have over 10 years of experience working with firms in academia, manufacturing, and service provision. I love my job and always ensure that I provide high-quality results. In my previous position at the Holly Springs Retirement Home, I was both the head office administrator and deputy client relationship manager. Every day I was busily engaged in a variety of activities ensuring that all my colleagues perform their duties. I ensured that client requirements were documented and all files were organized accurately. I also provided assistance to other managers and assisted them to improve workplace efficiency.

To stay competitive and abreast of current trends, I am always improving my office management skills through constant practice. I also take the time to learn some management skills as well. During my free time, I have completed a collection of specialized education programs. As a result of this, I am always taking up leadership positions in the firms that I join. I also coach graduate students on how to perform office administration duties. Seeing as I have made it out of an impoverished background and succeeded to my current level in life, I am often called upon to advise young ladies in youth groups.

Whenever I am at my job or elsewhere, I always interact positively with peers, clients, and management. My colleagues often call upon me to assist them in reinforcing their skills and knowledge so as to provide top quality services. Office managers have often delegated some of their duties to me since they are confident in my skills. It is during such an endeavor that I earned a deputy client relationship manager position. Hence, I am confident that I can effectively provide you with excellent office administration services.

While in my previous job, I was awarded the Office Administrator of the Year Award multiple times. Seeing as I have attended a collection of seminars and conferences, I have a number of professional contacts who give valuable insights that help me perform my job. I would be grateful to provide my skill, experience and knowledge at AquaPoint Beverages Ltd.

Do contact me through the phone or email so as to schedule an interview. We can discuss your needs concerning the position of Office Administrator in person. Thank you for your kind consideration.

Stella Sheradon
Los Angeles, LA 77800
Phone: 333-131-8090
Email: steshadon@gmail.com

Tips for Writing an Office Administrator Cover Letter

  • Make sure that you do not repeat your resume: Many people make the mistake of writing their cover letter as if it was their resume but in paragraph form. This should not be the case. Utilize your cover letter to express your experience, skills, and personality. Let it complement your resume and not be a mirror-reflection of it.
  • Ensure that you send the cover letter in a PDF format: Today, recruiters read cover letters and resumes through their smart devices. While not all devices can open up Word documents, literally all of them can open a PDF document. Hence, this is the format to use when saving and sending your cover letter office administrator.
  • Keep the cover letter short: While you may have a lot of experience, interests, skills, and personality, it is always best to keep your cover letter short. In editing the office administrator cover letter sample, less is always more. Let it be a maximum of 3 paragraphs. Do not spend too much time and effort writing your exposition. Instead, go right to the point with it. This shows professionalism and ensures that your potential employer does not get bored or lost in the text.
  • Have a strong conclusion: The best cover letters have a memorable ending. This way, they grab the attention of your recruiter. As you edit the sample cover letter for office administrator, indicate your experience and how your skills can be implemented in the target organization. Having done so, close off the cover letter with a personal value declaration.

How to Edit Office Administrator Cover Letter Template

The best software to use when editing a sample cover letter for office administrator is Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. The PDF format is now the standard document format accepted in offices and organizations today. After you download office administrator cover letter sample for the office administrator position, utilize PDFelement to edit the document. This software is the most ideal PDF editor for creating your cover letter office administrator.

office administrator cover letter

Step 1. Open the Office Administrator Cover Letter Template

office administrator cover letter example

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

cover letter for office administrator position

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Office Administrator Cover Letter

cover letter office administrator
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