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Applying for a truck driver position? With a truck driver cover letter, you can actually get ahead of all other applicants. Using a truck driver cover letter template ensures you get all details right and as properly as possible. The following cover letter sample for truck drivers and tips can help you get started in the right foot immediately.

Truck Driver Cover Letter Template

truck driver cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for truck driver. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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Truck Driver Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Jons Carlyle
Jacksville, OH 63271
Phone: 555-667-88771
Email: jocar@mofaan.com

July 12, 2018

Mr. Thomson Kite
Green Dike Transport Ltd.
21 Janestreet Ave.
Jacksville, OH 63271

Re: Truck Driver Position

Dear Mr. Kite,

This is in response to your long-distance truck driver position advertised on Ohio Tribune website. I have been in long-distance truck driving for 11 years with huge experience in transporting perishable and high priority products across states and highly skilled and experienced in vehicle maintenance and inspection as required by federal and state law.

Since my first job as a truck driver, I have had the opportunity of working with a number of popular companies such as Ohio Greenstalks, US One Time and Wells Margo Manufacturing with widespread opportunity in delivery and freight of valuable items and perishables for clients across 14 states. I am also well versed in inventory keeping, abiding by both state and federal laws in all areas of my job.

My career highlights include:

  • Operating mostly 27,000 pounds minimum truck trailers
  • Perfected travel route planning as per bulk cargo and traffic, transport regulations and laws, guidelines and standards
  • Carried out punctual deliveries with a 100% success rate in time management
  • Maintained a wonderful relationship to date with over 25 accounts

I commend Green Dike Transport Ltd for its unique initiative of mounting fitness and health center for long-distance drivers in your headquarters. With such compassion and kindness lacking this noble step greatly depicts how unique and caring your company is.

The idea of joining the Green Dike Transport Ltd team gives me a great thrill and would love a face to face interview at your earliest convenience to discuss your needs and the truck driver position. Do give me a call or email me to arrange for the meeting.

Jons Carlyle
Phone: 555-667-88771
Email: jocar@mofaan.com

Tips for Writing a Truck Driver Cover Letter

  • Avoid being too formal: In the truck driver cover letter it pays to avoid too much formality. It makes the letter feel insincere, dreary, robotic and highly untrustworthy.
  • Testimonials: Mention some testimonials from a past employer where applicable to solidify your cover letter. For instance, mention punctuality or award received and how clients and supervisors reacted to it.
  • Sell yourself: In the truck driver cover letter, you're putting your best leg forward. Selling yourself is the key while avoiding any hint of bragging but ensuring you shine all through and credibly while at it.
  • Two pages or less: The worst you can do is craft a long cover letter for a long-distance truck driver position. One page is enough and a long one isn't recommended for the position. Doctors could be forgiven for a 2-page cover letter but no other. Two pages or more are unnecessary and make for a boring read. A single page is succinct, delicious to read and highly impressionable.
  • Bullet point: It pays to simplify the cover letter for truck drivers by using bullet points. It gives the reader critical breaks with short and effective points that impress them right away.
  • Avoid generic language: Use of generic language could cost you the truck driver position. Avoid the use of phrases highly misused such as team player, highly experienced, or hard work to avoid making the letter less striking.
  • Truck driver cover letter template: Using truck driver cover letter examples to get it right from the beginning is critical. The worst you can do is to make mistakes, miss critical information and omit highly needed details. Using a cover letter sample for a truck driver gives you the chance to follow a clear and well-elucidated example capturing all that's needed in your application.
  • Edit and revise: Even a professionally written and highly impressive cover letter truck driver draft is useless with glaring grammatical errors, striking misspelled words and bad formatting. Ensure you've revised, reread and edited your cover letter to make the most impression on the recruiter.
  • Research: Also research the full name of the potential employer and recruiter if you aren't conversant with it and include a few things about them in the letter. Using a sample cover letter for the truck driver and researching the company shows your interest in the company and the ability to go above and beyond.

How to Edit Truck Driver Cover Letter Template

After introducing the cover letter sample and our professional tips, you can start editing the PDF cover letter template in this page. To edit the template, you need Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, the best PDF editor. It can help you change any contents in the template based on your requirements.

cover letter for truck driver

Step 1. Open the Truck Driver Cover Letter Template

cover letter sample for truck driver

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

truck driver cover letter template

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Truck Driver Cover Letter

truck driver cover letter
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